SHE’S A GHOST Episode 14
John’s POV
I was working on some files in my office. Someone knocked on the door and I responded the person should come in. I lifted my head to see the person, to my surprise it was Cassandra. The outfit she put on was so hot on her. A mini gown which fitted her body revealing those sexy curves. The chest was half covered. Her boobs were revealing at the top. Immediately she got in, my eyes were glued on her body as she walks towards my desk. I promise myself not to be a player anymore but seeing her in this tempting situation can’t let me stop. I must have her too. Even if it’ll last two days, I have to date her.
She got to my desk and placed the files on it. “Good morning sir. How was your night?”she greeted as she dropped it. “Oh. It was fine and yours?”I replied smiling. “You never ask of what I have to tell you.”she said looking at me. “Sorry dear. I’ll like to know”I replied smiling. She moved closer to where I was sitting and placed her hand on my shoulder smiling seductively.
Stella’s POV
As I called her name, everyone were silent looking at me. “Are you OK?”she asked trying to help me up. I manage to stand up myself. “You can take 5minutes break for now OK”she said looking at me. “OK. Thanks”I said. I left the queue and sat somewhere looking at them from where I sat. I was staring at Debbie as she spoke to them. When they were about starting, she looked back at me with an unknown expression then concentrated back to the girls.
After practice, she came to where I was sitting and sat beside me. “Is your leg OK?”she asked looking at me. “Yes. Thanks for your concern”I replied smiling. She sighed and was quiet for a while.
“Well, that happens ones in a while.”she said. “Dont hurt those pretty legs again. You need to be careful OK.”she said smiling. “Oh. Really? Am sorry for being rude back there. I mean the way I called you”I said. “That’s nothing. You don’t need to. But the way you called me reminds me of someone”she said smiling. I looked at her face and nodded my head. “Is that it? Saying it with this look on your face, I could tell that friend is far away from you or you guys lost contact”I said looking at her. She was silent for some seconds before replying me. “She’s dead”she said not looking at me. She has this painful expression on her face. “Am sorry”I said feeling bad. “It’s OK.”she said smiling. “She was my best friend when she was alive. Although I never believed she’s dead. But all evidence said she’s dead. It was so sad and painful”she said looking sad. I was so confused by her words. She said she can’t believe she’s dead, but why did she say that?””I thought to myself staring at her. “Why did you say that? Why don’t you believe she’s dead?”I asked looking curious. She faced me with this pitiful look on her face. “Because her body was not found”she said looking at me.
John’s POV
Cassandra was beside me. She asked of my phone and I started searching for it. It was then I remembered I left it in my car. “Am sorry. I need to get it from my car”I said. “Why don’t you give me yours instead. I’ll save it to my phone later”I said bringing out a pen. I stretched it out to her but she pushed my hand down gentle. “I want to type it on your phone. Go and get it”she said smiling.
“Ok. If you wish to. Let me get it I won’t be late”I said and stood up from the seat.
“I’ll be right back”I said and walked towards the door.
Few minutes later, I got my phone and was going back to office. I was smiling to myself as I walked towards my office. When I got to the door, I looked through the window And I noticed Cassandra was searching through my drawer. She searched the desk and some files on it. The look on her face showed she was looking for something. When I saw this, my expression changed. I wonder what she’s up to. Why’s she fumbling through my stuffs?””I thought to myself looking annoyed. I opened the door and she quickly went back to her standing position acting as if nothing just happened. “You’re here”she said smiling. I walked to my desk and arranged those files to how I kept them. She tried to touch me but I stopped her. “Were you able to find what you were looking for?”I asked staring at her. She was shocked to hear that from me. Her expression changed. “What do you mean?”she asked having this innocent look. “Who sent you?”I asked looking straight into her eyes.
Stephen’s POV
When Cassandra told me everything on how john caught her, I landed a heavy slap on her face which made her staggered back holding the desk behind her. “How can you be so careless? Didn’t I warned you to be careful”I said looking at her angrily. “I won’t forgive you this time. Be prepared to see the worst”I said looking at her. She looked up at me begging me seriously for forgiveness. “Please spare me. I promise to do whatever you want. Please just give me one more chance. It won’t…..”
I raised my hand to slap her again but I hanged it in the air looking at her. I brought it down gently still boiling in anger. “One more chance. One more chance. Am tired of that statement. Until when will I give you those chances?”I asked looking more angry. She went down on her kneel with tears on her face. “If I fail this time around. You can kill me. I will bet with my life this time.”she said looking at me. I smiled nodding my head. “Good. If you fail to gain his trust back and fulfill your mission, I will rip out your heart and throw your dead body in the cold river for fishes to feast on”I said looking at her in anger.

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