Episode 3
Mrs Rose: did you want to be staking him?
Daniella: mummy I am not, you know I’m not a jealous type, but Daniel is using all this against me, I am not a fool, he knows what I’m talking about, I just want him to explain himself, who is the girl?
Me: baby, the girl that called me the other time, Aderonke, she came to my place and we were talking when Cynthia called me, she said her son was injured, so we went there together,
Daniella: what’s the girl with Sister Cynthia?
Me: Daniella, Ronke is Cynthia’s sister also,
Daniella: all is well, I will go and meet mummy one day, she will show me all of you, I mean everyone of you, including cousins
Mrs Rose: (she faced Daniella) what’s the meaning of all this, why monitoring him all around,
Me: mummy don’t mind her jare
Mrs Rose: that’s rubbish
I went upstairs cus I am tired, I went to bathroom to shower,
After shower, I change into my nighty, I went back to join them, and ate my food, I was chatting, when a message popped up, Daniel thank you from Cynthia, I went back to my room, and slept off, I woke the next day, dress up and left to my place of work, Cynthia called me
Cynthia: Daniel
Me: yes
Cynthia: thanks for yesterday o, really grateful
Me: you welcome
Cynthia: I wish I could come to your office to greet you but one of chief daughter is just back from the state, so I’m taking care of her
Me: no problem dear,
I ended the call, no problem with Omolara again, she didn’t call me again, and I also don’t call her as well, I’m free from every one of them, I was on this when my secretary call me to inform me that Ronke want to see me, she came in, she was on short gown, with her big thigh, she sit opposite to me,
Ronke: Daniel, you bad o
Me: how
Ronke: so you want to deny that no be you get Aunty Cynthia son?
Me: me? What’s the meaning of that, my blood group is O, so what do you expect, so I can donate blood for anyone
Ronke: hmmm, I hear you now
Me: look at you, com and sit on my lap now
Ronke: Daniel, we are in the office,
Me: so?, I get one inner room jare, that’s were I do rest
Ronke: no jare
She stood up reluctantly, sit on my lap, I was feeling her lap,
Ronke: Daniel stop,
I didn’t stop, she only wore G-string pant, she opened her lap, that’s a green light, I stood up, carried her to my inner room, she pull off her gown, I pull off her pant, and bra, we started kissing each other, pressing her soft breast at the same time, she came to the top, kissing me deeply, I was squirting her Ass, pressing it, the Ass soft die, squeezing her breast also, I love them, she grab my dick, insert it in her waiting V,jay she was riding it like a boy riding bicycle, after some minutes of riding, I grabbed her Ass, entering her from behind, she was moaning, I have to us my hand to cover her mouth, cus of my staffs, we dey do missionary style, raised all her legs up, banging her. she slept like a baby, after the sex, all her *** have stained my trouser, I cleaned it, on getting to my office, i meet Mrs Rose, she looked at me as if she should slap me, she hissed and stand up to go, I ran to her hold her hand and kneel down
Me: please ma
Mrs Rose: so my daughter was right, how could you do this to her, it unfair now
Me: mummy please don’t tell my wife
Mrs Rose: I’m disappointed in you, cus I don’t know you can do all this, who is that girl sef, i want to see her
Me: ehemm (stammering) don’t worry ma, just don’t be angry please
Mrs Rose: why should I be angry, (she fling my hand away and went to sit on the visitor’s chair) I must see the lady before I leave this place
Me: (I also stand up, went to sit on the chair beside her, I don’t even know what to do, it’s just as if something should just carry me away from that place, but that secretary girl is going for sure) please
Mrs Rose: you don’t need to beg me, I won’t tell her, but I just want to see the girl, but just for you to abstain from sex for how many days, just for your wife to be alright, and you are here having sex with another girl,
Me: (TEMIBAMI O and this woman no stand up)
Not long after, Ronke dressed and came out, she didn’t know, she was calling my name, even with swag “Dan, Dan mi” chai see this girl also, she was surprised when she set her eyes on Mrs Rose, she didn’t know her though
Ronke: good afternoon ma
Mrs Rose: hay come here, didn’t he tell you that he is a married man?
Ronke: what!!!
Mrs Rose: shut up and let me talk, he is a married man, and you want to have a happy home as well?, you will spoil married peoples home and when karma come knocking, you will be crying
Ronke: Daniel and you are standing, looking at this woman insulting me
Haa, this girl want to kill me

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