Hostages 2

Part13: passenger:ha! ha!! ha!!! Who is that, people come out oooo someone is down here oooo.
The woman inside her shop came out as she saw the lady on the ground at the adge of her shop…
Shop woman: ah egbami ooo who is this? Ye ye.
Another man came from opposite the shop as he brought a bucket of water, he rushed down to the lady on the ground( shrriiiiii water rushing) he poured all of the water on Lola’s face, she began to gasp for air.
Man: hey clear out, let her receive fresh air pls don’t cover her up she needs air.
Everybody was at the front of the shop murmuring about her situation, as she began to get her self while sitting on the ground beside the shop.
***ten minutes later

Man:madam, madam,(Lola looked at his face) what happened, where are you coming from, where are you going.
Shop woman: heh oriyomi oooo (I am fortunate) thank God she didn’t die in my shop oooo
Lola look at everybody’s face, she knew they are all waiting for an explanation but she never mind them,she got up cleaned her self as she was about to walk.
Lola:thank you sir, thank you everyone, thanks for rescuing me may God reward you ijn.
She walked out of their midst as everyone was wondering and whispering as they all looked her just walking away till she disappeared from their soght.
My story
Me:folake you said you wanted to tell me something.
Folake:ehn well, first of all, you know I asked you before about the work you do.
Me: I have told you my work is classified its not something I can just let out, pls don’t take it personal its for safety, am not a thief am not an assassin but I work for government that’s all I can say for now.
Folake:OK ooo I have heard you ooo
Folake: hmmmm OK let me ask you this way what can I do or what is the worse thing that can make you hate me if you discover about me later?
Me:ehnnn… Hahahah funny you is there any worse something you are hiding from me?
Folake: no just answer me jorr.
Me:hmm OK ehn… Maybe you have a child before, but that can’t make me hate you.
Folake:but may stop you from loving me right?
Me:ah me I don’t know that one ooo
Folake:(laughed as she hit me with the pillow in her hands)
Folake:you can lie ehn, you don’t want to open up to me.
Me:(smiled) well that may happen ooo but I believe you don’t have a baby right?
Folake:sure I don’t I just wanted to know which side you fall for.
Me:chai, see you. There are planty things that can make a man hate a lady
Folake: give examples now

Me:wooo u can’t for now jorr maybe later
Folake:OK ooo oh my phone is ringing ooo.
Folake:hello, Becky surest.
Becky:oh baby, show dey tonight ooo
Folake: ehn ehn(she walked out to continue the conversation outside)

I began to wonder why she walked out while am inside. What’s so special about the call but I overlooked it. Now the xual urge began to enter my brain, I have been thinking on how to engage in sex with folake but I have no idea how to start. I knew its early to ask for such and she may be a kind of girl which dosemt tolerate sex matters at all.
Folake:ehn niyi are yu not going home now?
Me:why? Are you sending me home.
Folake:no am just asking, as you can see its past 7 already.
Me:ehn I am not late. There is still a lot of time.
Folake:ehn you know this area there are many thief’s here ooo
Me:hahahaha when did that one start?
Folake:hnn? Ehn na you sabi ooo I told you my own I will not see you off oo if you stay here till 8:00pm.
Me:ehn I will stay. What about that your brother I saw that day with you?
Folake:he doesn’t stay one place, he has many friends so he stays with them.
Me:oh, OK that’s good.
I was watching TV while she sat at the edge of the bed,she kept mute for so long even when I talked to her she wouldn’t respond well. I began to observe her, i began to think.
Me:(why is she not talking to me),(maybe she’s expecting someone or is it because of that call).
Folake: this is 5munites to 8 wouldn’t you start going now?
Me:(feeling embarrassed) folake why are you sending me away?
Folake: I want to sleep its because of you am still awake.
Me:hmmm, OK fine let me start going g then.
I got up then put on my shoes and my shirt, I readjust my shirt then I told her to see me off.
Me:folake come see me off.
Folake: see the time its 8:00pm I don’t think I can go out again.
Me:(surprised)so you mean you will not see me off?
Folake:yes goodnight take care.
Me:hm its OK then bye. TBC…

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