SHE’S A GHOST Episode 10
I smiled stretching my hand for a shake. “Good morning. President Stephen”I said with a smile. He was not saying a word or reply to my greeting for a while. I withdrew my hand and dipped it into my pocket. “Good morning sir”Debbie greeted him smiling. He nodded his head smiling back at her. “Good morning”he replied. “Meet my friend Mr john”Debbie said pointing to me. Her phone rang and she excused herself to pick it.”person me”she said and left. Immediately she left, Stephen took a step closer to me. “Why are you here?”he asked. I laughed at that question before I gave him reply. “Why do you think am here at my father’s company? Oh have you forgotten am the vice president of this company?”I asked looking at him. He laughed out loud although my reply was not funny. “Oh I see. You chose to stay here. Good. Am loving this”he said smiling. “So. Let’s be good to each other from now on president Stephen”I said stretching my hand for a shake. He shook my hand but with a little squeeze. I looked at his face and smiled. I released his hand. Just then, Debbie came back holding her cell phone. “I’ll see you later. I have to take care of something”she said and left. Stephen was staring at her as she leaves. “Seems like you guys are close”he said looking at me. “Maybe you can ask her directly”I said with a smile. I left him and went towards my office.
Stella’s POV
I was walking around on the eleventh floor, leaving Mr handsome after he left to his office. I disappeared and reappeared at a floor I don’t know. I walked slowly looking around as people walks to and fro the company. I got to a place and saw some beautiful ladies dancing. On seeing them, I went into the door looking at them as they move. “Wow. I love that”I said moving my head to the beat. As I continue looking at them and moving my body, a memory flashed to my head again.
Some girls were in group gossiping. The way they dressed showed they just finished a dance practice or were about starting. I saw myself sitting beside a girl. She has a long fringe hair while I had a short black hair tied in a ponytail. The way both of us were sitting, it shows we could be sisters or best friends.
I heard what those girls were saying but I ignored them pretending I don’t.
“She’s so full of herself. I don’t know why Debbie hang around with her. She’s just acting like her dog or should I say handbag?”a girl said laughing. They all laughed out loud.
“She’s not the only better one here. Why must she be the only one all the time? We can perform better too”another girl said.
I looked at the girl beside me and she smiled inserting one air peace into my ear to stop me from hearing those annoying voices. I smiled back at her nodding my head.
This memory was clear to me. The girl sitting beside me looks so familiar but the more I tried to remember her, the more hard it is to do so.
That means I was a dancer when I was still alive? But why are they gossiping about me? Why do they envy me?”I thought to myself. I walked around in the practice room looking at the girls as they moved.
“Jenny stop!”I heard the choreographer’s voice and I turned around looking at them.
“Ooh. Not again. Why’s she getting it wrong again?”the remaining girls started complaining looking at her badly. The choreographer walked to a girl. She’ll be the same age as I. She has a brown skin which made her look more beautiful. But her expression was bad when the choreographer got to her. “This is the sixth time you’ll make the same mistake. If you do it one more time, you’re out”she said looking at her. “Am sorry ma”she said in a weak tone. She went back to the front and they started from a point. I was staring at the girl as she moved. She dance well but her moves were a bit slow. When they got to a stage, she made mistake again. “Oh why?”I said looking at her. “Jenny out. Meet me after practice”the choreographer said. She walked slowly out of the line and went to sit at the back of the practice room a little far from them. I could see how some girls reacted when she left. “Bad girls everywhere”I said looking at them.
I walked to where the girl was sitting. She took off the Snickers she was putting on and drank from a bottle beside her. She placed it down and looked up to where I was standing. She has this surprised and scared expression when she looked up at me. She closed her eyes and started reciting something. I was confused at her reaction. “Hey!”I called. She dipped her hand into her pocket and brought out a chain which looks like a rosary. She continue reciting it with her eyes closed. I tried to touch her but a force pushed me back. I staggered back with a force which almost land me on the floor.
She opened her eyes staring at me while breathing heavily.

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