SHE’S A GHOST Episode 37
When I got to him, I pushed him away from Stella and he staggered back to the wall. “You can’t do anything to my sister. You can’t!”I screamed looking at him.
John’s POV
When I saw the situation Cassandra was, I have to stop everything at once. So, I brought out the black powder and the blood in the syringe. I was about opening the sachet when I noticed Stella was acting strange. Her body was fading off and she was becoming translucent as the other time. “Why are you like this again? You can’t do this now”I said holding her arms. “I also don’t know what’s happening to me.”she said looking at me. “Hold on. You can’t go anywhere now. Everything would be over soon. Please hang on”I said. Her body became so translucent that I could see the other side through her. She was also crying confused at what’s about to happen. I heard a loud noise from Sandra’s direction and I quickly turned back. Stephen pushed her to some tools and stuffs beside her. She fell to the ground groaning in pain. Mr and Mrs Josh became more scared of the situation. “What’s happening here? How does he get in? Who’s he?”he asked looking confused. I turned back to look at Stella but she was gone. “No! You can’t do that. What will happen to her? Is she gone for good? She can’t die. Please you need to come back”I said crying. Jenny was also crying while Mr Josh and his family found it weird because they can’t see who am talking to. Stephen tried to get closer to Stella’s bed but I stopped him by pushing him away. When I pushed him, the syringe dropped to the ground and he stepped on it. He looked at me and started laughing. He moved closer to me and grabbed me by the neck. I tried to free myself but his power became more stronger.
Sandra’s POV
When I saw how Stephen tried to hurt john, I managed to stand up. I found out Stephen had stepped on the syringe and the blood has been spilled on the floor. “Let him go now you evil monster!”I screamed at him. “Will you shut your mouth? I thought you were different but you betrayed me. I’ll tell you nobody betrayed me and go Scott free”he said applying more pressure to the way he grabbed John’s neck. He dropped john and he landed on the floor. He was in pain and not able to stand up. Stephen faced me and moved closer when he was about to get to me, I heard the sound of hitting. Jenny hit his head with a whine bottle. He didn’t move but stopped for a while and turned back slowly to look at Jenny. “You can’t hurt anyone again. You have to stop here. Everyone saw you’re the culprit now so stop everything and surrender yourself to the police”Jenny said panting heavily. “Who the hell are you? How dare you?”he said in a loud voice and hit Jenny with his hand. She flew and landed to the hard wall. She then fell to the ground groaning in pain. I picked the black powder from the floor and opened it. He then turned back to me smiling. “You actually thought you guys can destroy me with that? Why can’t you believe what I told you? It can’t work on me.”he said laughing. I quickly moved to the desk behind me and too a sharp long tool there. I then stabbed my hand with it. “Then I’ll do it like this. This would work on you”I said and pour the sachet in my palm then dropped my blood to it. I threw everything at him in anger. He started screaming as his body was burning up in flames. The evil spirit left his body then vanished into the thin air. He looked at me and fell to the ground slowly looking weak. I quickly went to others and helped them up. “He’s gone. We did it. He’s gone for good”I said helping them up. Few minutes later, the two police men came in while Mr Josh followed them behind. “Here he is. He broke into my house”he said pointing at the weak Stephen. The police took him away to their station.
“Where’s Stella? Where’s she?”john said looking around.
We all heard a soft coughing from her bed and everyone looked at her direction. Dr Josh quickly rushed to her bed and checked her up. “She’s conscious! She’s back to life”he shouted looking at us. We all rushed there and her eyes opened. She stared at us one after the other without moving her body or saying anything.

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