SHE’S A GHOST Episode 9
“So, do you really plan to help me?”I asked looking at him. He stood up from the couch looking at me. “Yes. I will.”he replied heading towards his room. I stood up and followed him behind feeling happy. When he was about opening the door, he stopped at turned back. “Where do you think you’re following me to?”he asked still standing by the entrance. “Oops sorry. I lost my mind for a while. Are you going to bed already?”I asked. He sighed looking at me. “So where do you expect me to go? To watch movie? Please I need to sleep early because of my work tomorrow”he replied trying to go in. I held his cloth lightly looking at him. “What’s it again?”he asked looking at me. I faced the floor not looking at him. “What?”he asked again wondering what I want to say. “Can I stay here with you?”I asked not raising my head. He was silent for some minutes before replying me. “OK fine. You can, but on one condition”he replied. On hearing that, I raised my head feeling happy”really? Seriously? I can stay here?”I asked smiling happily. But when I thought of the condition he mentioned, I stopped smiling changing my expression. “What’s the condition?”I asked looking at him. “You’ll know that tomorrow”he replied and went inside shutting the door behind him. I walked away slowly from his door moving to the living room.”what could that be?”I asked feeling curious. I started walking around in the living room smiling happily.
Four days later…
John’s POV
I dressed in a neat well ironed black suite matching with my shining black well polished shoe.
I picked my car key from the stood and walked out of my room. I got to the living room but couldn’t find the ghost girl. “I wondered where she left to this early morning”I said making my way out to the compound. I got to the compound and went to my car. When I drove out, I saw her talking to a little ghost boy.
Stella’s POV
I gave the ghost boy some food from Mr handsome fridge before he could wake up. “Thank you so much”he said smiling as he received it from me. “Eat a lot OK? What’s your name?”I asked him as he started eating. “I don’t know my name. I can’t remember”he said rushing the food into his mouth. “You don’t have a name?”I asked. “Yes I don’t. I’ll like to remember my name at least but I couldn’t”he said. “OK. What if I give you a name?”I asked smiling. “Really? What’s it?”he asked smiling with his mouth full of some food particles. “Hmm. Alex”I said smiling. “Wow. I love it. So am Alex from now on?”he asked smiling happily. “Yes Alex”I replied patting his head lightly.
I heard a car horning behind us and I quickly looked back. It’s Mr handsome. Where is he going to by this time? I thought to myself staring at his car. I faced Alex smiling. “I have to go now OK? I’ll talk to you later.”I said patting his back. “Ooh. Really?”he asked making a sad expression. “Don’t worry. I promise to bring a lot of food for you when I get back OK?”I said smiling. “OK. Bye”he said looking at me.
I left him and walked to Mr handsome car. I disappeared into the car sitting beside him.
I looked at the way he dressed. His dressing looks extra ordinary. I wonder if he’s going to his work dressing like that. “Why are you dressed like this? Are you going for wedding registration?”I asked looking at him. “Wedding… You’re so dumb. Can’t you tell am going to work?”I said dressing my suite well. “Oh work?”I repeated nodding my head. “So who do you want to propose to at your work place?”I asked again looking curious. He covered his face with his right palm in frustration. “I don’t know ghosts are this senseless”he said almost in a whisper thinking I won’t hear him. “What do you say?”I asked looking at him. “Never mind”He said. He removed his hand from his face and drove slowly down the street.
Few minutes later, we got to a big company. I think we’ve been to this place before. He drove the car to the garage and got down locking the car with a remote. I also got out and stood beside him. I looked up at the giant looking company. Oh this is his father’s company. Does he agree to work here?
I turned to him looking confused. “Do you finally agree to what your father said?”I asked him. “Of course. Am also James Williams son. From now on, I’ll live as my true identity. I plan to find the reason behind my mother’s death and punish whosoever was behind it. So, here I comes ANEL entertainment”he said smiling. I looked at him smiling also.
John’s POV
We got to the elevator and I opened it. When I got to the eleventh floor, the elevator stopped and I walked out heading to my office. “Hey!”I heard a voice behind me. I looked back and saw Debbie. She was putting on a long pink gown matching with her blue hills and fashion blue hand bag. She looks pretty as always. As I saw her, a smile formed on my face. “Who’s she?”the ghost girl asked as she came closer. “Wow. It’s good to see you here. Are you here to visit someone?”I asked her smiling. “Oh actually I have something am doing here on the sixth floor. We’re having a fashion modeling program there. Am the moderator of the event so, that’s what brought me here. What of you? Are you here to see someone?”she asked. Just as I was about replying her, Stephen walked up to us. He was so surprised to see me in the company.
We both were both staring at each other not saying anything or greeting each other.. I smiled on seeing the expression on his face.
I know the battle line is drawn between both of us. Because am also ready for every worst part of it. I won’t lose to him this time like I did back in high school.

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