SHE’S A GHOST Episode 3
The more I tried to remember, the more I got more confused about it. “Well I might have seen her as a ghost somewhere before. Let’s just forget about her and get some sleep”I said turning to the other side.
I was already dozing off when the ring tone of my phone pierced so loud into my ear. “Ooh seriously who is calling by this time?”I asked reaching my hand for it by my side. I brought it close to my face and saw an Unknow number. I guess it must be Debbie. I answer it and placed it to my ear.
Stella’s POV
I was walking up and down around the car waiting for him to arrive. I waited and waited but he didn’t come for his car. After a while, a car packed by the road side. I was so happy he showed up at last. I waited patiently looking at the door expecting him to get down. But to my disappointment, it was a man that got down from the passenger seat. After he got down, the young man I saw yesterday also came down from the driver’s seat. I moved to the car and stated peeping through the window maybe Mr handsome is still inside but no one was their. I moved to them looking sad”where’s Mr handsome? Uhn. Why is he not coming?”I asked looking at both of them.
“Here is the car”the young guy said to the man. The man went to the car and opened the door. He started the engine. After a while, he got down from the car and faced the young man. “There’s nothing wrong with this car. It’s working perfectly”the man said looking at him. “Really? This is so strange”the young man said scratching the back of his head. ” I thought he said it was acting bad yesterday”the young man said looking confused. “Nothing is wrong with it.”the other man said. “OK thanks. Sorry for stressing you”the young man said looking at him. “Oh am ok. Bye”the man said smiling. He left with the other car while the young man was still looking at the car. I moved closer to him looking sad. “Hey. Where’s Mr handsome? Why’s he not here? Please I need to see him”I said looking at him. He did notice me so he couldn’t hear any of my words. He wanted to go to the driver’s seat but I followed him again asking him all sorts of questions even though he can’t hear or see me. “Please just hear me out this once. I need to see Mr handsome.”I said following him. When he was about to open the door, I moved closer to his ear and blew soft air in his hear. He jacked back touching his ear. “What was that? It felt like someone just made a cold breath in my ear”he said looking around. I was standing before him but he can see me. “Here. Am right here. Please look at me”I said jumping up and waving my hand before him. After he looked around for a while, he opened the door and went in. “Ooh. Please don’t leave me.”I said looking at him through the window as he started the engine. He drove the car slowly then moved to the highway. “What should I do? I have to see Mr handsome”I said feeling impatient. I closed my eyes and disappear from where I stood then reappear in the car sitting at the back seat. The young man was playing a song which was so loud. He was driving and singing along with the music. “Oh my ear. It’s so loud. Please lower the volume”I said blocking my two ears with both hands. But he kept moving his head to the beat of the song singing excitedly.
John’s POV
30 minutes before the photo shoot would start, I was in Debbie’s car. Only the two of us. The director and others were at the studio doing whatever they have to do before we’ll start the shoot. She looks more pretty this morning. “You look like an angel. So beautiful like a queen”I said in a romantic voice. She smiled on hearing that. “Thanks for that. You’re also hot. So charming and romantic”she said smiling. “Wow. It’s first time a lady would tell me this. You’re so special from all the woman I know. You’re the most pretty girl In the world to me. Am telling you the truth right now”I said smiling. She laughed a little looking at me. “Am so happy to hear that. You’re so cute”she said hitting my shoulder lightly. I looked at her face for a while smiling at her. “Your eyes looks pretty. Your nose looks so perfect. And your lips….”I stopped looking down at her glossy pink lips. I used my thumb to wipe the corner of her lip”the lips gloss is too much. Should I reduce it for you?”I asked in a romantic voice. Her cheek turned red as she continue smiling. I looked at her eyes then looked down at her lips. I smiled to myself and leaned closer to kiss her. She was also ready for it that she closed her eyes slowly expecting the kiss from me. That gave me more chance as I leaned more closer to her lips. Our lips hardly crushed when the ring tone of my phone distracted us from the kiss. I quickly went back to my seating position and took my phone. I looked at her face”Answer it” she said smiling. It was Sam. I think he’s here already. I thought to myself as I took the call. “Hello. Am here”Sam said. “OK. I’ll join you now”I said to him. I hung up the phone and slipped it into my pocket. “I think I need to go for now. I’ll call you after the shoot. Can you hang out with me tonight?”I asked her. “Hmm. Let me check the remaining of my schedule for today. I’ll call you when I do that.”she replied. “Ok bye”I said smiling. I got down from her car and headed to where sam packed the car. When I looked at him from afar, I can see he was not alone. A girl was standing beside him looking around.
I got to them and saw it was the ghost girl. Immediately I saw her, I pretended as if I didn’t see her. “Oh you’re here so fast.”I said looking at sam. “Yeah. He said nothing is wrong with your car so I brought it back”he said looking at me.”Really? OK. Thank you”I said. By now, the ghost girl was before me “hy. Please I need your help. Can you hear me out for once?”she asked looking at me. “Let’s go”I said to Sam. Me and Sam started heading towards the studio. “Please stop ignoring me. Hear me out please. I promise not to disturb you”she said following us.
Stella’s POV
I was pleading him to give me audience but he refused to look at me or do as if he can hear me. “Mr handsome can you hear me please?”I asked walking behind him.
After a while, I followed them to a place. The place was beautiful. It looks like they were about to shoot film or shoot some photos their. People were there doing different kind of things. Two ladies were putting some makeup on for a lady. I guess she’s a model by the way she dressed. I moved around the place looking at some things and others. As I moved about looking at the place, I saw a picture on the wall and stopped. The more I look at it,my head started spinning like I want to remember something by looking at the guy in the picture. I placed my hand on my forehead as my head started acting strange. a memory flashed into my head.
“Please spear me I promise not to tell anyone about this”a girl’s voice said. “It’s too late dear. Maybe that will be your next life. Am sorry OK. I love you bye”a guy said. He stabbed the girl with the dagger he was holding and I head a great plash of water.
I came back to my senses wondering what just happened. The faces were not clear. The memory was so blur that I was only hearing there voices.
“What just happened? Whose memory was that? Who are they?”I said looking confused. This never happened to me for the past three years I’ve been wondering about in this world. I felt really strange.
Could that girl crying be me? Was I murdered? Who’s the guy that stabbed the girl?”I asked myself many questions I was not able to answer.

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