Episode 15
I didn’t get myself again, kola noticed me, he came to know what the problem was
Kola: guy watin happen
Me: Omolara just called me now, said she dey iwo road
Kola: chai, you know what, let me go and pick her, I will talk to her for you, trust me,
Me: are you sure? This is my Day kola’ talk to her for me
Kola left, he collected her number, and left, Daniella’s staffs were also on ground, the canopy has been filled, but left with few sit, I sat beside my wife looking all around, Cynthia noticed and message me “whats wrong with you” I smiled Daniella was busy with her dress, I replied her by “Omolara said she’s coming, and I fear she might create scene with you, please don’t stand up from your husband’s side”
She replied with “okay” was looking at her movement,
Omolara drove in, with kola, she alighted from her car, I went to greet her, and went to sit beside my wife, the program start. The camera man is on standby, covering everything.
The program starts and ended well, the naming ceremony, I thank God for the first half, the baby were being Christened Jerry and John, my wife left the compound with my mum and my sisters. People were dancing, my staffs and Daniella’s people, Omolara was sitting in one corner, looking at the scene, I went to meet her, I sat beside her
Me: baby
Omolara: who is your baby
Me: you now
Omolara: your wife fine o, natural beauty, I love her
Me: thank you
Omolara: no wonder you married her
Me: meaning?
Omolara: nothing now
Me: how is my daughter?
Omolara: she’s fine, oga o, father of the nation, you have one with me, with that stupid girl as well, now 2 boys again, that’s 4, chai,
Me: (I didn’t talk)
Omolara: why are you not talking, oh sorry (She smiled) have I spoiled your mood?
Me: where are you going?
Omolara: What’s your own with my life?
Me: okay, hope you are okay sha, have you eaten? Should I get you more?
Omolara: I’m okay already, who cooked the food, very sweet
Me: Ayoni Kitchen, they are the best
Omolara: we don hear you, I will soon be going o
Me: okay
Cynthia and chief walked to my side, I stood up to greet him,
Chief: Daniel, we are going
Me: okay sir, thank you sir, I don’t even know you will come o
Chief: why won’t I come to my in-law party
Me: yes sir, (I can noticed how Omolara is looking at Cynthia, but that one no send, she’s just smiling to out discussion)
Chief: sister good evening o (he faced Omolara)
Omolara: yes sir
He gave me an envelope filled with money, I didn’t count, I greet him, and i escort them to their car, I went to meet Omolara, I sat beside her
Me: hope you are okay
Omolara: of course, so the man also believed you guys to be cousin, I just pity the two of you, when the part 2 of your life start
Me: na you sabi, can I send you to my daughter?
Omolara: what?
Me: can I give you money to give her for me?
Omolara: no problem
She stood up, I walk her to her car, she refused to tell me where she’s going, she left, I went back to join my friends.
The Day ended, I am happy, cus it is trouble free day. The next day I went to work, I was on my way back when I received Juliet’s call
Juliet: uncle Daniel, please sister Cynthia and one sister are fighting, (I heard my wife saying Lara) sister Lara
Me: what? How, what will I tell my wife?
I drive home, I didn’t meet them at home, I entered and saw my wife looking furious,
Me: what happen?
Daniella: Daniel you brought your Ex to my house?
Me: what?
Daniella: Is the lady not your Ex? She is your Ex, Sister Cynthia told me, and the girl also said there is more to Sister Cynthia as well, sit down and explain please
Watch out for season 5 (Final season)

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