We are in a world where it seems like the number of men has become lesser than that of women. Also, the women of nowadays lack so much virtue that they can hardly find a man to stick with them for life, leading to so many adult girls still being single.

As a result, many girls have become desperate and will do just about anything to secure a man/husband, even if it means fooling or doing juju for a man to marry them. But no guy wants to fall victim to such girls. Thankfully, it’s now very easy to spot such girls from afar, and here are five signs that sells them out.


A desperate girl tries to make everyone believe there’s something going between you and her. Her game is to scare other girls away from you by making them believe you are her man. You’ll notice this by the way she treats you in public.

In public, especially when there are other girls around, she tends to remember all the sweet names in the world and calls you all of them. She doesn’t just call you those names. She SCREAMS them so that everyone can hear and suspect that she’s your girl.

She tries to say intimate things to you (hoping you respond innocently but not minding if you don’t). What she really cares about is CREATING AN IMPRESSION that you both have a thing going.


It is hard to get the truth from them because they’re always afraid of losing you. And for some reason, they think the truth will scare you away. They present themselves as the ideal woman for you by living a fake life.

But by the time you introduce them to your friends or at least show your friends a picture of them (maybe from your phone or Facebook), you realize they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing. It might shock you to know what your friends know about her that she didn’t tell you and never planned to.

Never have a secret affair with any girl. Always expose your relationship so that many eyes can see. You might save yourself the curse of marrying a Jezebel/Delilah by doing so.


Once a desperate girl hunts for you and cannot get you, she gets jealous when she sees you with other girls. At that point, she becomes your number one enemy and hates you more than your village people hate you. She can even poison you.

If you go for an occasion and notice she’s one of those serving food, my guy, you better make sure she doesn’t serve your food cuz she might poison it or put love portion in it. Lol.


A desperate girl will readily create a scandal just to pay you back for rejecting her. She doesn’t mind tarnishing your image and her own by lying against you or using your past involvements with her to rubbish your personality.

So by the time you notice a girl is desperate, never get involved with her (no matter how nice she appears to be). If she seems nice, it’s all an act. It’s pretence, and you’ll get to find out on the long run.


A desperate girl is like a determined Hunter. She’s not ready to take any chances with you. She’ll try to lure you to bed and get pregnant for you in order to tie you down. So, when you see her presenting you that seeming free s*x, please tell her you don’t want to sin and go to hell fire!!!

Trust me, there’s no difference between being in hell fire and getting a desperate girl pregnant. Of course, abortion won’t be an option because she wants you as her husband. And how can you cope with such girl in marriage?

So, all those guys who think they’re so handsome and irresistible, you better beware!!! You might end up being a desperate girl’s baby daddy.


Not all desperate girls push it to the extreme like those discussed in this article. But when you notice these signs in a girl, please keep your distance from her.

Avoid her by all possible means. If you’re not involved with a girl but notice her doing these things to you, bro, take it or leave it, she has MARKED you for her con!!!

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