SHE’S A GHOST Episode 1
Am a ghost! I know I am. For the past three years I have been wondering about from street to street without been noticed by any human being except ghosts like me. I have no idea of why am still in the human world, ghosts were suppose to be in heaven after they die not in the human world. It was a boring and tiring moments for me been living on earth as a ghost. So lonely and tiresome.
I don’t have any memory of how I die or what was behind my death because am still young.
I was walking down the street where people were moving about. Some were smiling and chatting with their friends, some were waiting by the bus stop for the next bus. While some were walking up and down the street. It obvious they didn’t notice me as some people even went through me while walking.
When I got to the bus stop, among the people standing by the road side, I saw a little boy staring at me. I stopped staring back at him. The boy should be around 11 to 12 years of age. He looks so dirty and rough. He can’t possibly see me except if he’s a ghost. I wonder if he saw me or was just staring at something else.”Can you see me?”I asked him. He wasn’t responding all he did was kept staring at me. I moved closer to him and bent a little to look at him closely”can you really see me?”I asked waving my hand before his eyes. He blinked and stared off. “Yes I did. And so?”he replied.
He can really see me? Why? Is he a ghost? An alien?. What exactly is he?” I thought to myself looking at him strangely. “Wow. You saw me. You really saw me. Am so happy you saw me.”I said smiling and jumping up happily. He looked at me and made a dull face”yes I can see you because am a ghost also”he said looking at me. He started moving leaving me behind.
I stood there staring at him as he left”what the hell was that? I was happy for no reason. He’s a ghost too. Am older than you. Don’t be so rude to me like that”I said looking at him as he left.
“Yeah it’s normal for ghosts to see ghosts. But why can’t a single human see me? Why? I thought some human has the ability to see ghosts. Why is it so hard to find one? Where are they all hiding?”I said sadly looking around. “Why am I still on earth? I should disappear from this world if I have nothing to do with this humans. I got so lonely and sad everyday. What’s my purpose for still staying on this lonely earth? Someone should tell me from up there”i yelled on top of My voice looking up at the sky. Thunder struck from the sky with lightning like its going to rain soon. As i heard the sound of thunder from the sky, i quickly bent down dodging beside a bench. I peeped slowly looking up to the sky”wow that really scared me. was i too loud? Was he angry at me? You guys have to go easy on me. You can’t kill me twice OK?”i said looking up. After a while, i stood up from where I dodged then continue walking heading to an unknown destination.
John’s POV
I was taking pictures of a pretty model artist. She was so hot and beautiful. I promise myself to have her pin after we finish shooting all the pictures,Then hook up with her later.
From my personality and attitudes towards ladies, You can call me a player. Am so handsome and smart. Ladies of this company were dying over me because of my amazing good looking face and body. Because of my look and appearance, I took the advantage to play with ladies all I like. Every girlfriend I have can only last for a week or less than that. No matter how pretty she is. After playing with them, I dumped their ass off and go for another new hot girl.
After shooting for 30minutes, I asked for five minutes break before we resume back. “Let’s take five minutes break”I said leaving the scene while handing over the camera to Sam, my personal assistant. He viewed through the pictures I have taken and smiled at me raising his thumb finger at me. That shows a sign of an excellent job. Tina brought a bottle of water to me with a face towel to dry my sweats. “Here sir”she said stretching them to me. I received the bottle water and drank from it, leaving the remaining on the table by my side. I kept staring at Debbie the model I just finished shooting her photos. She caught my eyes and was smiling in a seductive way. I smiled back winking my eyes at her. She smiled more covering her mouth with her fingers. “Wow. You fell for me already? I think that makes it so easy for me”I thought to myself smiling at her.
After I finished all the photo shoots, the director and everyone started to round up everything to leave.
Tina came to me and started drying my sweats with the towel she was holding. “That was a perfect job. You’re the best”she said smiling. “Of course I am”I said still staring at Debbie. Tina traced my gaze and smiled. “You like her too?”she asked as she withdrew the towel from my face.
I looked at her not replying. “Go to Sam and help him pack up OK”I said smiling while holding her shoulders. I left her and moved to where debbie was standing. Immediately Debbie saw me, a smile formed up on her face. I got to her smiling also. “You look most beautiful of all woman today.”I said looking at her. “Really? Wow am so happy to hear that”she said smiling. I can see she’s blushing by now.
“It’s time to leave”a lady said looking at us from afar. “Oh so sad I have to leave now”Debbie said looking at me. I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out a pen. I took her hand and wrote my phone number on her arm. She smiled looking at me shyly. I kissed her soft lovely hand and left her to go. “I promise to call you soon”she said before leaving to meet others. I was staring at her sexy back view as she walks. the fitted gown she wore glued to her body showing her amazing curve. Her hips swayed to each side as she walked. I kept staring at her smiling to myself. “Let’s see how long you’ll last.”I said and also left the scene.
When it’s 7:30pm, I prepared to leave the company to my house.
After I finished viewing through some pictures and making an adjustment were they went bad, I stood up from the seat taking my car key with me. I left the office and headed to my car in the compound.
I was driving on the highway feeling happy about today’s work and thinking about my next target Debbie. I was smiling happy while driving. I noticed my car was acting strange. I decided to pull over and check what’s wrong with it. After pulling over, I came down from the car to check what’s wrong with it. I opened the bonnet although I have no idea of what to check or where to touch. I shut the it angrily which caused a loud sound. “What the f*ck is wrong with you? Why do you have to do this to me now?”I said looking at it. I checked my wrist watch and saw the time is almost 8:00pm. It’s dark and getting late already. I took my phone and dialed Sam’s number to come and pick me up from the place I told him the location and described the place. Immediately I told him, he said he’s on his way. I got a bit relieved and started walking from end to end waiting for him to arrive.
Stella’s POV
I was walking down beside the road roaming about as usual. I saw a guy standing by a red spot car. He looks amazingly good looking. From his facial expression, I can see he’s bothered by something. I stared at him for a while admiring his handsomeness. “Don’t be a stupid girl. Snap out of it. You’re a ghost not a human. He can’t even see you.”a voice said in my head. “Yes. Who cares if he’s bothered or not? Let me just go way and ignore him”I said walking towards him.
But he stopped as I got closer. I wanted to go to the other side through him, but he moved to the side avoiding me. I stopped and looked up at him. “Why? Can you see me?”I asked looking at him. But he was not looking at me, he was staring at somewhere else. I moved to his front and tried to go through him again. He moved to the side avoiding me. I did it again and he avoided me again. I did it over and over and he also repeated the same thing. I looked up at him wondering what he’s doing. Does he see me? Why is he avoiding me? I thought to myself looking at him. I decided to touch his face maybe he can notice that too. I raised my hand up slowly looking at him. He stood still not looking at me. When I almost touch him, he looked down at my face angrily”why do you guys like doing this to me? can’t you just leave me alone and go your way!”he yelled at me in frustration and anger. I got so shocked and surprised looking at him. He can really see me. He just spoke to me. For the past three years, someone just noticed me. “I thought to myself as he was staring straight into my eyes with his bright charming eyes.

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