Lola:I have to call my fiancee. He must be worried
(She called majek)
majek:I have been calling you for the past 30munites why? Are you not with your phone? Where have you been.
Lola:am sorry I was sleeping, am done now on my way.
Majek:OK pls be fast.
Lola:Fred pls dress up I have to go now.
Fred:(about to sleep)hmm ??? Am tired OK?
Lola:aren’t you coming to my wedding?
Fred:I will come of course.
Lola:you better come ooo. I have to go bye.
At the wedding everyone looks busy as the tone of music continues, majek and lola keeps arguing on phone, while most of the people are already seated waiting for the groom to appear in front of the alter.
Then minutes later majek showed up as he walks majestically to the alter as he looked towards the entrance waiting for Lola to show up.
Fred sat at the edge of the church close to the alter,he looked at majek as he called his number
(On phone)
Fred:hey nigga today is day
As majek looked around to check which angle he sat fortunately he saw Fred waving from short distances.
Majek:oh I can see you now my brother, its my day oooo
Fred: sure I gar your back here.
Majek:thanks bro

Fred:enjoy life (hangup).
Here comes the beautiful stunning eyes,the creature in white wedding gown, she steps into the church, they were all diverted by the beauty of an angel in wedding gown.
(Choirs singing)
Eni lojo ayo re lojo ayo re lojo ago re….
—she looks around,she kept smiling as she saw her family and her husband standing on the alter she walks down to the alter then she stood before majek facing each other then the pastor started the ceremony.
After long ceremony the pastor said
Pastor: is there any one here who is not in support of this wedding today before they become husband and wife?
Pastor: I repeat do you have anyone or anything tat will hindering this wedding today?
Fred stood up from his seat,he looks around,everyone was really surprised and shocked aa they all began to murmur saying to them self all sort of words about the destruction of the wedding.
He walked from his seat getting nearer to the alter as the pastor was soaked in surprise, Lola was really sweating inside her gown, she began to tremble.
Also majek had been vibrating,his feet was shaking like a building about to collapse.

He got to the front of the alter,he took his hand to his side pocket, the pastor ask

Pastor:young man what do you want are you not in support of this?
Fred:hahaha(he removed the portable camera from his pocket as he showed it to the church saying)
Fred:I am here to snapp both of them as they will kiss their self oooo…
The church burst into laughter, Lola was eased as she heard those words, even majek had a relief.
The pastor faced the crowd saying…
Pastor:I present you the latest husband and wife in history, you may kiss your bride.
Majek drew Lola closer as he kissed her in front of fred,Lola looked into Fred’s eyes as Fred looked back he just smiled and walks away from them.
The ceremony continued until it was over.

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