majek:hmm, Fred you know am a married man now so I don’t think I can go club anymore. We are getting older bro,as you can see my wife’s condition,she is pregnant.
Fred:hn! Sure make she born make I chop again. Well that’s true but as for me I have to find a wife you know
Majek:haha haha (laughing)you can’t find good wife in club you know that your self
Fred:ehn but I no see wife naaaa
(Lola interrupted)
Lola:your food is ready ooo, both of you come and eat.
Fred:oh thank you Lola my body don dey shake.
(Back to my story)
Now I have been calling folake regularly from time to time,i have made up my mind that if she would stay with me I will marry her.

Me:folake welcome to my home.
Folake:thank you.
Me:for the first time since I met you. You just step into my hom,why is that so
Folake:well ehn not that I can’t come anytime but you know a lady needs to be careful.
Me:hmm that’s right, well you are free to come into my house cos am not a bad person, I will never dishonor your visit here.
Me:(see as she look sexy as if I should enter her)
Folake:why are you staring at me?
Me:you make me smile each time I see you.
Folake:hmm you have started again.
Me:its the truth, it makes me love you more. Wait let me get you food.
I left her inside I went to the nearest shop to buy rice, I bought every ingredients for the cooking. To cut the long story short, we both did the cooking, we ate,we joke, we gist,we watched film. but I never tried any thing like sex.
We began this love affair gradually things was getting in order but I never knew there was skeleton in the cupboard, i never knew that life isn’t the way it looks sometimes.
As usual I went to her house on a Sunday night, as I got close to her house I saw her with a man in front of their house, my heart skipped a bit but I quickly recovered cos I don’t want to believe my toughts so i waited and I observed, with the little information I could get based on their conversatio, I saw that they were quarreling so I was a little bit relieved.
Now the man had left then folake walked back inside, I took my cellphone then I failed her number
Me:am outside your house am coming in.
(I walked into her room)
I sat on Her chair without saying a word,she looked at me
Folake:what’s wrong?
Me:nothing, am just tired.
Folake:hmm, working all day
Me:work keh?
Folake:yes that’s reminds me, what type of work do you do?
Folake:tell me, or is it something I can’t know about?
Me:hnn well my work is difficult to understand and its a classified one.
Folake:really how do you mean, are you a specialist or what?
Me:exactly, something like that.
Me:I will tell you some other time.
Me:fola is there any food st home?
Folake:sure I cooked rice.
Me:ehn ehn very good lemme eat abeg.
(Majeks story)
Now its been the seventh month now Lola had to carry the baby for another two months, she was very heavy as as first time pregnant woman,she was very patient and steady, each time she sees her tommy she looks up and rejoice, she always thank the Lord that she had finally be the woman she wanted.
Majek had always support her, he never let her do any difficult work. The love he had for Lola was undisputed he had made sure she lack nothing.
(10 months later)
Majek:o boy it is my joy now that am a father
Fred:yeah you are a real man now.
Majek:but Fred do you still work there?
Fred:yes I do, you know how the economy is where can I go?
Majek:hnn well you are still single.
Fred:abi oo at least I get 45k per month its something.
Majek:well where I work now is filled up I would have just attached you in
Fred:how much is their pay there?
Majek:ehn at least they pay 75above.
Fred:wow that’s huge ooo that’s why you are getting fat nah
Majek:hahahaha abi nah
Lola came from the kitchen as the cry of her baby interrupted their conversation.
Fred:oh junior oh!!! See this handsome boy, chai you try ooo majek.
Majek: (smiled)
Fred:pls bring him to me lemme feel our baby.
Fred:hmmm see his nose like her mother’s nose
Lola:I am about to visit the clinic
Majek:oh that’s true should I drop you off?
Lola:no no no don’t worry about me your friend is here let me go okay?
Majek:OK love
Fred:oya take your baby ooo don’t be late take care ooo
Doctor:but I don’t see any changes in this baby
Lola:how? What’s wrong??
Doctor:its been almost a month since you gave birth to him I have been injecting him but he didn’t recover.
Lola:ah this is getting serious ooo
Doctor:if this injection won’t work anymore then his father must pass him blood cos this boy am seeing is getting more tiner than I thought, if this should continue like this the baby could die.
Lola: ehn I will call his dad he will do the transaction.
Doctor: we will also need you too to do some test maybe the baby had develop this sickness from you.
Lola:ehn but (trembling) doctor what exactly are we dealing with?
Doctor:hmm as you can see I have never came across this incident before since I began this profession.
Lola:ah ehn OK doctor when should we start?
Doctor:well today is gone, this week is gone too make sure you are here next weekend, make sure you use those drugs regularly for him
Lola: OK doctor I will do that.
To be continued…

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