Episode 13
I lied on the chair which I’ve slept before, so I was just pressing phone, I off my shirt, though I came with two more shirt, after some minute, I slept off.
I felt someone hand on my head, I opened my eyes, it was Omolara, she sat at the edge of the chair, I checked the time, it was 2:30 am, tears was dripping on her chick,
Me: what is wrong with you?
Susan: nothing Daniel, just checking on you,
Me: Omolara, I know I’ve offended you, but I am sorry, I know I made a mistake, but I begged you then, but I am sorry, baby,
I prostrate for her, she was crying, I moved closer to her, hug her
Omolara: how I wish, this is how we live, see how you and your daughter were playing yesterday,
Me: I am sorry
Omolara: why did you impregnate Cynthia, why did you lie to me, imaging that thing, I was taking good care of her, not knowing I was taking care of your baby,
Me: mabinu
Omolara: if you had explained, I might forgive you, and accept it as my fate, but you lied,
Me: I am sorry,
I wiped her tears, sat beside her
Omolara: she do come your side
Me: not really, but she do call me
Omolara: cus of your son?
Me: yes
Omolara: why can’t you tell your wife the truth?
Me: Omolara, I can’t, ha, where will I start, Cynthia that call herself my cousin is my baby mama and I also have another daughter again
Omolara: she will forgive you, she will not forgive you if she find out like I did then
Me: omolara, I can’t just forgive myself, she has really tried for me, if I now tell her all that, I let her down b that
Omolara: issokay
Me: why don’t you also marry
Omolara: Daniel, I don’t think I can love any guy for now, cus they may not love my daughter, and I love her more than anything, so it’s better I raise her, if I now see a serious type, but I never see, all they want is sex and leave, and I am not ready for that, I am okay now, I have my work, so why should I do that
Me: so it’s been long since you have sex,
Omolara: yes, no be food, I already told you, only once after you, and it is with the guy I told you about, now pastor
Me: you still love him, with the way you talk about him
Omolara: I’m over him, which work you dey do that brought about that car
Me: okay, wetin I com do for your office the day you saw me?
Omolara: sorry,
She stood up and was about going when I grabbed her hand, her A$$, I dipped my mouth into her mouth, we started kissing, while standing, playing on her A$$, i lay her gently on the chair, unhooked the top of her night gown, was sucking her breast, after 15 minute of sucking the two breast, I use style to bring out my D1¢k, I deep my hand into her vjay, mehnnn, she don wet like a wet grA$$, I was about offing it when she stop me. She pick up her gown and left for the room, the thing pain me, cus my D1¢k don stand already, in the following morning, I drove Susan to school, she was happy, as soon she alighted from the car, she told me to wait, I was wondering what she meant by that, until I saw her friends, she was shouting, “come and see my Daddy” I greeted them and give them #200 each, they are 5 in numbers, i also greeted her teachers gave her clA$$ teacher 2k, I drove back home to take my bath and leave for Ibadan, I closed the door but didn’t lock it, cus I am the only one at home, Omolara has gone to work, so I went into the bathroom and take my bath, I was naked, creaming my body, not long after, omolara came in
Omolara: Jezzz
She rushed back to the sitting room
Me: what, I thought you’ve gone to work,
Omolara: yes, I came back so as to collect the key from you
Me: ok, come in now
Omolara: I will, but have you put on your trouser
Me: yes, (I lied)
I hide at the back of the door, she came in and I grab her from her behind
Omolara: Daniel stop, cover that thing jare
I didn’t stop, the thing don stand, she was on short skirt, and shirt, I pressed her A$$, I turned her around, she now face me, I started kissing her, grabing her A$$ anyhow, I pushed her to the bed, I unbuttoned her shirt, pull off her skirt, pull off her short tight trouser, unhook her bra, she looked tired, waiting for my D1¢k, she’s looking at me, I insert my D1¢k into her already waiting Pussy, come see how I dey bleep her as if she don offend me before, I was giving her doggy style when my phone ring, it was from my mother inlaw, I stop and pick the call
Me: hello ma
Mrs Rose: Daniel. Thought you said you are coming today, your wife don born o
Me: wow, I’m on my way
I end the call
Omolara: your wife don born, is she pregnant before? (she looked tired on the bed)
Me: yes
Omolara: thank God, congrat o,
She started dressing
Omolara: I will come,
Me: you will come to Ibadan?
Omolara: Yes, I will, don’t be scared, Susan will stay with my friend,
Hope this girl and Cynthia won’t come and destroy my party?

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