SHE’S A GHOST Episode 8
“Are you OK?”she asked looking at me. I quickly stood up from the ground still starring at her neck. She looked at my face then looked back at the necklace. She wanted to put it back into her dress but I stopped her by holding her hand. She was staring at me strangely. I never touch her before ever since we met. Her skin was so cold and soft. I dropped her hand and looked at the necklace closely once again. After some seconds of staring, she covered it with her hand. she doesn’t understand why am staring at it like that. “Why? Why are you acting this way? You suppose to thank me for saving your liver and your life, but all you do Is stare at my necklace?”she asked looking at me.
I held her shoulders looking straight into her eyes.”Where did you find that necklace? Please tell me why you’re having this necklace?”I asked looking impatient. “Calm down. Why are you like this?”she asked trying to remove my hands from her shoulder. “Please you have to tell me. That necklace was the only design I made myself for someone special to me as gift. That’s the only one design we have. How come you’re having it. I mean where did you get it?”I asked looking at her. She brought down my hands from her shoulders and sighed heavily. “I don’t even know why am having this. I just know it’s with me since three years now. I thought it might be a gift from my parents or boyfriend but I don’t remember any of them. I don’t even know how I die or what caused my death. For the past three years, this necklace has been with me”she said looking at me.
I stared at her for seconds looking more confused.
She said three years ago, Same year as my mum’s death. Could there death be connected? Is it possible they both died on the same day and location?”I thought to myself staring at her.
“Do you remember the date of your death? Can you tell me the location? And what happened that day?”I asked impatiently.
She sighed looking confused. “How do you expect me to tell you that when I don’t even know how I die. I told you I don’t have any memory of my death or how I live in the human world.”she replied looking at me.
I looked around the dark street and checked my wrist watch. The time says quarter after eight. “Let’s get out of here first. It’s dangerous for me right now”I said.
I walked down forgetting about the drugs I bought. I feel no pain anymore. Everything disappeared the first time I saw the evil ghost.
“Where are we leaving to?”she asked.
“My house”I replied not looking at her. “Really? Why? Do you plan to help me?”she asked sounding happy. I didn’t say anything but just kept going.
I sat down on the couch opposite to her. And I continued my questions.
“So you mean you don’t even know the owner of the necklace?”I asked. She nodded her head in response. “I just know I have it”she replied. “Why are you so interested in this necklace?”she asked looking at me. “Because the necklace was a gift from me to my mum”I replied clearly. “How could that be? So you mean this is from your mum? But how does it got to me?”she asked confusingly.
“Exactly! That’s what am trying to know. Why do you have it?”I said looking at her. “I think there’s something fishy about this case.”I added.
“So could it be possible I met your mum before I die?”she asked. “So you mean you can’t even recall anything about that day?”I asked her.
“No I don’t…”she stopped for a while thinking over it again. “Oh yes. I could only recall a memory not too long ago, which is not really clear to me.”she said trying to remember. On hearing that, I adjusted from my seat moving a little closer to her. “Can you tell me about it? How does it go?”I asked looking at her. “It was not clear but I remembered I heard my voice. And the second voice was a guy’s voice. I was crying and begging him to spare my life. But he said… “”It’s too late dear, maybe in the next life. Goodbye I love you””he said that and stabbed me with a sharp dagger. After he stabbed me, all I could hear was a great splash of water. That’s all I could remember”she said looking at me. “Murder? That means you were murdered by the guy in your memory. A great splash of water you said?”I asked. “That part is not clear. Does it mean someone fell into a river or what? It looks mysterious”I said wondering what happened at that part. “Is that all you could remember?”I asked her. “Yes. That’s all I could remember”she replied staring at me.
“Something is off. Could the splash be when my mum fell or could it be the guy threw her into the river from a bridge?. If that’s it, how does she have her necklace then? Oh my God this is so confusing.” I thought to myself running my hand in my hair.

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