I was really happy to see Daddy Orire but why was he been attacked? I don’t understand his importance in all this. Maybe it’s to get to Uncle Ben.

Me: I’m fine sir. How was your tour?

Orire: It was great, I wish you were there. Don’t worry we’ll create another time with you and my daughter.

My mum and I looked at each other, how do we yell him I’m in love with another person and won’t marry his daughter? I immediately changed the subject so we won’t talk about he daughter again

Me: You said you were attacked, by who?

Orire: I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure it has to do with the company. Let me quickly call Ben to come over here.

He put a call through to Uncle Ben to come over to our place.

Orire: He’s coming with his wife

Me: Aunty Joy. So you have any suspect concerning your attack?

Orire: I still can’t figure it out, that’s why I need to talk to Ben.

Me: They took your phones, don’t you think it’s a mere robbery?

Orire: It would have been if they did not try to leave with me

Me: They tried to kidnap you?

Orire: Yeah

Me: How do they know you’ll be around today?

Orire: That’s why I need to see Ben, he’s the only one I told and your mother

Me: Are you suggesting might know about it?

Orire: No, some very close to him he could have told

Me: When exactly did you tell him?

Orire: Last two weeks or so

Me: He can’t be the one you spoke with. He was in prison then

Orire: Prison?

Me: Yeah, he was arrested and charged for attempting to murder me

Orire: Really? Who was behind the charges?

Me: According to Aunty Joy, it’s Dr Samanja

Orire: Samanja?

He stood up and thought for a moment as he walks up and down the sitting room. Before he could make any statement, Uncle Ben and Aunty Joy came in. After embracing each other, Aunty Joy sat by my side as they try to unfold the kidnap attempt riddle.

Ben: Hope your are Okay my friend? I’ve tried your number severally but was off. Samanja told me this afternoon that you were attacked while coming back

Orire: How did he know?

Ben: That’s true, how did he know? You did not tell him?

Orire: My phone was taken away, I’ve not call anybody that I’m here,save you

Joy: Honey, you always trust Samanja, even after I told you he was the one sponsoring your charges, you still don’t believe

Ben: He is a friend, a good one at that. He has done me nothing but good which is why he’s directing one major arm of our company. If not for him and my sister, we might only be having the juice arm of the company while the food arm would have eroded away.

Orire: You are right, he has done a great job in that sector but currently I think he wants every you’ve got. All of your shares

Ben: We’ve discussed about that and it’s been settled. I’ve promised him other stuffs in place of the shares.

Joy: Why then did he ask that lady and the hotel manager to testify against you, promising them money?

Ben: That’s not true

Joy: The lady said it herself

Ben: You can’t believe a criminal over a friend.

Joy: Yeah, a criminal that you released twice now

Me: Victoria has been freed?

Joy: Ask your uncle

Ben: Cool down, she’s going to implicate Samanja, and I can’t let that happen

Joy: There is something you are not telling us about you and Samanja, I believe

Ben: There is nothing

Me: You just free the person that tried to kill me?

Orire: She’s the one?

Me: Yes! She drugged me, raped me and…

Ben: She wasn’t the one that tried to kill you, she saved you

Me: Which means you know the person that tried to kill me right?

Ben: No Will, I don’t but she’s isn’t the one

Me: Wao! I’m sorry sir but why are you here? You should leave sir (I tried to wheel out of the sitting room)

Ben: Wait Will! Samanja is going to marry my sister. I can’t implicate him but Victoria us planning to.

Orire: I know it!

Joy: They are dating? What happened to her marriage?

Ben: It crashed. They’ve divorced since last year, same as Samanja

Me: So because of your intending in law, you are risking my life?

Ben: Samanja has nothing to do with that

Me: Really? He was the one that shot me!

Ben/Joy/Orire/Mum: What?

Joy: Why didn’t you say this before?

Ben: Are you being serious?

Me: He first spoke to me while I was covered with hood and said he has something to get from you and later came back with gun, after shooting Victoria

Ben: Oh my God!

Me: Victoria even begged him not to shoot me but did anyway. You were the next on line.

Ben: He wanted to kill me too?

Joy: By tying Will’s murder on you, he’ll kill both of you without any trace to him.

Ben: I still don’t get it, why trying to kill Will to get to me?

Joy: Because you made him your heir. Samanja knows he’ll be an obstacle to him.

