Episode 1
Daniella: she said there’s more to sis Cynthia as well
Me: she’s in pain ni baby, believe me,
Daniella: why did you brought your ex in the first place, assuming I did that, what will you say?
Me: I’m sorry baby
(I knelt down)
Daniella: tell me everything I need to know
Me: that’s the truth, believe me
Daniella: Daniel I’m not convinced enough, there is something you are hiding from me Daniel,
Me: please believe me baby
Daniella: I will forgive you cus you forgave me then as well
After a little pleading, she believed me, but I know she’s not really convinced with my story, after some minute, she enter to breast feed her babies, that was when I also have time to go and call Cynthia
Me: hello Cynthia, what’s the meaning of what you and Omolara performed
Cynthia: Ask your wife and not me, I came to see your wife and I saw her also and she rushed to me, will I be looking at her?
Me: but I tot you are more mature than her
Cynthia: so she should kill me? Enough of this humiliations cus of you, I’m done with this conversation
Haha is this one mad ni?
She ended the call, I am seriously angry, I put a call through to Omolara
Me: I don’t like all what you guys performed, I thought you said you are going back on Friday what are you still doing till now?
Omolara: by coming to present gift to your wife now, na crime abi,
Me: what is this one saying now
Omolara: wo Daniel, I ve done it and v done it, I don’t owe you any apology
Me: so cus of your own anger, you want to ruin my own life abi
Me: how? I ask you now. How? She called me your ex and truly I was your ex, and I gave her the beating of her life, cus I don’t know how to abuse, but I can fight.
Me: you don’t know how to abuse, (head spark) listen Omolara for what you did, don’t call me again, its because of my heart, assuming I didn’t have this heart, I would have forget you and your child
Omolara: ehhen? Are you okay Daniel? listen, I can see the way you love your wife, I don’t have anything to loose, I can come and drop Susan for your wife, I don know your place,
Me: haha
Omolara: so calm down mister, don’t step on my toe, I am not formal Lara, I will bite, I will expose you and Cynthia,
I ended the call, cus I don’t know what to do about this Omolara, I sat down under the shied of my house, cus I have a small bamboo shied there, Omolara messaged me “ hope you didn’t release sha,” I hissed and delete the message instantly, Daniella walked to me
Daniella: Daniel, is there more to this issue?
Me: no, sit down now
Daniella: tell me the truth now, I will forgive you, I promise you, but if I later find out the truth, I will take my children and go to the state, what if my mum is around, what will she be thinking, tell me what I need to know
She sits beside me
Me: (should I talk, can I talk) Daniella, Can you forgive me,
Daniella: (she readjusted herself, she held my hand) Daniel I will, I love you Daniel and you know, you helped me when I needed it, I wasn’t happy with Dele,(pause) when we were in the state together, and I know what he normally do, I wasn’t happy with his randy life, but when I didn’t see any serious guy nko, until I met you and find a reason to drop him, (pause) Daniel, I slept with Dele after I was married to you, and you forgave me, haha, is that not enough? I can’t do without you Daniel, you are my life, my joy, my God’s sent
Me: hmmm, just forgive me for what happened today, but she was just pained
Daniella: It’s okay, but is that what you want to say?
Me: yes
Daniella: okay, let’s go and eat, ive prepared amala for you
I went inside with her, we finished for the Day, Kola visited me in the evening, we talked about life and everything.
It was early in the morning, Ronke Called me,
Me: hello
Ronke: you, you cant even tell me your wife gave birth, cus of rice or what?
Me: please don’t be angry
Ronke: okay sha, when will you be in your office, and please na office I dey come, and I need money, no be dick I need o
Me: o serious (I smiled)
Ronke: it seems you are beside your wife,
Me: yes jare
She ended the call, want to drop the phone, didn’t know Daniella was beside the room cus she slept with her mum and the babies, she snatched the phone from me
Me: what now?
Daniella: water, its because I don’t jealous, that’s why you have time for that rubbish, who is that girl?
Me: (I smiled) o serious, she was my formal landlord daughter
Daniella: (she returned the phone) better, hope is not Omolara
Me: (should I tell Daniella the truth)

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