SHE’S A GHOST Episode 30
John’s POV
When Stella and I waited for Debbie and Sandra for so long, I took my phone and dialed Debbie’s number but she was not picking up. It rang for so long but no one pick it. “What’s happening? Why Is she not picking up?”Stella asked looking at me. “I don’t know. Let me get there now”I replied and took my car key from the couch heading out. She followed me and we both went to Debbie’s apartment. When I got there, I saw the door opened. I got to the living room and found Sandra’s phone on the center table. The house was so quiet that I wondered what really happened. I walked slowly towards her room. When I got there, I was so shocked by what I saw. When Stella also got there and looked inside, she opened her mouth in shock. “Debbie! Sandra! What really happened here?”she asked crying. She rushed to both of them calling there names. I was just staring at them. I don’t know what next to do. It felt like a bad dream to me. Stella was weeping while calling there names.
“Stephen did it again?”I said in a low tone looking at both of them.
Few minutes later, the ambulance came to take them after I reported the incident. Debbie was badly injured with her body full of blood. “Had I know, I won’t let her come for what she wants to take. I wonder what made her risked her life for it like this”I thought to myself regretting. As they took them into the ambulance, Stella was still crying. I followed them to the hospital in the ambulance. Just as they were giving them first aids, Cassandra opened her eyes and stood up. “Debbie! Where’s Debbie”that was her first statement. “Calm down. She’s in a critical state right now.” One of the nurse said holding her.
When we got there, Debbie was taken into the operation room. While, Cassandra, Stella and I waited behind. I was so sad and was moving about looking worried.
Stella’s POV
It was bad and heartbroken to see Debbie in that state. I knew Stephen was the one behind it.
When the operation took so long, I got tired of waiting and headed there. “I have to see her now. I want to know what’s really happening”I said looking at john. “But you can’t. It would make you cry more”he said looking at me. Sandra was staring at his mouth while looking by each side looking for me. “I won’t. My mind is not at peace. Let me just go”I said and disappeared. When I got to the operation room, I saw as the doctors were trying their best on her. I moved closer and looked at her face weeping. I bit my finger shaking my head at her sight.
The doctors were trying their best to save her life but it was all useless.
When the machine drops to 00,they all gave up. I started crying more. “What happened to her? Is she dead? Why are you guys not doing anything?”I asked them even though they can’t hear my voice. I stood beside her crying seriously. “Debbie you can’t die also. Please wake up. Am sorry for everything. You’re like this because of me. Please wake up Debbie!”I screamed her name. I felt a light tap behind me and I looked back. To my surprise I saw Debbie. “It’s not your fault. It’s my fate to die today. I don’t regret anything because I know everything would be over soon. Stop weeping.”she said looking at me. “No! You can’t see me because you’re not dead yet. You have to stay alive to see Stephen doom. Don’t die now. Please do that for me as your best friend. Go back to life you’re not suppose to be here with me please!!!”I said crying. She nodded her head and walked towards the bed her soul was lying. She slept on it and her spirit disappeared. “Her heart Is beating again”a doctor said and they all continue the operation. I took a deep breath nodding my head positively. “Yes. That’s how it should be. You have to go back”I said looking at her.
John’s POV
We waited almost 2hours and the operation was still going on. I wonder what’s really happening. After some minutes, the operation was over and the doctor came out. I quickly rushed to him “how was it? What will happen to her?”I asked him. “Her condition is very critical. She’s between life and death. we tried our best but no other option than to fly her out of this country for better treatment. Her rate of survival is so thin. We have to do that quickly or we’ll lose her.”the doctor said looking at me. “OK. That would be done soon. But please she must not die”I said looking at him.
Cassandra’s POV
My phone rang and I picked it. I saw Stephen’s number and I quickly picked it. “Hello”I said. “Meet me at my place right now!”he said in a loud voice. He hung up the phone after her said that.
“I will be back. Stephen just called”I said looking at john. He nodded his head in response and I left the hospital. When I got to his house, he opened the door and I walked in. “Why did you….”I’ve not finish the statement before he landed a thunderous slap on my face. “Why are with Debbie today? I wanted to kill you back there but I thought of one thing. You’re an orphan! With that, I hesitated”he said looking at me. I went on my kneels and started apologizing. “Am so sorry. Debbie and I went to her house because I want to get something from her. Please believe me. I’ll never do anything that’ll hurt you”I said with my face down. He moved closer to me while I already closed my eyes for him to do the worst. He patted my head gently”I know you can’t do anything to Hurt me. I trust you ok. Please let my trust in you be there”he said looking at me. I took a breath of relieve when I heard that.
John’s POV
Stella came out and was standing beside me. “Debbie is going to be OK right?”she asked. “Yes. She’ll definitely be alright”i replied looking at her. “Why does Stephen keep hurting people around me. This is too much for me to bare. What should we do?”she asked looking at me. “That guy is so evil. I regretted ever being his blood. I can’t take this pain any longer”I said looking at Stella. I left her side and went out of the hospital. She followed me behind wondering what am up to. Because I left my car at Debbie’s house, I took a taxi and headed to Stephen’s place.
When I got there, I paid the taxi man and headed towards his building.
I pressed on the bell and the door was opened by Stephen. The look on his face was like, why-are-you-her
e? “Hy Bro. Why are you here? I was so surprise to see you here for the first time”he said looking at me. “Why did you do that to her?”I asked, looking at me. “What are you talking about?”he asked acting innocent. “Stop putting on a show. Why did you do that to the innocent Debbie?”I repeated looking at her. “Why did you think it’s me? Do you have any evidence for that?”he asked smiling.
The smile makes me more irritated and angry. I could Not hold in my anger any longer that I punched his face and that left a cut at the corner of his lips.

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