FEVER WORLD CUP (A true life story)
A short story written by: I am Olaolowo

On the 1st of December 2017, the 2018 FIFA World cup draw was held in Moscow and once again we were paired in the same group with Lionel Messi’s Argentina. Then I remembered how the tie went by back in 2014 in Brazil.

In retrospect of the 2014 world cup in Brazil, it’s a tournament I won’t forget in a hurry. 14th of June 2014 was a memorable day my neighbors, my street friends and I would never forget. It was a day when 4 fantastic matches were played and we had never wanted to miss any of them.

As early as 5pm that same day, my generator was out with 10 litres of Petrol filled. We watched Columbia defeat Greece 3 goals to nothing. When it was 8pm, we watched how Costa Rica shocked Uruguay by 3 goals to1. It was past 10 at night already when I and my hosted friends who came around to watch the match with me, decided to prepare some noodles for everyone to eat ahead of the biggest match of the day, England Vs Italy scheduled for 11pm.

After we all had devoured 10 Packs of Indomie hungry man size, we watched how Italy defeated the 3 lions by 2 goals to 1. Nonetheless, I could still remember vividly that the game ended around 12.55am. In await for another Upcoming nerve-racking match, three of my neighbors were already fallen asleep on my rugged floor while the rest of us were
Anticipatory up until 2am for the Ivorian’s game against the Japanese.

When it was 1:15am, my generator tripped off. All our efforts to get it back up had proved abortive that we were forced to give in and retired the generator into the house as they all left for their respective rooms to sleep except for some of them who stayed back to sleep over in my room. To our oblivion, armed robbers were on the second street
Operating house to house.

When it was 2am, they got to a Neighbouring house but there came this old man called Baba Obasanjo (nee) who was known as a peace maker, inclined his ears at the clatter and wails forcing their ways through air-loosed Openings from the outside where the robbery incidents were held which got baba Obasanjo thinking it was another perpetual domestic night violence accrued to a particular couple in the Neighborhood.

However, Baba Obasanjo couldn’t resist but get around his peace keeping community service to pacify the supposed matrimonial conflict at the exact time the robbers were done with their operations, leaving the house. Advertently, the robbers thought Baba was coming out to harm them on sight, felt threatened, shot him half-dead without any second thought before they turned up cracking his joints detached with an hammer.

Baba cried out in agony for help but everyone was afraid to go outside their houses to offer a help. After some minutes the robbers had gone, we trooped out in masses to give him a lift. Sadly, upon arrival at the hospital, he had kicked the bucket.

AFTER THOUGHT: What would have happened if we had stayed awake to watch the Ivorian’s game by 2am?
What if the generator didn’t fail us? I am so sure the robbers would have invaded our house and robbed us all alongside since we wouldn’t have figured out any on-going robbery operation.
Perhaps, my friends and I would have become numbers in the death toll book by now. June 14, 2018 will make a 4-year remembrance day since Baba Obasanjo had left us.

RIP Baba Obasanjo
Another World cup beckons!

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