Uncle Ben started feeling hear, he sat down, stood up, sat back down and continued like that for almost 10min as Daddy Orire and Aunty Joy try to calm him down

Ben: I can’t believe I trusted that man. He knows virtually everything about me and now he wants to marry my own sister. How do I tell my sister she’s dating a criminal?

Orire: We just have to tell her

Ben: You don’t understand! My sister has never known love, she was in an abusive marriage. She started been happy she met Samanja. This might destroy her emotionally, d–n!

Me: You love your sister that much?

Ben: She’s my only blood left alive. My only sister, of course I love her.

Orire: I understand you Ben

Ben: No you don’t! You have a child, I don’t. She’s the only one that stayed with me during the hard times, before Joy came into my life. I can’t just allow things to happen to her, I need to protect her

Joy: Cool down honey, you’ll protect her but you can’t protect her while you are dead!
Ben: I know dear, which is why I’m running crazy right now.

Me: Your sister don’t like me, she did not accept me as her nephew. Do you think she loves you the way you love her?

Ben: (he came over to hold my hands) Will, forget about what happened that day. It was my fault not hers. She’s going to care and love you. She’s like a mother to you.

Me: Then why did she wanted me dead?

Ben: What are you talking about?

Joy: You only met her on your birthday Will, how could she possibly try to kill you?

Me: (smiles)

Orire: You need to talk Yemi, that’s a huge allegation

Me: Is Uncle Ben ready for the truth?

Ben: I’ve heard worse, spit it out

Me: She was with Samanja that night

All: What?

Me: While Samanja was hesitant in shooting me, she was the one that gave him the order to shoot.

Orire: As requested you very sure about this?

Me: (chucks) Her word was “if you don’t kill him, he’ll take everything”

Ben: Oh my my my… (he collapsed)

Daddy Orire rushed him and lay him on the long cushion chair in the sitting room. He was like that for almost 20min while we all discussed the scenarios. He later asked for water and said he’ll like to sleep instead of going to the hospital. He was directed to my room where he slept for a very long period.

Orire: Opeyemi you’ve gone through a lot, you are a real fighter

Joy: With a kind heart, I wish he’s my son

Mum: Too late (they all laugh)

Orire: You are lucky to have him as son, you’ve done a great job on him.

Mum: Thank you, you’ve really tried for us. I’m not sure I’ve ever say thank you.

Orire: Opeyemi you have to take care of your Uncle. He’s now your father, majority of the money I sent you in school were from him. He bought you the car

Me: I know that now, I just hope he’ll be fine

Orire: He’ll be, he’s very strong. You took after him in that. He has passed through worse situations

Joy: This is new for him, he has been passing through physical situations, but this is emotional. He’s feeling beytrayed by his own sister and friend. What will he do about them?

Orire: Samanja will be sacked. It will affect the company a lot but he’s not totally indispensable. Though he won’t be prosecuted because of Ben’s sister, she might go to jail too.

Me: I will not like to see her in jail but her freedom is dangerous to us. She’s capable of anything

Mum: She’s a woman, I believe that man was the one influencing her. The man will likely get rid of her after getting the whole riches. He’s using her. If there is a way to get the man prosecuted without her been involved, it will be okay.

Joy: I’ll talk with our lawyer

Orire: I think it’s better you discuss with Ben before making any move

Joy: Of course I will, I’m just scared emotion will be cloud his reasoning

While we were still talking, the ladies came back from the market as Temmy and Dan followed suit. Daddy Orire went into my room to check on Uncle Ben while entered into the sitting room.

Funmi: Baby do you miss me while I’m out?

Me: Very much, what do you get for me?

Debby: She would not let us rest until she bought the oranges. This your love is something I (we all laughed as Daddy Orire came back into the sitting room)

Orire: Lola!

Funmi: Dad! (She jumped on him like a two year old would do to her father) How do you know I’m here Dad?

Orire: I should be asking you dear, what are you doing here?

Funmi: Dad, meet my fiancé, Will

Orire: What!

Mum: She’s your daughter?

Orire: Yes, this is Lola I’ve been wanting Yemi to meet. Lola, is Yemi your boyfriend I’ve always been rejecting?

Funmi: Yes Daddy. By the way what are you doing here or are Daddy Orire?

Me: On point! So Daddy Orire us your Dad?

We all burst into laughter at the unfolded drama.

Mum: I rejected Funmi because I want Opeyemi to marry Funmi

Orire: And I rejected Yemi so Lola could marry Yemi.

Joy: That’s what I call PERFECT REJECTION (we all laughed)

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