SHE’S A GHOST Episode 34
“What do we do now? No one must hurt or die again”john said feeling bad. “I also don’t know what to do.”I replied looking at him. “Jenny told me her grandma can help on that. Should we give it a try?”I asked looking at him
the following day…
Cassandra’s POV
When I got to work, I went to Stephen’s office to check on him. Because that’s how I do everyday I got to work.
I entered and looked around. I found no one in his office. I think he went somewhere. I know he’s at work because his office was not locked. I entered and went to his table. I remembered he brought out the black sachet from one of the drawer. I looked through the window to check if anyone is coming. When I saw no one was coming, I opened the drawer and started looking for the sachet. I searched everywhere In the drawer but was not able to find it. I closed them back and positioned everything the way they were kept. I stood up looking around. “Where could he have kept it? Why can’t I find it?”I asked myself looking at every angle. I looked at the waste bin by the door and my mind told me maybe he disposed it there. I walked there and opened the cover. I fumble with the peppers and other stuffs there. I haven’t search for long before I found it. I picked it and stood up holding it. “Yes! I got it”I said smiling. I placed back the trashes and covered the waste bin. I kept the sachet In my pocket and adjusted my dress properly.
As I was about to leave, the door opened and Stephen walks in. My heart almost jump out at the sight of him. He was staring at me awkwardly and that made me more scared and restless. “Good morning”I said smiling with one mind. “How was your night?”he replied and walked towards his desk. He sat down on the chair looking at me. “I called your line yesterday night but you were not picking. Why?”he said looking at me.
“Oh. I was at home. Maybe I was fast asleep then”I said in a firm voice. “You were asleep?”he asked looking at me. “Yes. Why did you call?”I asked. “I just wanted to ask if you arrived home safely”he said looking at me. “Yes. Thanks”I replied smiling.
Stephen’s POV
I think she’s keeping something from me. How can she lie about her where about yesterday?”I thought to myself staring at her. Well I already implanted a bug in her favorite hand bag. Anything that happens, I would be able to know soon.
“You can leave for now. I don’t have anything to say to you now. Maybe later in the day”I said looking at her. “Alright sir”she said and left my office.
Three days gone. She didn’t go to that place. On the night of the fourth day, she headed there again. I also followed her. When she got there, she entered the building again. I packed my car to the side of the road. And connected the device. I inserted my Bluetooth to my ear to listening to whatever they were saying.
Sandra’s POV
When I got to Elle’s parent home, I greeted everyone.
“Welcome dear. How’s work?”dad asked smiling. I went to sit down on the couch beside mum. “Your mum was here today. She came to check on Stella. She just left not too long.”mum said smiling. “Really? I also called her this afternoon. I’ll give her a visit tomorrow.
You wonder how I met my mum? Actually dad tried her best to find my biological parents when I told them Stella was my blood sister. Few weeks ago, he was able to find my mum. He told me our mum traveled out of the country a year after the news said Stella died. It was a painful experience for her. She was left with no one because father also died few days after he heard about Stella’s death. Mum found it hard to live on but was forced to accept that as fate. When she came back from traveling, doctor Josh was able to find her quickly because he told me my mum came for check up at his hospital. He found out she was his old friend in high school. They exchanged greetings and were so excited they met again. So, doctor asked her about her family. It was then she told her the story on how she lost me and how Stella died. Mr Josh said he was so surprised after she said all that. He also told her everything on how he found me and how he saved stella. He said my mum was overjoyed that day. She wanted to compensate her with a lot of money but Mr Josh rejected it saying it’s fate. He then brought my mum home that day. She saw where Stella was kept for treatment. That was why daddy called me to come home that day saying he have good news for me. When I got home, and he explained everything to me, my mum and I hugged each other crying. She cried so much that I consoled her. I told her nothing would happen to us again since we all met each other again. Even If Stella was still in coma, I know she’ll wake up one day.
Back to present.
“Oh I really missed. I’ll meet her tomorrow then”I said looking at dad. “How’s Stella’s health?”I asked dad. “She’s getting better than expected. I guaranty that she’ll wake up in no less than a week of two.”he replied. “Am so happy on how things changes now. My mum is back and my sister will wake up soon. I hope nothing bad happen to any of us again. And everybody”I said looking at dad. “Amen!”they chorused smiling.
Stephens POV
When I heard all the conversation, I found it so hard to believe that Stella was not dead. How? I mean I stabbed her back then. And the dagger was not ordinary. She was suppose to be as good as dead. What went wrong that day? She must not wake up or my mum will be in trouble. I have to stop every chance of that.”I thought to myself.

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