SHE’S A GHOST Episode 4
I stood there staring at the picture. After a while, I remembered I have to be with Mr handsome. I looked back and started searching for him looking around the place. I saw him standing among those people, holding a camera in his hand. I walked slowly towards him smiling.
I stood beside him as he walks around from one place to another. “Is this where you work? Wow it’s so pretty and cool here.”I said looking around.
Few minutes later, the photo shoot started. The lady looks so beautiful as she did different poses in different fashion of dresses and shoes. I was standing beside Mr handsome looking at him as he was taking the pictures. By looking at his face, I could tell he like her by the way he smiles while taking the pictures. “I can see you had a crush on her. It’s OK you’re also a man you can fall for her. You can’t hide that”i said looking at him. He looked at me then concentrated back on the camera. Wow. He could hear that of all what I’ve been saying to him since. I thought to myself folding my arms together.
“Well. She’s so pretty. Am so jealous of her”I said nodding my head.
“Good thing you’re not blind”he said under his breath thinking I won’t hear him.
After the the photo shoots, he went to sit down on a chair. And I followed him standing beside the table. A girl brought a bottle water and a towel. He received the bottle from her and opened the top. “You did a great job.”she said smiling. “Oh thanks. You guys should rest also. I have to meet someone by 12pm so, I won’t be around then. You guys should finish the rest OK?”he said standing up from the chair. “Yes sir”the lady replied.
He went to the other young guy and whispered something in his ear. He nodded his head in agreement saying OK.
Mr handsome left the studio walking down the passage. I followed him gently without his knowledge. When he got to the compound, before he could get to his car, he pressed a remote to unlock it. He opened the door and sat down pulling out the seat belt. He stopped and was looking around. He peeped through the window then looked behind him. I can tell he was looking for me. I was at a corner looking at him as he does all this. When he couldn’t find me, he took a deep breath wiping his face with his palm.
I smiled to myself looking at him. “Don’t be relieved. Am not gone yet”I said smiling. When he fasten the seat belt, and was about driving, I disappeared from where I was hiding and reappeared beside him. He quickly stepped on the break looking at me in shock. “Ooh. You really scared me”he said looking at me.
“Were you looking for me? Why? Do you miss me?”I askec looking at him. “What? Stop popping out like that scaring people around with your ugly face OK”he said. “You don’t have to be scared. It’s not you first time seeing me. Are you really scared of ghosts?”I asked looking at him. “What’s she saying? Am not scared of them. I just don’t like seeing ugly ghosts popping our of nowhere. They’ll look like a demon to me.”he said as he drives the car slowly out of the compound. “Really? So you’re not scared of me?”I asked. “Am not. I can’t be scared of you. You don’t even look scary”he replied. “That means am not an ugly ghost then? Since you’re not scared of me. Am a sexy ghost not an ugly one”I said smiling. On hearing that, he started laughing out loud. I wonder what he’s laughing about. I didn’t say anything funny. “What’s she saying?. Sexy ghosts?”he repeated and continue laughing. He almost bump into a car but quickly turn the staring to avoid it. “You have to be careful if you don’t want to end up with other ugly ghosts”I said looking at him. “So you mean there are sexy ghosts? That’s so funny. I have never heard of that before. You’re not even a pretty ghost”he said still smiling. I feel good to see him smile. He looks so cool and calm.
John’s POV
As I was still talking and laughing at what the ghost Girl just said, a call came in and I took it. My expression changed immediately I saw the caller. It was my dad. I first hesitated to pick it but I took the call and placed the phone to my ear. He said he wants us to meet me at his office right now because he wants to have a meeting with everyone. I dropped the phone beside me after the call. I hate sitting down and talking with him. I don’t like him and I don’t feel happy anytime we’re together. But since it’s a family meeting, I have to show up. I was not the his first child. I have step brother and I have sisters also. He got married to three wives. Nathan was his first son. He’s two years older than me. While am three years older than Mary his younger sister. And Julie was the youngest wife’s daughter. She’s just 16 this year. Nathan’s mother was the first wife he married. She made life like hell for me and my mother when I was still young. She’s so scary and wicked.
Even when father married the youngest wife, she hired gang to beat her up and destroy the pregnancy she’s having. She was rescued before they could do anything worst to her. Even though my dad knows she was the one who did it. He never confronted her or make any case on it. She’s so scary than demons or ghosts. I blamed my mum for getting married to my dad. But what can I do about it? It’s done already. Am one of Williams family. I don’t like engaging myself with family issues or about his companies. I like living a simple life and free from their problems. He has the biggest company in the state. He has so many companies and houses. But I disguise myself from Williams family. No one knows am Williams in my company. Even when I was still in school, no one knows am James Williams son.
I hid my identity from people. Unlike my other brother Nathan. He boast about it and spend money like shit when he was in school. We’re not close at all. We hate each other ever since we were kids. We never act like real brothers even though we still have the same father. Mary was the only one who was close to me. She likes me and love hanging around me everything in school. She once told me she wished we were not siblings. She would have love to have me as her boyfriend. I took that as a joke the day she said that.
Back to my car.
I frowned my face on hearing he’s having a meeting with us. I have to go just to avoid his nagging. I made a U turn and went back heading to the company.
When I got there, I packed my car at the garage then got down and walked towards the door. I entered the big company and make my way towards his office. “Why are you not looking good? Are you angry at something?”the ghost girl asked following me behind. I ignored her heading to the elevator. When I got to the elevator, I pressed the button and it opened. Who I saw there left me with shock and surprise. But I hid it not letting it show on my face. He smiled nodding his head at me. But I kept on the straight face looking at him. “Long time no see”he said putting on a fake smile. We both were staring at each other awkwardly while I still stood at the entrance blocking the elevator from closing.

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