SHE’S A GHOST Episode 12
I looked beside me but couldn’t find her anymore. “Jenny!”I called her name but the sound coming from me was different. “Am I possessing her body right now?”I said touching my face. The temperature felt warm just as a human body. I placed my hand on my chest to feel the heartbeat. To my surprise, it was beating. I quickly ran to a car packed by the side. I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see Jenny’s face in the mirror. “Wow. It works. It really works.”I said smiling. A man was passing by, I moved to his side smiling”can you see me?”I asked him. He looked at me In confusion “what’s this crazy girl talking about?”he said and went his way.
I was so happy I could be seen by people but I was sad all was fake. Am possessing another person body.
I felt something vibrating inside her pocket. I dipped my hand inside and brought out her phone. “Sweet mum”it was written on the screen. I was staring at it not knowing what to do. I was thinking if I could pick it or not. But when I thought of how she talked her mum, I think she was worried about her. I answered it and placed it to my ear. “Jenny. Why are you not home yet?”she asked sounding worried. I don’t know how to reply her. What, should I say to her?
“A…am…on my… W..way home”I said in a stammer voice. “OK dear. Don’t be late OK?”she said and ended the call. I brought down the phone and put it back into her pocket. “How should I get out of her?”I thought to myself. I tried going out but it doesn’t seem easy to do like the first first time. I tried and tried but to no avail. “What should I do now? I think your mum is worried”I said feeling bad. I unlocked her phone to check if I could find her address. Luckily for me, I was able to find it on her Facebook timeline. I followed the address there until I was able to get to her street. I don’t know which way to go again so I started walking slowly. I accidentally bumped into someone. “Am sorry”I said looking at the girl. “Oh Jenny. Where are you heading to this late?”she asked looking at me. I had no idea of who she is. I think she might be one of her friend. I was staring at her for a while like a deaf and dumb. “Oh am heading home”I replied smiling. “Really? So you mean that’s the way home?”she asked looking at me.
“Oh it’s not this way”I said looking at her. She was staring at me awkwardly. “That’s your building over there. Why are you acting wield?”she asked looking at me. I started laughing on hearing that. “Am I really acting wield? I think I drank too much that’s why”I said laughing. “Oh it seems so”she said looking at me. I quickly walked towards the gate she pointed to and opened it. I walked towards the building looking around the compound. It looks like an average class home. Not too rich and not poor. I walked to the door and pressed the bell on it. “Welcome home dear”a woman’s voice said. She opened the door smiling. She’s so pretty just like Jenny. She has a short blond hair and was putting on a red fitted gown. I entered and she closed the door behind us. I walked down the passage while she followed behind, few seconds later, I was in the living room. “How was practice today?”she asked smiling. “It was good ma”I replied looking at her. “Ma?”she repeated looking at me. “I mean mum”I corrected myself. “OK that’s good. Go and take a warm shower before having your dinner. Since you prefer doing that”she said. I stood up not knowing which way to go. “Where could her room be?”I thought to myself looking around. “Let me check something”
She left the living room heading somewhere. I quickly went to one of the room and opened the door. I looked inside and saw how it was set. One could tell it’s her room. Because it was decorated in pink and purple and some celebrity poster on the wall. I entered and walked around in her room. I think she might caught on later. How should I keep this on?
John’s POV
I sat in the living room expecting the ghost girl, but she was no where to be found. After waiting for some minutes, I went to my room to sleep.
The following day..
Till I arrived at work, I couldn’t found her anywhere near my house. When I got to the company, I became more worried about her. “Could something bad had happen to her?”I thought to myself.
As I was still thinking about her, a girl came to me smiling. She was putting on a black T-shirt which has blue stripes on it and a Jean pant trouser. She braided her hair into two tying the end with colorful bonds. She got to me and was smiling. “Good morning Mr handsome”she said smiling. “Mr handsome?”I said looking at her. That sounds familiar. “Sorry I didn’t show up yesterday. Something funny came up”she said. “Wait. Don’t tell me you….”I stopped looking at her. She moved closer to my ear. “It’s me Stella. I possessed this pretty girl’s body”she said in a whisper. My eyes went wild on hearing that. “How could you? Why?”I asked in surprise. She looked around and looked back at me. “I’ll tell you about it later. I need to go for practice at the sixth floor.”she said and left. “Wow I can’t believe she did that. This is driving me crazy”I said looking at her.
Stephen’s POV
I was staring at john and the girl as they talk. The first time I saw her, I was so shocked and surprised. She’s so bold as always.
She could even possess a human body? Impressive.
“I can’t believe we could meet again. Long time no see Suzy Mick”i thought to myself looking at her as she left.

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