Folake:yes off your cloth let me check your back.

Me:oh!!! OK hmm.

Folake:look at your,see what you have done to your self.

Me:ash it hurts

Folake:why were you following me

Me:hnnn (murmuring)

Folake:speak louder pls, of not that I told them to stop do you think you would be alive hun???

Me:hmm thank you so much I thought I was dead already.

Me:well it may sound crazy but I have to tell you.

Folake:(staring at me) crazy as how

Me:I saw you in that bus so I was distracted by the beauty I saw in you which gave me a turn on and fell for you at first sight.

Folake:uhn mm !!! Oh ehm am done here I have fixed you head with plaster now you have to go before my husband gets back.

me:really!!! husband hnm??

Folake:yes you have to go now

Me:OK thanks for your care I really appreciate your effort.

Folake:you are welcome.and don’t try such act next time you may not survive.

Me:(smile) OK bye…

My heart was broken into pieces when I started thinking about folake how can she be married hnn every girl I came across will either be married or engaged will do I always land in trouble each time it is girls issue oh God I need to replan my life and reschedule my future am getting older I need to settle down.

I went back home that day after a long stress. I had no important job I had no job of my choice I had to survive which is why am partially working for states dectetives sometimes I don’t even go anywhere for weeks until someone dies or maybe any case such like robbery, assassination, armory theft.

————————-MAJEK’S STORY—————————

MAJEK:hello hello!!! Yeah I can ear you now. Yes am at home but will be out soon

Tola:OK dear will call you in evening take care byeeee.
Majek is a graduate and works as a banker somewhere in Lagos. He is in a deep relationship which he cherished so much and would do anything to achieve his aim.

Majek:do you know that our economy is growing very fast these days

Fred:oh really.

Majek:yes it is I could see the income in our net flowing like never before and it amaze me when I see average person walks in our bank and deposited 70k in cash almost every three months. Look check this mans profile adeniji tibatious zenith bank.he happens to have brought 3,50 000 thousand in 9months can’t you see he can boast of at least half a million a year

Fred:wow even more than.

Majek:God bless you bro before 50 more years Nigeria would be something great.

Fred:I support that’s true.


FRED: I think someone is at the door

Majek:oh come in pls

Door opens

Vivi: hello guys let’s go for launch its launch time

Majek oh really. Thanks

Fred:yea let’s get going my stomach is crying

Majek:mine is singing right now

Vivi:hahaha funny guys

They all laughed and joked about them selves as they trek down the street to get food from eatery.


Fred:tola am at home now.

Tola:OK on my way.


fred:welcome baby (kisses)


Fred:I have missed our S€x like hell


Fred:(undressing) let me pull this off

Tola:not so fast now at least let me shower first

Fred:no! no!! no!!! Come on let’s do this.

Tola: hnm

***he grabbed tola from behind as she was trying to go to the bathroom.
Fred unbuckled her bra while tola was still putting on her top at this point her boobs was show trough her blouse top the nipple was pointing forward. As Fred took off the blouse revealing the secrets under, he grabs Ber like a prostitute from the ass and pressed tola body close to his.
At that momment tola was deeply turned on for a sensational Fu¢k as Fred drops tola on the bed he bent down and drew out her red pant he touched the surface of her Pu$$¥ so gently as tola gives a sweet sound he continued to massage her Pu$$¥ rolling his hand on to of her clit as tola continued to moun and then fred slid his first finger into her Pu$$¥.

Tola:haaaaa nnn!!! (She sreamed)

Fred:(FINGERING)in and out.

He continued fingering her so fast as he engaged another finger making two,tola was continuously shouting in sensation

Tola:ha ha ha ha yeee ahn ahn ohh yea

He dip the third finger now making three as she voiced out

Tola:ohhh Fred you are wasting time I need your D1¢k now ahnnn shhh


He took out his D1¢k without hesitation as he slid his D1¢k through her Pu$$¥ Fu¢king her so passionately in and out. TO BE CONTINUED…

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