Part5:now there is nothing like trust these days is it Lola cheating on majek or is she just a victim.
****************BACK TO MY STORY
i was on my way back to my house as I got to a certain junction I said to my self this is the root to folakes house if I shout get home i AI spend ah 600nairaback to her place so I decided to go and give a try once again.
***30munites later i got close to their house as I was sighting the house from affar. It still grip my heart whenever i remember that heavy stick that landed on my neck the bully was tough mehnnn all of a sudden I saw a boy ran out of the compound as he was running towards my direction I kept staring at him until he got to my place,as i called him.
Me:hey!!! young boy hey! Hey!! Hey!!!
The,boy did not even look back at all this brought anger to my face cos i was so frustrated he knew i DA calling him.I kept on with my thought, how I fuck one olosho girl like that i was thing about how folake would look like on bed.
The boy approached again as he was walking this time I said to my self if this,boy doesn’t answer me I will grab him.
Me:hey boy hey!! Hey!!!
Boy:ehn good evening bros.
Me:evening pls ehn I want to ask you something there is a girl in your house folake(I grab that name since the day we entered that bus together)
Boy: ehn let me go and call her how how much will you pay.
Me:(chinekesee this small boy demanding money)ehn ???
Boy:bros,na business be this make you halla me something
Me:haaa nigerian economy has turn the children to hustlers
Chai. May God help us in this country.
As I looked at the young boy I just pity him, I dip my hand into my pocket, i took out 100naira and gave it to the boy.
The boy was so happy he just told me to wait that he will go and call her for me.the boy ran into the compound for about 2munites the next thing I saw was that the boy came out with folake looking at my direction as the boy points towards me.
***she was putting on a flexible night gown and was on bare foot as she stood at the front of their front general door she was trying to see and to know who I was while I was standing with my hands folded. She later recognized me as she faced the little boy as he whispers into the Boy’s ear …. The boy came back to me.
Boy:bros that girl no wan come ooo she get strong head.
Me:ah ah what do you mean
Boy:she talk say she don’t know you that you should not come here again.
Me:hnn??? But… (Hisses) ehn boy you have tried but pls can you help me tell her that its important that i want to see her.
Boy:OK I will go again.
****as the boy went back again but she had,already gone inside the house. the boy got in and talked to her again for about another 5munites,he came out walking angrily towards me I knew something is wrong. As he got to my place.
Boy:bros she say if I come again she will beat me, see my ear she squeezed my ear.
Me: eyah sorry my brother am sir for that OK take this 100naira again buy something and eat OK
Boy:wow thank you ooo should I go again
Me:yeah thats OK dont go again just go home before people will start suspecting us
Boy:ok thank you sir.
The boy went away as he got into his compound the thought of asking his name skipped my mind and it pains me how could I forget such.
By this time I was exhausted I don’t even know what to do as folake broke me down
I waited for like another 30munites hoping she would show up but my faith was not enough.
I look at my time and it was already late I got up from where i was sitting then I made my way home.
I was really frustrated that night as in the anger was making me misbehave as I was looking like a boiled beans.
me:hello boss
Chief commander: soldier!!! There are some investigation investigation going on which it includes the resurrection of the omega squad 1.
Me:what!!! I thought they where dead.
commander:yes that was our thinking but it has proved us wrong.
Me:OK but thats a good news sir.
Commander:this is no good news soldier. I have done some investigation that their return was to kill and destroy.
Me:what??? But why?
Commander:thats what I dont understand yet.
Commander:so my information for you now is to be on alert,you know we can the only two surviving soldiers in omega1.
Me:yes sir I know that but that doesn’t mean they will come after me.
Commander:just be on guard.
To be continued…

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