Part6:what a mess as the tought was in my head that my fellow soldiers was still alive at first I was very excited but now i was anxious the words of the commander was boiling in my belle this may be true.
*************”””majek story*******************
Lola:hello mom
Mom:hello my daughter How are you
Lola:am fine ehn i need to tell you that we have fixed the wedding date
Mom:wow really?
Lola:yes ma I will be coming over there to discuss with you ma.
Mom:OK my daughter.
Lola:ok ma what of my younger ones over there
Mom:they are fine poo
Lol:alright ma tell them I called ooo
Mom:I will,oo
Lola:OK mama I will call you again some other time.
Mom:oooo omodada (good child) .
Work place,they all met again at work each of them had resume their various post.30munites later Lola walked to majeks office.
Lola:hello love
Mabel:hi babe
She didnt say much as she got closer to majek he kissed him passionately
Majek:hnn?? Stop we are in office they may come in now
Lola:who are they….
Lola began to press her body to majeks body as she continued kissing majek by force,majek was trying to stop her,he was pushing her telling her to stop but lola kept kissing him as lola saw that the kissing wasn’t effective any longer she took her hand down to his trouser and touched his dick without unzipping the trouser.
As majek felt her hand on his dick his body vibrated he drops his hands like a lifeless man when lola began to stroke it slowly. Majek took his hands straight to her boobs he took one out and start sucking it while lola was highly in motion they continued the massive romance.
Fred:I know that idiot majek is in there with lola doing something bad I would not take this any longer this is shit. (Thinking…)
(How can she be there by this time of the day for the past 25munites ehn infact am going in)
Fred got from his post as he walk with anger straight down to majek office. He opened the door seeing lola on majek laps giving him an office fuck.
Fred: ahh,ahh ahh yeee ahh
He quickly slammed the door back as he stood at the door with full anger on his face while lola got up to dress up they both where surprised but not really shocked as much.
Fred tried to open the door again but he keep the anger down as he walked away from the door.

majek:fred!! Hey fred!!! Wait for me
Fred:what’s that majek
Majek:where are you going
Fred:home of course
Majek:but I thought we usually go together in my car
Fred:ehn I decided to go home alone today
Majek:but why or is it because….(Interrupted)
Fred:oh,skip that pls. Not because of that. She is your wife to be so you own her no big deal about that.
Majek:hmm well it just came by surprise today not intentional
Fred: lol na you sabi nah abeg let’s go to your car
Majek:thats my nigga.
Lola was looking at them from the window inside her office thinking maybe things will go wrong but she smiled after she saw that they both entered the car.

I never bothered to call my girl friend as the love I had for her has been planted on someone else which she had no idea at all. I still kept thinking about her I decided to go to her house again to see if I will be lucky again I waited till evening as I was on my bed sleeping I heard the noise.

Yeeeeee!!! ahh efe pa ni otito ah !!!
All sort of noise I knew that it is those two idiot husband and wife at lease if both of them are not compatible let them separate some marriage are not meant to be. I realized that the time is 6:30pm and the journey to folake house is about 1hour as I got to my front yard I stopped a motorcycle I got on it as. After I dropped I took another one making 300naira ride. I got to her street around 8:00pm I was so desperate to see her as I stood in the same spot so I could get a clear view into her compound. After about ten minutes she came outside walking towards my rout she was holding a small Polly bag she wanted to buy something I guessed. As she walked closer but not to my direction as she looked my direction she then saw me and she was shocked. she started walking so fast as I followed her.
Me:hello ?? Hi pls wait I want to talk to you…
She continued walking faster
Me:pls wait i just want to talk to you.
Me:folake!!!(I stood still giving up on her)
then she stopped and turned back.
She looked at me from far. My heart was so gladdened as she was me.
Folake:what do you want from me.
Me:ehn am sorry if I have disturbed your peace but I need to talk to you because it keeps baffling me when I remember the past.
Folake:meaning what??
Me:I mean the way I stalk you to your house that day and the way things went wrong and the way you later helped me out.
Folake:so what’s that suppose to mean??
Me:ehn well I was expecting you should ask why I stalk you home
Folake:OK so why did you do that.
Me:ehn well it may look crazy and sound stupid but its the truth am about to tell you.
Me: I saw you for that very first day so I was carried away one way or the other I felt connected to you and I never wanted to lose the opportunity so I had to follow you to st least know where you live. I overed you and your brothers conversation so I knew you where going home.

Folake:so that was why you where following me
Folake:I think it is time you go home cos I don’t understand This drama you are performing here.
She began to walk away from me again as I sensed that the walk was a bit slower than the first I already knew am about to win this girls attention.
I followed her quickly I got closer and I walked side by side with her, I looked at her structure oh my goodness she is very complete not too tall,not fat. She got a nice fitting body for a man to handle.
Me:you may see this in a different way but I don’t it the way my heart Leeds me which is why I came to you I really want your intimacy.
Me:truly I really like you and I am trying all the best I can to reach out to you.
She still kept silent as I kept doing the talking for about 5munites. well to ask a girl out,there is nothing much to say or too special to say all you have to do is be in the mood to talk to a girl you are attracted to and let there be a connection at that moment that’s all. As we were walking back i asked her to pls respond I want to ear her talk. Then she looked at me and she said.
Folake:its time you go home cos am getting closer to my house pls go.
I never wanted to pressurize her so I just let it go
Me:OK I will be here tomorrow.
She didnt even respond I just watched her as she walked into her compound.

To be continued…

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