Part2:Rebecca you are so rude and you gat no respect at all all you do is go shopping do makeups go to parties. Come on am getting tired of these days

Rebecca:what have I done hun?

Me:I know you wouldn’t listen you have done a lot and you don’t an apology heart see look here if you don’t stop these acts it will be difficult for you to get married.

Rebecca:(sad)so is this how you are planning to treat me niyi!!! You are insulting me in front of your friends (tears) ehn ehn is this how you want to take care of me?

Me:hmn am sorry buh…

Rebecca:shut up!!! Am leaving your house this minute and don’t try to call me.

Izeeal:ehn Rebecca pls be calm you know….

Rebecca: hey!!! Excuse me pls don’t talk to me hissessss

(She walks out of my room)

Isreal:o boy you dey fuck up. Mehn!!! You fucking me up big time nigga see this spout brat of a girl insulting me ah if not for you I for give her slap I swear.

Me:nigga no vex you know I love this girl ehn and I can’t afford to loss her.

Isreal:guy are you ready to marry this girl or you are just playing games all way round

Me:if destiny joins us together then so be it.

Isreal:see fuck this girl like 10times make you dispose her Joe.

Me:hun I wouldn’t wanna do that

Isreal:but wait have you guys had sex

Me:oga hey!!! Why do you want to know

Isreal:we are friends bro gist me pls

Me:hn abeg leave me

Isreal:ah bad boyyyyyyy!!! You don sample the girl

Me:ehn what happen

Isreal:chai I knew it that’s why she love you so so much.

Me:is ok what do we have for tomorrow.

Isreal:I don’t know yet oo let tomorrow land first.


Folake:oh not again I forgot my phone oh gosh I have to go back home.

David:oo oo sister why do you always forget this phone burgh!!! I will not wait for you this time just meet me at work.

Folake:its OK I will join you soon.
she was sitting in front of me I glanced from behind she is a beautiful one I couldn’t resist the beaity, I said to my self I must trace this girl to where ever she goes.
As she told the driver to stop her on the next bus stop I quickly followed her as she got off the bus she had to take the bridge I had to follow her.
She wasn’t aware I was following her I kept on closing in on her as she entered a bus I quickly followed her in I had no idea where she was heading to but I already know I can’t get lost in this Lagos after about 35munites journey
She got off and I followed her immediately as she walked about 5munites she turned back and looked at me I quickly act as if I was going on my own she continued walking again as she removed her phone from her bag attempting to make a call I still kept following this strange girl she turned right I did the same she turned right again I followed she passed two short cut at a time but I didn’t see her so I had to run to catch up.

As I got to a certain corner I had no idea where she passed I was perambulating in one spot I looked straight and I saw her again,I ran so fast then she entered into a compound I said to my self yes this is her home I was standing at the front gate Pippin from a hole I had the game opened by force as two boys came out of the compound with the girl .

Folake:that’s the man following me.

Me:eh ah eh (on the run)

Those two boys ran after me shouting
Ole!! Thief!!! Ole!!! Stop their.
As I heard those words I came back to my senses.

Me:why am I even running am a soldier of course. Damn me

I stopped immediately and I turned back at this point they where 4 of them and lots of civilians trying to see what would happen.

Boy1:ehn ehn so you no fear bah.
Boy2:we go beat you tire today

Me:hey boys am not just a man am a soldier so step back or I injure someone

Boy1234: ah lier kidnapper kill him

Now they were more than 8 of them I couldn’t count any more I search my self I realised that I have forgotten my self IDcard at home oh Jesus I am a dead man here. As I saw them holding heavy sticks. My heart beat skipped for 3seconds the fear grip my soul as if I am going to die a fatality death.

Heavy landing on my back whoooom as I struck the ground with my head I was trying to gain consciousness as another man from behind hot me again whoooom!!! On my back I lay flat on the floor I wasn’t different from a dead man all I know was that every where was dark the earth was in void.

And there was light again as I woke up everywhere was pure lightning white as I got up and the voice said to me, you have not fulfill your destiny.
You have not fulfill your destiny.

folake:eh!!! Thank God he is awake eh!!! Water pls! Help him

Area boys:ah iyalaya e !!! Aba to pa e Dani(ur mama we for don waste ur life)
Area boys:omo God save you oo if no be you folake we for kill this guy for here oo
Area boys:but why you con dey lie for us say u no sabi this guy.

Folake:am sorry!!! Emabinu he is my bf

Me:what!!! (Deep thought) what is she talking about me bf.

Folake:ah oluwa lose (thank you lord) I would have been in station by now if this man dies in my hand. Young man come to my place let me treat you.

I was so perplex, stranded in the middle of nowhere. I stood up with the little staminal I had in me I managed to follow her home.
I got to her house as she drops her bag she went into the other room to carry the first aid box she brought out few things Ashe came closer to me while I was sitting on the floor.

Folake:pls off your cloth

Me:eh eh !!! Cloth kwa???

To be continued…

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