SHE’S A GHOST Episode 13
I turned back to leave, then I saw Debbie coming. I quickly put on a smile to hide the expression on my face. “Morning”she greeted. “Good morning. I expected you to meet with me yesterday but you didn’t show up”I said looking at her. “Yes. I had an emergency meeting yesterday. Sorry for disappointing you.”she said not looking good. “Really. I have missed you. It has been long we last talk properly ever since I left to the state. I want things back in place huh”I said looking at her. She nodded her head in response. “OK I understand you. You know am kind of too busy these days.”she replied. “OK. Can you make it tonight?”I asked. “I’ll call you when I check my schedule for today. It’s like am free tonight”she replied.
“Alright. I’ll be expecting your call”I said and she left. I left the scene heading to my office.
Stella’s POV
I entered the practice room and saw the girls already hanging around. The choreographer is not yet there. Since I don’t know anybody I could talk to, I sat alone beside the speaker.
Some were doing free style some were laughing and chatting. I spotted three girls at a corner looking at me and gossiping about something. When I saw the killer look on their face, I also stared back at them badly. “I know you guys are the one giving the poor Jenny hard time. They’re not even as pretty as her”I thought to myself. They started coming towards me. When they got to me, they stopped and a weird looking girl stepped forward. She was putting on a loose long sleeve off shoulder top which was above her abdomen and a black bum short matching with her black and white Jordan sneakers. Her make up made her look like an evil ghost. On seeing her weird looking face, I couldn’t help it but giggle covering my mouth with my hand. I think that made her more annoyed. “Benny or whatever your name is called. You better work with your brain today. You’re giving others hard time OK?”she said folding her arms.
“Yes that’s true. Her moves were so annoying and bad. If you find this hard, why don’t you quit already? No one is forcing you here”another girl said. “That’s it. It’s not compulsory you must be a dancer. Stop suffocating us horrible moves”another one said.
“Oh my God! Is this what Jenny go through everyday? How could she take all this insult from these mean girls.? Well you guys are always like this. You don’t want anyone better than you”I thought to myself. I stood up and faced them. “You, you and you”I said pointing to them one after the other. The remaining girls around us, stopped all they were doing and faced me. By now all attentions were on me. But why? They didn’t do this when the girls were insulting me but when I spoke, they all were staring at me. I ignored them and continued. “You”I said pointing to the weird looking girl. “Did you forget to check your mirror before coming to practice? You have to take care of your horrible looking face before complaining about others mistakes”I said staring at her. “You guys should find something better to discuss. Stop wasting your time gossiping about innocent people. And mind you, it’s Jenny not Benny ok”i added looking at the remaining girls. They all were surprised by this.
“Has she lost her mind? What has gotten over her? Are you sure she’s Jenny?”I heard some girls murmuring. “Wow. You became so bold overnight. I can’t believe people could change easily. We’ll see the horrible person here after the upcoming performance.”she said smiling. Just then, a lady came in. She wore a pink leggings and a black top which looks like a tube. Covering only the chest showing her flat tummy. “I’ve seen her before. Oh she’s the pretty model. Mr handsome crush”I thought to myself staring at her.
“Girls! Let’s start”she said moving to the front.
The three girls gave me a bad look before leaving. We all formed a three row and four column. Making twelve In number.
“Let’s see what you were taught yesterday”she said. “What should I do? I don’t know what they were taught yesterday. How should I go about it?”I thought to myself feeling unease.
She played the music and they started. I was just following what they were doing but it was not matching. The lady walks to me smiling. “Are you sure you practiced with them?”she asked looking at me. I nodded my head in respond and continue. The weird looking girl smiled and purposely pushed me with her shoulder. I twisted my ankle and fell. “Ouch!” I screamed out holding my ankle. As I fell to the ground, everyone stopped the dance and were staring at me. The lady bent down beside me holding my hand”are you OK? You should have be more careful”she said looking worried.
When she said that, a memory flashed to my head again.
We were in practice room dancing to a song, suddenly I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground. The girl I was sitting with the other day, quickly bent down beside me holding my hand”stella are you OK? You should have be more careful”she said having the same look as this present lady only the hair style was different. “Stella! Debbie! Are you guys OK?”a guy’s voice said from behind.
“Am OK. I think I overdid it”I said smiling at her. “Are you sure it’s fine?”She said and helped me up also smiling.
As she finished the statement, her face was clear to me as she was staring at me with those same look as then. I was so shocked by the memory I just remembered. I was staring at her confusingly. “Debbie?”that was all I could pronounce out.
“If she’s really the Debbie in my memory, she might know the reason behind my death. Since she was my best friend then. She was staring at me confusingly

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