Getting back home from the hospital that very day, we met my mum crying. What could be making her crying St this very moment? I could bear to see people cry but not my mother. The moment she sighted me, she quickly cleaned her face and tried to fake happy and before I could ask her what the problem was, she started pouring rain of prayers on me. Her prayers were mainly on me walking again and having kids.

After the prayers, I asked her why she was crying and why the sudden hush of prayers; she told me she’s scared. She said she was relieved when Uche said she was pregnant for me but everything is gone now. I assured her I’ll be okay that Funmi is with but she insisted she went to hear Funmi speak herself. She regretted always rejecting her all these while.

Mum: I’ve always reject this girl, yet she’s here. She did not deserve all she got from me.

Me: I’m even surprised she’s still with me. I wanted to ask her to leave but I don’t know how to. She believes more in me more than I do.

Mum: That’s how a good lady from a good home will behave. I think I still need to talk to her, so that she can know what she’s putting her head into

Me: I think so too, but it will hurt her mum.

Mum: There is a way I’ll do it without hurting her

Me: Are you sure mum? I don’t want her hurt

Mum: I’m a woman too remember? Have you met her parents?

Me: Not at all, her mum has passed on and I’ve never come across her dad. She said her Dad is one of the Uncle Ben’s company owner, so I’m believing Uncle Ben will know him

Mum: Have you asked him?

Me: No, he wanted me to marry Daddy Orire’s daughter too.

Mum: Really? I’m not sure even Daddy Orire will want his daughter to marry you again. By the way, he’s supposed to be back today.

Me: From Europe?

Mum: Yes, I’m not sure if he’ll get to this place but he’ll get to Nigeria today.

Me: That’s great, it’s been long I set my eyes on him.

Mum: He might not be happy about you and Funmi though

Me: I think he’ll understand, let’s call him to know if he’s around now. (I dialled his number on my phone but was switched off) His number is off.

Mum: Maybe he’s not back yet or let’s try his other number.
Me: I don’t have his other number

Mum: Let me give you (She called the number for me and I dialled it but it was also switched off)

Me: It’s also off

Mum: That mean he’s not back yet. He’ll definitely call when he’s back.

Me: Did he know I’m out of coma?

Mum: Yes, I told him the last time he called. That was when he told me he’s likely coming today. Call me Funmi and let three of us have some real talk.

We called for Funmi as she met us in my mother’s room. She’ll be the first outsider inside that room, only my mom’s children do enter and Funmi knows this. I think this made her a little nervous about mum calling her in. I smiled at her to calm her nervousness.

Mum: I’m the one that called you in my dear. I have a lot to discuss with you.

Funmi: I’m listening ma

Mum: Thank you so much for staying with my son during these trying times, you are like an angel. God bless you my daughter.

Funmi: Thank God ma

Mum: He has always talked about you since you were in school but I’ve always reject you. Even while Uche was pregnant, I preferred Uche to you, maybe because I’ve met Uche once. I’m really sorry my daughter, I can see now you deserve better.

Funmi: I understand ma, I’ll do same if I’m in your shoe ma

Mum: No my daughter, God will not give you that kind of shoe. You’ll be happier and your husband will not die early.

Funmi: Amen ma

Mum: I insisted Opeyemi will marry Daddy Orire’s daughter just because he’s been nice to us. Opeyemi can tell you how much he has tried for us, especially in your final year. Since he so desire for his daughter to marry my son, I thought it’s the only way to repay him because I don’t have money. My children are my wealth. Opeyemi, Deborah and Daniel. You know I’m not Opeyemi’s biological mother?

Funmi: Yes I know ma

Mum: Good, the time he got to know, I was scared he’ll leave me and go to his mother but my son is my son, he stayed with me. Our bond is beyond what I share with my biological son. Opeyemi is at the top of my heart. I hope you are getting me well?

Funmi: Very well ma

Mum: You said you love him?

Funmi: With the whole of my heart ma

Mum: And you want to marry him?

Funmi: (She looked at me and smile) Yes ma, I can’t wait

Mum: Hmm, hope you can see his condition, my son is not he used to be o

Funmi: I know ma, I love him still

Mum: Did he tell you he might not be able to give birth?

Funmi: (smiles) He did ma, we have resolved that together

Mum: Resolved how?

