Part8: *****************majeks preparation****************
Majek:hey!! Fred I am thinking maybe you should be my best man, of what do you think.
Fred: ehn? Best what??

majek:best man.
Fred: i will take care of the drink you know?
Majek:nah, nah you are too valuable than that nah…
Fred: hnn. That one go hard ooo
Majek:what’s wrong why are you so serious about this, aren’t you helping my wedding?
Fred: of course I will help.
Majek:good so you are my best man so be it.
Lola: so who among you girls will be my best lady?
Funmi:hun? She will be your best lady
Blessing:why are you deciding for me hun?? Answer for your self OK?
Funmi: you always the shy type nah
Lola:OK, OK lets discuss about this later. Pls Funmi call this food service or a know what next.
Funmi:oh sure.
*******************3 DAYS TO WEDDING****************
Fred:hello majek?
Majek:yea Fred have you done the invitation card.
Fred: yes, so am on my way to your house
Fred:here are the invitations
Majek:oh thank you so much.
Fred:so how far are you set
Majek:of course. Let’s get going
The got up and went into the car as majek was driving they were both discussing on the wedding preparation.
Fred:but majek I have got one question to ask you ooo
Majek: go ahead
Fred:Lola, what if you discovered that she isn’t a vee after marriage what will you do
Majek:hnn there is noting to discover .
Fred:really why.
Majek:cos she isn’t a virgin.
Fred:which means you guys do have sex?
Majek:why not, we do have sex.
Fred:hmm hmm what if you find something different about her??
Majek:as in how?
Fred: maybe she is having an affair secretly
Majek:ah!! I don’t know what I can do but I trust her she can’t do that.
Majek:but why asking these questions did you saw her with someone?
Fred:no ooo you girls are somehow at times they may be hiding something that maybe when they got married then they will reveal it or maybe she dosnt even plan to say anything at all until the situation got out of hand or may never get out .
Majek:hmm that’s true my nigga but if that should happen to me I will kill her ni oooo
Fred:ah no kill person ooo
Majek:stay there oooo.
The got to the destination where they wanted to change money to pieces.

Majek:so Fred how much to they change here.
Fred: it depends on the amount of money you gat.
Majek:OK so how much are you changing.
Majek:that’s huge
Fred:he will change it for me with 10naira per 200 naira
Majek:OK you want 200 naira in buck
Fred:sure. So I go see money spray for your wedding nah
Majek: no wahala nah you be my guy and make sure say you pick babe that day ooo
Fred: I go try my nigga.
I was sitting outside my small house still inside the building as I was receiving fresh air, I was used to the noice in the company 24/7 notice.

As the company owner mr madu was horning at my gat pannnnnn pannnnnn pannn pannn i ruahed there,i opened the gat I saw him then I greeted him evening sir welcome sir.
Mr madu:evening.
He drove in with anger on his face. I WO der what could have happened.
mr madu: now get me those workers, all of them.
Pa:OK boss
Ten minutes later
They all came and gathered in front of my madu.
Mr:good I heard that you guys have been doing illegal business in my company.
All of them started murmuring
Mr madu:can’t you all speak at all.
Manager:ehn sir we are not doing any ilegal business sir.
Mr mabu:oh ehn you are a bloody lier.
Manager: sir???
Mr madui was always wondering that something is going on but didn’t really figured it out.
Mr madu:you, get me the account manager.
To be continued…

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