Part7:****************(flash back)*******************
I met mr badu he was one of these politicians very rich. I got his company for casual job. To cut the long story short I was signed into duty as a security man, he has large business company at oworonshoki where cements are being sold.
I never met him in person in fact he doesn’t show up in the company. But the day I knew him in person; it started when I start working though the wages was low but I had no other choice, I kept on working day by day I will always be at my post observing the going in and going out.
Most of these companies loses or let me put it this way, the people managing the company are the onces embezzling money (money lotters)I observed a lot where cements are being stolen out of the company under no radar about 4trailers everyday.
This made me angry always, I was the one opening the gate for lotters I was aware of all activities in that company. They don’t even bother to try to bribe me, all they do is command me a whole soldier of the federal republic of Nigeria.
This went on and on for more than 2years, I kept quiet cos I know what it would cost me if I should expose them. I have made up my mind that I would never say a word no matter what happen in order to keep my job.
************************************(one specific day)*****************************************
It was the dark hours of that day, as usual. They all gathered together as they all filled two trucks with cements so they began to share money among themself then the quarrel started.
Manager: I have told you to wait till tomorrow I will transfer the rest of it.

Staff 1: no! no!! No way this is what you told me last month and you didn’t send any dime now you are trying same thing again.
Staff 2:my money must complete matured today I wouldn’t such too again.
Manager:so you have all gang up to oppose me right?
Staff 3:sir you know say you owe me 100k pay it today or else thing will fall apart.
Manager:oh!!! OK no money for anybody no you driver go deliver the goods and inform me when you get there.
Driver:OK boss
I question quickly came out of my small room and I opened the gate then he drove off. All the staffs began to murmur,he ignored them and he walked back into the building few minutes later they all came out and they signed out. You should have seen the cars most of them were using nothing less than 10million different set of cars.
they began to shout at each other…
Staffs:you mean you wouldn’t pay us right???

Manager: I will let you all know that I am the head here, besides I introduced you to these business.
Accountant: oh as you can see you have been doing this a long time ago, but I am saying no this time.

Manager:you look here leave my office before I descend on you.
Accountant: boss must ear this.
Staffs:(chorus answer) yes !!!
Manager:then he will sack everybody and he can never sack me.
Staffs: oh,OK we shall see. Let’s go
They all left his office with anger on their faces. But the manger still insist on punishing them all because of mare cash. You see if the devil has been using you for a long time and you keep on letting him use you he will definitely destroy your life or collect what is precious to you.
“””””””””””””””””””Back to main story””””””””””””””
It was around 5:30pm that evening I knew him ts time to visit folake my new crush.
I went straight down straight to the bathroom I rushed all my activities for that night as I got into my room. I just heard noise again ahh yeee ahhh ofe pa mi oooo oti bere ooo help!! Help!!!.
I know its those idiots husband and wife again. I wore my kits I bounce out of my house walking toward the road as I look forward I saw the husband pursuing his wife with cutlass while the wife is half naked. I just shook my head and laugh, one day you go kill your wife.
I got to folake hood as I wall parabulating up and down, I don’t want them suspecting me cos those boys in that area are very harmful I have said to my self the day I will win folakes heart that’s when I will be able to show this boys that flog me that day pepper. I will let them know am a soldier boy.
***after I waited for so long I had lost hope that I wouldn’t see her today again, I walked toward the road heading back to my home with sad mood I walked to a turning point then I saw this flashy black skirt and white blouse I looked again today to see the woman behind the mask,
I looked closely then I realized its folake I quickly paused then she walked up to me.
Me:wow!!! Very beautiful creature.
Folake:(smile) hmm!!!
Me:I have been here for a while, I thought I will not see you today.

Folake:ehn I am just coming back from my Aunty’s place.

Me:oh? OK. Well maybe you should go in and change I will be here.
Folake:ok. Let me drop this bag.
Me(excited) OK, OK.
She walked away as I turned to look at her stunning shape. Shes got a damn beautiful structure I fell so dip with everything she gat in those clothes.
She came back then I walked up to her.
Me:folake I am very happy do you know why?


Me:cos I have someone bothering my heart.

Folake: in what way I don’t get you.

Me:as in. Let me tell you one simple secret most girls don’t know.

Folake: really? OK tell me.

Me:a man like me, I can only love someone that I think about all the time even if I haven’t talk to her, even if she doesnt know me, even if I saw her once and her thought dwell in me I will always love her.

Folake:hmmm, that new to me. So who are you thinking of?
Me:its you I have been thinking of i feel so connected to you.

Me:look at me.
I touched her hands with my two hands, she looked into my eyes as I kept on looking into her eyes too. Then she smiled and looked away. I used my hand to turn her face back as she looked me again I could see the shyness on her face.
Me:pls I want you to be my girlfriend.


Me:no, pls just let me pls.



Folake:ok , ok I can’t say anything for now just let me think first for some time.

Me: hmm!! OK pls do me one favour let me have your number I will call you.

Folake: I thought I gave you earlier? OK never mind 09094*****9.

Me:OK thank you. I will definitely call you.

Folake: OK.

Me: I think I have to go now okay??

Folake:ehn you can go.
OK you go in first I want to see you walk in.
folake:(laughed) OK …
She turned and started walking slowly i looked at her again I felt as if I should get married fast fast.
To be continued…

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