Funmi: We’ve talked about it and I’m okay with it

Mum: Let me talk to you as a mother. I add m a woman and I’m sure all women want their own kids. Don’t you want kids?

Funmi: I do ma, we’ll have kids ma.

Mum: I love your faith but if it never happens

Funmi: My dear, don’t let love be cloud your judgment, I need you to take your time and think about this because it’s easier said than done.

Funmi: I’ve thought about it ma, it’s a cross I’m willing to carry. I love Will and I don’t think I can live another person like that again.

Mum: (sigh) You kids are difficult

Funmi: Don’t worry ma, we are fine (She look at me as I smile back in acceptance)

Mum: If it’s your decision then I don’t have option again than to bless you

Funmi: Thank you ma

While they were talking Funmi’s phone rang and she excused herself to pick it as Debby enters into the room.

Mum: You can’t even knock, we are having a very important conversation here

Debby: I need Aunty Funmi

Mum: For what?

Debby: We are going to the market together

Mum: Good with Aramide now?

Debby: We are all going together

Mum: All of you in the market means we are not eating today

Debby: We won’t be long. My BB she can go with us right?

Me: I can’t hold her now

Debby: Mum you hear? “Oko Iyawo” said she can go.

Funmi came back from her call and said she will be going to Lagos tomorrow

Mum: Hope there’s no problem?

Funmi: No ma, my uncle just called now that my Dad left a message for me and he won’t tell me until I come down

Me: You’ll be fine?

Funmi: Sure, I’ll go tomorrow

Debby: Time to go to the market my BBW

Me: Which one is BBW again

Funmi: (laughs) she said it means Big Brother’s Wife

Me: Toor

Mum: Don’t be long. Oluwafunmilola, we still have a lot to talk about.

Debby: Huh, mum is always having something to talk about

Mum: What’s your own? Don’t spend more than I told you o. I want my change.

They leave the room as they head for market leaving me and mum at home as Dan, Sewa Temmy and Rachael went somewhere I don’t know. But I felt it has to do with Dan and Sewa’s wedding

Mum: I still don’t believe this girl. I’m liking her but what she’s saying is impossible coming from a lady.

Me: It’s a win/win situation mum. She can always leave whenever she wants

Mum: Won’t that affect you?

Me: It might but I’m prepared.

As we were still talking, my phone rang and the call was from my biological mother. She first requested to talk to my mum and after they both spoke for a while my mum handed the phone over to me.

Mother: How are you ‘ejire’?

Me: I’m okay ma, hope nobody is disturbing you again?

Mother: No my son, my husband handed over himself to the olive after we said we are not taking any change against him, they released him.

Me: Oh, so far you are safe.

Mother: I am safe dear, sorry I’ve not come to visit you dear.

Me: No problem ma, you can take your time or I’ll come when I’m more fit.

Mother: No, I was waiting for my husband. He said he wanted to ask for forgiveness from both of you.

Me: He doesn’t need to do that. We’ve forgiven him, he’s not welcomed here

Mother: I’ve spoken with your mother, she said he can come

Me: Do you trust him that much?

Matter: No but I trust our pastor. Our pastor is also coming, he’s the one that advice him to ask for forgiveness

Me: He’s going to church now?

Mother: He has accepted Christ

Mother: (Sigh) Well, there is nothing God cannot do,but please be careful.

Mother: Thanks dear, we’ll come tomorrow

Me: Well be expecting you ma.

Mother: What of Aramide?

Me: She went to the market

Mother: Okay, I’ve tried her number but she wasn’t picking up

After dropping the call from my mother, my mum and I discussed about their coming here and later about funmi and then Dan’s wedding. Dan’s wedding is about two weeks to that period. He has already told me he wanted me to best Jim even though I’m still on wheels

As we were talking, we heard someone entering into the compound and it was Daddy Orire. He and mum higher as if they were dating.

Mum: I’ve tried all your numbers but was switched off.

Orire: I was attacked on my way home from the airport. They took my phones which is why I head down here straight. I’ve not gotten home in Lagos

Mum: Hope you are not hurt?

Orire: No I’m not, but I think that are hired killer. Your uncle might be in danger (pointing to me)

Mum: His uncle is around

Orire: That’s good, I’ll ask him to come over here. Will how are you doing? I’ve missed you boy (He hugged me)

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