Episode 22
I kept shouting her name as people around us also attended to her. I heard a loud scream behind me which was Jenny’s mum. She sat beside her and started crying calling for help. “Jenny! What happened to my daughter? Please tell me what just happened to her. She was fine a while ago. How come she’s like this!”she said crying. I was not able to say anything to her because I was also heartbroken. Someone called an ambulance and it arrive in no time. Her body was taken on a stretcher and was driven towards the ambulance. I followed them as the took her on the stretcher. Her mum was weeping seriously holding the stretcher and following them behind. When she was taken in, I looked back and saw Stella behind me. I was surprised to see her there. She stood still on a spot looking at us. I could see tears on her face as she stared at Jenny’s body being taken in the ambulance. She was not able to move closer or say a word. I looked at Jenny who was unconscious and looked at her mother who was crying seriously because of her daughter state. Her mum got into the ambulance as they took her in. I also wanted to get in but looked back at Stella again. I then quickly got in and the door was closed. :
When we got to the hospital, she was rushed into the operation room. Her mum wanted to follow them but was stopped by the doctor. “She’ll be OK. Please relax”she said looking at her. She quickly rushed in with other doctors and the door was closed. Her mum sat down on a chair for a while then stood up again and started moving about restlessly. She sat down again but felt uncomfortable. She stood up again looking worried and sad. I walked up to where she was standing and helped her to the seat. She sat down looking at me. “It’s OK ma. I know she’ll be fine. Please be calm”I said looking at her. “Thank you. But who are you?”she asked. “Am one of her friend,”I replied. “Do you think she’ll be OK? She’s the only one for me. I can’t let anything bad happen to her. What should I do now?”she said in sorrow. “It’s OK ma. She’ll be fine”I said to comfort her.
After some minutes, the surgery ended and the doctor came out to us. Jenny’s mum quickly went to her before she could get to us. I also stood up and went to her.
“How’s my daughter? What happened? Is she OK?”she asked looking impatient. “She’s OK. Good thing the wound was not that deep. It doesn’t affect her internal organ which could have make it worst. She’ll be OK soon but needs more time to rest for now. I think you guys will come back later.”she said. “Thank you so much doctor. Thanks for saving my only daughter. Thank you so much”she said crying again. The doctor left us. “She’s fine. You don’t need to bother anymore. She’ll recover soon”I said to her. “She wiped off the tears nodding her head. “Thank you.”she said.
I saw Jenny coming our of the surgery room. She looks sad as she walks towards us. I guess she saw Jenny already. “You can leave now. Thanks for your support.”she said looking at me.
Stella got to us looking sad”Am sorry. Am so sorry I did that to your poor Jenny. Please forgive me. Am sorry for dragging her into this”she said crying. She wanted to touch her shoulder but her hand could not touch her. The woman moved from her side and walked away slowly. I stared at her till she was gone. I looked back at Stella who was feeling guilty of the accident that happened to Jenny. “It’s OK. It’s not your fault. It was my fault for not acting fast. I would have stopped this from happening if I had gotten to your side earlier than that. Don’t blame yourself OK”I said looking at her.
“Who did it?”she asked looking angry. “Who the hell did that to her?”she ask moving her gazes to me. “I brought out the wristwatch I took from the person and showed it to her. “He did it. We must find the owner if this wrist watch. He’s the culprit”I said showing her the wristwatch. She took it from me and looked at it closely. “Stephen!”she said looking at me. She diverted her eyes back to the watch looking more angry. “That bastard Stephen did it”she said looking at me. I was surprised at how she knows he’s the one. It’s true those gaze I saw were familiar to that of Stephen but I wanted to confirm before jumping into conclusion. But now that she said it, am 100percent sure he’s truly the culprit. She tightening her fist on the wristwatch looking angry. “I promise he won’t get away with it this time. I will make sure he regret hurting people dear to me. I’ll definitely make him regret everything he has done to me.”she said angrily.

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