SHE’S A GHOST Episode 16
“Why that expression?”she asked looking at me. “It’s nothing. So you mean you’re Suzy Mick? Then who’s Stella?”I asked. “I can remember my name is Stella. I wonder why am called that name”she replied. “Really? So what do we do now? Your body was not found. Should we go back to the river we need to find out about some things. We could get some clues when we get to the spot. Your memories might come back?”I asked looking at her. “I think I should tell Debbie about me. I mean I should reveal it to her that am a ghost possessing a human body”she said. “What!…. You can’t do that now. Remember you can’t trust anybody now. Don’t tell her anything until your body was found. We are not sure of what really happened to you. If you tell anyone now, you might lose the chance to find the secret behind your death and you might vanish from this earth forever. So please apart from me, you, and this girl you’re possessing her body. Don’t tell anybody you’re a ghost or the late Suzy mick. Do you get it?”I said looking at her. She nodded her head in response.
The following day…
Stella’s POV
I sat in the practice room viewing some pictures on Jenny’s phone.
“Wow she’s so pretty”I said as I scrolled down her gallery. I saw some of my pics there. Some were snapped on stage while some were like model pics. All the pics are beautiful. I wore different fashion of clothes, shoes and bags. The pics were so much on her gallery. “Wow. She’s really a fan of Suzy Mick. So am this popular”I said swiping the screen for more pics.
“Let’s start everybody.”a loud voice interrupted. I looked up and saw the choreographer. It was another lady not Debbie. It was the lady that sent Jenny out the other day. I felt so bad I won’t see Debbie today. I stood up and dropped the phone in my bag then join the crew.
“Are you guys ready? We have only today to practice. You guys are performing tomorrow. You guys have to win this time around. Pink angels can’t win over you this time. You guys know the reward you’re receiving if you win this performance?.”the choreographer said looking at us. “Yes ma’am”they all chorused except me.
We began the practice after the choreographer warned me not to delay them with my poor performance. Since I already saw how they practiced the other day, I was able to follow the moves.
After the practice, I noticed many of them were gossiping to each other looking at me. I wonder what they were talking about.
“Jenny. You really surprised me with your performance today. Keep it up dear”the choreographer said smiling.
“Am very happy for your performances. You guys did a great job especially Jenny. I hope you could perform more better than this on stage.”she added. After some minutes the choreographer prepared to leave the practice room. I quickly went to her before she could move out. “Miss!”I called going after her. She stopped and looked at my direction. I walked up to her and asked her about Debbie. “She’s too busy to come here today. Hope nothing is the problem?”she asked looking at me. “Not at all. I just asked after her. Can you give me her contact?”I requested and she gave it to me. When I was about leaving, she stopped me. “Jenny, you’ve changed a lot. Both your character and your performance. I remembered you hardly talk to anyone here. This is the first time you’ll talk to me ever since you joined this group. Am so happy for the new changes.”she said looking at me. I was so surprised by what she said. I don’t know this is the kind of person Jenny is. No wonder those girls easily picked on her. “Bye. Work harder OK?”she said and left. I looked at the number she gave me smiling to myself. “Good thing I would be able to talk with her today.”I said walking back to where I left my bag.
I bent down to pick up the bag but my body reacted somehow. I stood up straight to feel better. I moved forward a bit to pick it up but I was out of Jenny’s body. I stood behind her while she was standing before me. She looked around and saw me behind her. She was about asking what happened to her before some girls came to her. “Hey Jenny. You did pretty well. Thumb up to you”the first girl said raising her thumb up. “You really surprised me with that”another one said smiling. They both left and the three mean girls came to her. “You’ve really changed a lot in few days. I hope you could perform like this on stage.”a girl said looking at her. “I think she practice for the whole night and days. That’s so bad for your health dear. You need to take it easy”another one said. The three of them left her and went out.
Jenny looked back at me in confusion. “What’s really happening? Am lost here”she said looking at me.
John’s POV
It’s 6:05pm
I was preparing to leave the office. I picked my suit and car key then headed out of my office locking it. I walked down towards the elevators. When I got there, I opened the first one and saw it was only Cassandra inside. I first thought of taking the next one but I need to meet up with Debbie before it’s late. I walked it and the elevator closed. I stood beside her not saying a word or saying hy to her. After a long silence, she finally spoke to me”Mr john. Please I have something to tell you”she said. The elevator stopped and I was about to move out. “Am sorry. That’ll be later. I need to get to somewhere right now”I said and moved out of the elevator.
I was about getting into my car when I saw Debbie getting out of her car. I closer the car door and walked up to her. “Miss Debbie”I called when I got to her. “I was about calling your line. I thought we’re going out today.”I said looking at her. “Yes. I remembered. I just came to drop something. Am free for now. So can we go now?”she said smiling. “Oh yes. Let’s go in my car”I replied leading her towards my car.
Stephen’s POV
I was leaving for home, I remembered Debbie promised to meet with me today since she was not able to make it yesterday. I was very happy we could talk better today after a long time. But when I got to the compound, I saw Johnny leading her to his car. He opened it and she went in. He also turned to sit on the driver’s seat. I was so surprised by this my body started boiling in anger. Just then Cassandra walked to me. John’s car drove out of the compound. I held my fist so tight that the spirit in me started to become uncontrollable. Dark flames were escaping my body. Sandra got to me and was about saying something, I grabbed her by her neck and I could see how she’s begging for mercy and trying to get away from me. “Calm down please. You can’t do this to me also. You have to control yourself”she said in a weak tone but the evil spirit in me has taken over my whole body completely. I tried to control myself and finally I was able to released her. she fell to the ground gasping for air. I regained my myself back. I looked at my hands then looked back at Sandra who was trying to get up. That’s how it came to me whenever am angry or have bad intention towards someone. A spirit would take over my body and be in control. It’s not an ordinary spirit but a powerful evil spirit. It started ever since I was 18years old. That was 5 years age. Do I regret it after the spirit take over me? No. Because I voluntarily gave myself to it.

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