SHE’S A GHOST Episode 33
I got up from bed still feeling unease. “What’s happening? What’s the Black sachet?”I asked myself looking confused. I went to take water from fridge in the living room. After I drank water, I went back to bed. I sat down resting my back on the pillow. I was not able to sleep properly till day break.
In the morning, I left home and headed to the company. I started looking for Stella at the company. My wound was not fully healed because of that, I took a break from practice. When I searched and searched everywhere looking for her, I finally saw her coming out of John’s office. She also saw me and came to me smiling.”wow! Good to see you. Are you back? Are you feeling better now?”she asked looking at me. “I came because I have something to ask and tell you”I replied staring at her. We left the place to a more closed place where we can talk and no one will see us. When we got there, I told her about the dream I had and everything that happened in the dream. She then told me everything that happened about her being in coma and all. I was so surprised and at the same time relieved that she’s not dead yet but feel sad when I remembered what happened to Sandra.”do you guys have any black powder in sachet?”I asked her. “Black sachet?”she repeated. “Yes”I said. She then thought for a while trying to remember something. “Yes. I remembered Cassandra told us Stephen had the black sachet he got from Debbie. Why did you bring that up?”she asked looking at me. I told her everything I saw. She was so shocked and surprised. “You mean mixture of blood and the powder can get ride of Stephen?”she asked looking at me.
Stephen’s POV
After Sandra and I departed, I went to my car in the compound. When I drove out, I noticed Sandra was not heading home but the same way she went the other day.
“Definitely, there must be something there. Who’s she seeing there? Is she keeping anything from me?”I asked myself looking at her car. I decided not to go home again but followed her behind without her knowledge. As I followed her to every direction she took, I remembered I’ve been to the place before. It was where I killed Stella three years ago. I wonder what Cassandra is up to. Why does she come here?”I thought to myself. After driving for a while, I saw her packed in front of a building. So I also pulled over to one side of the road a little far from her. I watched her through the wind screen. She knocked on the gate and a girl came to open the door. She entered and the gate was locked again. “Why’s she here?”I asked myself looking at the small gate she went through. I got down from my car looking around the environment.
Stella’s POV
After Jenny told me everything, she left saying that was why she want to see me.
When she left, I headed to John’s office. When I was about to open the door, he came out holding his car key. When he saw me, he stopped. “I met with Jenny now. She told me a lot of things”I said looking at him. “What’s that? Let’s go home. It’s late”he said and we headed down to his car. When we got to the compound, he stopped and turned to me. “What did Jenny tell you?”he asked looking at me. “She told me the only thing that could be missed with the black sachet to destroy Stephen is blood”I said looking at him. He was so shocked on hearing that. “Animal blood?”he asked. “Human blood”i said looking at him. “What? Who’s blood? How does she know about that?”he asked staring at me. “She had a dream”I replied looking At him. “If that’s it, I’ll give my blood. I’ll sacrifice my blood to destroy Stephen. Now,we can see the end of that devil finally”John said sounding relieved. “But…”I paused for a while. “But what?”he repeated changing his expression. “But a life would be sacrificed that day”I said looking at him. He looks shocked and surprised. “A life?”he asked again staring at me. “You mean someone would die? Why? How?”he asked looking at me.

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