Episode 14
I stopped and dress up, she also dressed up and she escort me to the car, I waved at her and left for Ibadan. On getting to Ibadan, I went straight to the Hospital, I met Cynthia at the hospital,
Cynthia: congrat o, baba ibeji
Me: thank you, were is she?
Cynthia: let me take you to her
She lead the way, I saw my wife, with her mother sitting beside her, I went straight to check the babies, behold, they are twins, I am happy, my wife was looking at me, I moved closer to her and give a deep kiss, “I love you” whisper into her ear, “I love you more” she replied me, I sat beside her,
Daniella: how was your trip baby?
Me: fine, and hope you are not tired
Daniella: at all, I am happy, I have a set of twins, Daniel
Me: I am also happy, even more than you
Daniella: go and see the doctor for the bills, and let’s go home, greet mummy for me o, she really tried
Me: (I faced her) thank you ma
Mrs Rose: look at you guys, if I don’t take care of her, who will?
Me: I’m coming
I went to see the doctor, paid the money and leave for my house, Cynthia left before, I set up another room for my new born babies, they are very handsome, 2 bouncing baby boys, Juliet (kola’s wife) was around to help us, I use the medium to talk to her again, which she promised me that she have already forgiven Kola, but she’s just doing that to punish him.
Juliet: seriously, I’ve forgiven him,
Me: but he said you are still behaving somehow
Juliet: just to punish him,
Me: please stop it
Juliet: alright sir
I called my secretary to know the next development and to tell them about my babies, she was very happy to hear it, not long after, Cynthia came back with Ayoni Kitchen packed rice, I met her at the door
Me: thought you’ve left ni
Cynthia: I went to buy food for her ni now
Me: okay, she’s inside with her mum
Cynthia: how is omolara and her daughter?
Me: (I drag her to the corridor) stop shouting now,
Cynthia: they can’t hear anything jare, hope you guys don’t talk about me?
Me: I don’t know, but she said she will come for the naming ceremony,
Cynthia: serious? Chai, I won’t come on that day be that o
Me: I’m even confused
Cynthia: don’t worry, let her come, don’t worry about me
Me: are you angry?
Me: no Daniel, I caused everything
Not long after Omolara called me, it was inside, Cynthia brought it for me, she have picked it already, she put it on loudspeaker,
Me: hello
Omolara: and you can’t call again to tell me you are at home
Me: I’m sorry jare, the stress ni
Omolara: so how is the baby, boy or girl?
Me: na twins o
Omolara: wow, congrats
Me: thank you, but Omolara, is it a must you come ni, I can send the picture to you now
Omolara: I will come, you don’t want me to come cus of the fool that picked the call abi, or you think I don’t know abi, I knew her voice, she is a fool, I wish I see her on that day, she will pay for all what she did to me that day
Me: are you coming to destroy my day?
Omolara: no, that’s not it, I want to come and see your wife and besides will just branch your side, I am going somewhere before sef, you know that it’s weekend now,
Me: but if you know, your coming won’t do me any good, its better you don’t come, she already said she’s not coming also
Omolara: better, imagine, I took care of that stupid thing, even calling her aunty
I ended the call, Cynthia was speechless, she walk to her car, she didn’t answer me, every as I was calling her, she drove out.
Fast forward to the day, everything is set, but I am scared cus of this two ladies, though, Cynthia said she’s not coming, but I am still scared, the program will start around 3:pm, my company staff are already there, helping me, I was looking heather skater, my wife is already dressed, kola is also helping me, with his wife, my wife look more beautiful in her lace, with her face being make up by one makeup artist, I love her the more, the pastors arrive by 2:30, they sat under the canopy, it was a big canopy, very big and round, kola arrange a D.J for me, and 2 bouncers, so hip hop music was being played, the settings was okay, my mum is also sitting under the canopy, people started coming, was surprised when I saw chief and Cynthia, I rushed to them
Chief: Mr Daniel
Me: yes sir
Chief: how are you, congratulations, where can we sit
I took them to where they will sit, Daniella didn’t know the man but I instruct her to go and greet the man, not long after, my phone rang, it was Omolara
Me: hello Daniel, waiting for you at iwo road, I came with my car,
Me: Jezz, thought you said you are?
Omolara: come and pick me

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