Part4:while I was sitting on the chair inside my room I was thinking about my encounter with folake.I was in deep thought I felt like I should go to her house again but the fear of that last incident griped my heart I was so in love with her for the very first day I saw I know where she lives but how to i interact with her once again. I remembered those area boys that nearly killed me I have the power to strike back with my arm. If not for folake chai. She neutralized my hard feelings.

**********************************weeks later*******************************
Majek:(phone conversation) hello Lola
Lola:hi sweet heart mi how at you
Majek:am super cool dear.come over let’s discuss it
Lola:OK dear.
Fred:is that majek lola?
Fred:hmm why is he calling you
Lola:what’s the meaning That
Fred:doesn’t he know I own you
Lola:stop that rubbish,he is my husband to be
Fred:hahahahahahahahaha and what are you presenting for him
Lola:what do you mean
Fred:well they say another mans side chick is another mans wife.
Lola:see stop this rubbish in fact that done here.
Lola trying to pack her load with little anger on her face as fred got up and he went close to her.
Fred touched lola from behind as he rapped his hand on her waist lola felt the contact as she feel little horny.she said
Lola:fred stop this, you have made me sad and I don’t like such because you know majek you are trying to play with my emotions
Fred:no not like that its just that I am thinking am gonna loss you forever after marriage.
Lola:but we have had enough sex since I met you isn’t that OK
Fred:am beginning to have more love for you
Lola:love??_as how
Fred:look at me
As fred drew her close he kissed lola passionately he removed lola skinny top and the black bra as the two matured boobs fell down like piece of shit Lola closed her eyes feeling so horny once again. Fred unbuckled his jean as his mighty rod came out even with his pant on lola touched his dick and stroke it so slow as fred drew Lola’s skirt up he pushed her unto his bed and he slid Lola’s pant on side,he inserted his long dick in her pussy as he start this massive fuck in and out.
Lola kept shouting as the dick was so sweet to the extend that the sound was penetrating the house to the other side as fred locked his mouth with hers he continued fucking her like hell.he turned lola backward to give her a doggy style as lola respond quickly he started piercing Lola’s pussy from behind as lola was shouting
Lola:haaaa shhhh am about to cum ah fuck me harder
This made fred more crazy as he kept fucking faster than before
Fred:oh yea baby !!! Ah ah ah shhhh am cumming ahh ahh shh h
Fred removed his dick from Lola’s pussy,he took his dick to her mouth and lola suck led his dick as the sperm gushed out to her mouth lola fell on the bed and she began to sleep as fred was looking like a dead man on the chair.

As Lola’s phone was ringing fred took it and saw the name majek
Fred:lola? Lola?? Its your fiancee take the phone talk to him
Lola:hi baby
Majek:hi sweetheart where are you have been calling you about ten times.
Lola:oh am sorry I was in a bus I told you am going to my friend house in magodo.
Majek:oh that’s true baby alright so what’s up are you still coming today
Lola:ah I don’t think so oo am already tired and I think I will sleep here
Majek:alright rest love you so much
Lola:love you too bye .
Hmm as you can see what’s about to be unfold.
To be continued…

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