SHE’S A GHOST Episode 31
He looked at me and wiped the blood off from the corner of his lips with his finger. “You’re sure a funny type. How can you come to my house and pick up a fight with me for no reason?”he asked looking at me. “You’re a beast! You don’t worth living on earth. All your evil deeds will be revealed soon. I’ll make sure of that.”I said looking at him. “Really? Wow, you’re so amusing.”he said looking at me. He moved closer to my ear smiling. “Go ahead and do that. Let’s see what you’ve got. When you have the evidence, come back to me”he said. I tighten my fist getting more angry. He looked at me smiling. “You this monster! I’ll make sure I be the one to rip out your black evil heart. I’ll get revenge for what you and your witch mother did to my mum.”I said looking at him.
I got out of his house and headed home still angry.
Debbie’s parent were informed about their daughter’s condition. After they took Debbie out of the country, the police began investigation on the incident. Evidence was not found because am sure Stephen would have took care of it. They continue the investigation on the case but the culprit was not found.
Sandra’s POV
I was sitting opposite to stephen in the office. He brought out a black sachet from his drawer and showed it to me. “This dropped from Debbie. She tried to use this on me when I was with her. This is for destroying evil spirits and ghosts. I wonder where she got it from.”he said looking at it. “Really? You mean this can destroy evil spirits?”I asked in surprise. I now know why Debbie was so desperate to get this from her house. She planned to use it on Stephen?”I thought to myself staring at it. “But so bad this can’t work on me like that. Am so powerful than this. It can work only if one thing is added to it”he said looking at me. “I wonder what that could be but I don’t want to ask him too much of questions not to looks suspicious. “That only one thing that could be added to this to make it work one me is….. I can’t tell you about that. It’s a secret within me.”he said looking at me.
He never tell me about it and I didn’t ask him.
John’s POV
After I closed from work, I went home. When I got home and entered my room, I saw Stella moving about. I was so scared when I first saw her. I thought it was an evil ghost.”What are you doing here?”I asked her. “I just got In. I feel like seeing your room when you were absent. I didn’t know you’ll come back early”she replied looking at me. I moved to the shelf where she was standing and quickly picked the wrist chain up. I forgot to put it back into the drawer this morning. She looked at me smiling. “Don’t worry I saw it already.”she said smiling. “Really?”i asked and then closed the box and dropped it in my drawer closing it back.
She turned to me making a serious face. “But.. That looks familiar.”she said. “Have we met before?”she asked staring at me.
I was so confused of answer I suppose to say to the question. “Do you remember anything?”I asked her. “I have a feeling like we’ve met before”she said looking confused.
“I don’t think so”I said and took off my suit. I heard out while she followed me. When I got to the living room, I heard someone pressing on the bell and I went to check who’s at the door.
Cassandra’s POV
After we closed from work, I visited john and Stella. I think it’s time to let them know Stella is not dead yet but in coma.
When I got to John’s house, I explained all what Stephen told me. “So you mean only one thing could be added to the black powder to make it work? But what is it?”he asked looking at me. “Yes. But I have no idea what it could be”I said. “We’ll find that out. We must find it out”he said looking at me. “And I have something to tell you guys.”I said looking at john and looking beside him not knowing where Stella could be. “What’s that?”he asked looking at me.

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