SHE’S A GHOST Episode 18
He got to us and stopped looking at Jenny. He stretched out a hairpin to Jenny. “This dropped from you”he said looking at her. Jenny touched her hair but couldn’t find it. “Thanks”she said and received the pin from him. He nodded his head smiling.
He left us while Jenny still looks uncomfortable and scared. When he left, I asked her if what she said was true. “Do you mean that guy is an evil spirit?”I asked looking surprised. “That means he can see me too.”I added looking at her. “Yes he does. He definitely saw you”Jenny replied. “I knew from the first day I saw him. His looks were weird and strange.”I said. “He’s a dangerous type. Do you know him specially from anywhere?”she asked me. “No. I don’t remember seeing him when I was still a human”I replied. “His thought interpretes that He’s someone who knows you better than anyone. He’s someone who knows every secret about your death.”Jenny said looking at me. I was so surprised to hear that. I never knew of all what she just said. I had no idea of who the guy is to me.
John’s POV
After Debbie and I talked for long, and the time is almost 9pm. We left the bar for my car. After dropping her home, I drove back home still thinking about what she meant by “”the game is not easy to play with that kind of person.””I asked her about it but she refuses to reveal the person to me.
When I got home, I packed my car in the compound and walked towards the door. I opened it and went inside. I saw Stella sitting on the chair in the living room. I was surprised she has turned back to ghost girl. When I got to her she stood up.
Stella’s POV
When I saw john, I stood up from the couch looking at him. “You’re here already”he said looking at me. “Yes. I have something to tell you”I said. “What’s that? Am also just coming from Debbie”he said. “Jenny told me about your brother. The girl can read thoughts. We met him today while I was escorting Jenny home. Can your brother see ghosts?”I asked looking at him. He looks surprised by the question. I guess he doesn’t know about that. “What do you mean? Because I can see you that doesn’t mean my brother and sisters can also see ghosts”he replied looking at me strangely. I told him everything Jenny told me about Stephen. He found it so hard to believe. I wondered why he can’t believe me. “That’s unbelievable! Stephen can’t be. He might be bad, mean or wicked but he can never be that evil.”he said looking at me.
John’s POV
When she told me the whole thing Jenny told her about Stephen, I found it so hard to believe. It was then I remembered what Debbie told me at the bar. Could the person be Stephen? If Stephen did that to her what’s his purpose and what does he gain from hurting an innocent person like her.””I thought to myself still staring at Stella.
“We’ll talk tomorrow. Let me gather myself together first before I can say anything”I said and headed to my room. When I got to my room, I sat on the bed thinking about the whole thing over and over again. “Stephen was possessed? But when? How?”I asked myself lot of questions I was not able to give answers to.
Cassandra’s POV.
When I was driving home, I got a call from my sister saying mum is so sick and requesting to see me. I don’t visit home for the past four years. Because I was an adopted child, I was treated badly by mummy. She always went against anything I do in the house. She threatened me to the extend that I ran away from home. When I ran away from their house, a car almost knock me down while I was walking around an unknown street. The driver turns out to be Stephen. He got down from his car to check if I had any injury. He asked where I was going to that late at night. I told him I was heading to nowhere. He asked me what the problem was and I told him everything about how my Foster mother treated me. I told him I can’t go back to the house because I don’t want to be treated bad anymore. It was then he accepted me and I started working for him. Till now I never visit them or want to know how they’ve been living. When their only daughter elle called me, she used another line to call me because I’ve been rejecting their calls all these years. When she told me about her mother’s health and her request to see me, I first hesitated but I thought I might be a bad person if I didn’t visit them. I thought of days she took care of me as her child and also thought of elle and fathers good treatments towards me. Because of that, I made up my mind to visit them.
I made a U turn and drove to their place. When I got there, everywhere has really changed a lot. The houses and the environment has changed. Maybe because I’ve been there for long. I packed my car in front of their building and got down locking it with the remote. I walked slowly towards the building. When I got to the entrance, I took a deep breath before pressing the door bell. In few seconds, the door was opened by Elle. Immediately she saw me, she hugged me so tight with tears on her face. “I’ve missed you. Am sorry for everything mother did to you. Please forgive us”she said sobbing. I patted her back gently and withdrew her from the hug. She and father were the only one that took me as real family so they never offended me. Her face has not changed from how I left her. I smiled nodding my head. “Am also sorry for leaving you guys like that. I hope you forgive me also.”I said looking at her. We both went inside to see mother. When we got to her room, she was lying on the bed. Tears dropped from her face when she sighted me. I stood before her looking at her face. “Please forgive me Sandra. Am sorry for everything. I called you here just because I want to apologise properly. Please forgive me my daughter.”she said weeping. I moved closer to her bed and hold her hand. “I understand you mummy. Am also sorry for leaving you guys. I regretted leaving the house because I realized everything became more worst for me not better”I said looking at her.
“Elle. Is your dad home yet?”she asked my sister. “Let me check him in his room”she said and headed out. “Thanks for coming. I had a slight fever. I was just discharged from your dad’s hospital today. You dad was giving me medications at home because I refused to stay at the hospital.”she said looking at me. “OK ma. How’s your health right now? Hope you’re getting better?”I asked. “Yes. Thank God”she replied smiling. The door opened and dad came in. I stood up and greeted him. “Cassandra! Is that really you?”he asked looking at me. “Am so sorry sir. Sorry for making you guys worry. I think you should understand why I did that”I said. He walked up to me and hugged me. “Am the one sorry for everything. Please forgive us”he said. He released me and looked at mother. “How’s your health dear?”he asked looking at her. “Am fine since I saw my daughter”she replied smiling. “Really? That’s so good”he said smiling. The door flung open and we all looked at the door wondering what happened.
“She’s acting strange! Dad you need to check on her”elle rushed in screaming. Dad quickly rushed out with elle. Mum even tried to stand up but dad told her not to worry. I followed them out to where they’re going to. He opened a door and I followed him in. When we got inside, a lady breathing heavily while the bed was shaking seriously. She was on the bed with an oxygen mask covering her nose and mouth. She was on life supporting matching. I wasn’t able to see her face clearly so I moved closer as dad attended to her. When I got to her, I can now see her face clearly. She was the girl that died three years ago. “Suzy Mick!”I said looking at her. I covered my mouth with both hand staring at her confusingly. Stephen told me she was his ex-girlfriend when she was alive. He told me how and reason he killed her three years ago. I was the only one he revealed the whole secret to because he trusted me. I was so surprised to see her here. Why is she here? What relationship does she have with my Foster parents. I kept staring at her in shock.

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