• February 8, 2018
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(Some high staffs sit on a swivel chair while some new an unknown person walk into the hall one after the other,but this new unknown people were been interviewed by the high staffs)
Mr Grey:what is your name?
Selina:i am Selina Mayor.
Mr Grey:apart from english,what other language did you understand?
Selina:French and Spanish.
Mr Grey:please tell us more about yourself.
Selina:i studied in bussiness management in Spain and i have a master degree.
Mr Grey:you can go ahead now.(Selina stood up and walk away while Lonia walk in)
Lonia:good day.(Anderson became surprised to see Lonia while Lonia ignored Anderson)
Mrs Juan:sit down.(Lonia sit on the chair)introduce yourself.
Lonia:i am Lonia Verman,i studied Business Strategies in US university,i have a first class degree.
Mrs Juan:did you speak any other language apart from english?
Lonia:i speak roman,French,Spanish and korean Language.
Mrs Juan:really?how did you learn such languages?
Lonia:i have been offered scholarship all through my life,so i studied in those country.
Anderson:did you have any experience about business and designs?(Lonia look at Anderson with an unhappy look)
Lonia:yes,i have a lot of experience,i did part-time when i still in college,i learned to become a fashion designer.
Mr Han:you can go ahead now,you will receive feedback.
Lonia:(she smiled)thanks.(she stood up and walk away)
Anderson:(he walk closer to Lonia)follow me.
Anderson:Lonia,why did you assign for this job?
Lonia:let me be,you don’t need to care about whatever i do.
Lonia:you and Susan can have a happy relationship,so please let me be,i need to work and make a living.
Lonia:let me be.(she wanted to walk away while Anderson hold her back and tired to kiss Lonia with force,but Lonia slap Anderson twice)get yoyr filthy hands off me,i hate you,i really hate you.(she walk away quickly)
(Lonia walk slowly and tears roll down her cheek)
Lonia:(talking in her mind)when my world fall apart was one year ago,the man i thought who loved me was deceiving me,i dated him for two years,but he was only playing me,he slept with my best friend all through those two years.
Lonia:Anderson,Anderson(Anderson didn’t hear her because he played a loud music and he was busy having sex with Susan)why is the music so loud?(she walk up the staircase while she opened Anderson door,then she was surprised to see Anderson and Susan having sex with eachother)Anderson!!(Anderson stood up from on top of Susan quickly)
Susan:(she took the TV remote and swicth off the music)Anderson,send her out.
Lonia:Susan,how dare you mess around with my fiance?
Susan:Anderson is mine not yours and what did you think you are?you lowly commoner,i and Anderson fit eachother perfectly,we are both rich,but you are poor and an orphan.
Lonia:(tears roll down her cheek)i thought you were my best friend,but you are not,you only pity me,but you don’t know how i felt within me.(she walk away quickly while Anderson stood up and run after Lonia)
Anderson:Lonia,please let me explain,please.
Lonia:there is no need to explain,what i just saw already gave me an explanation,i don’t want to see you anymore,so stay away from me.(she walk away,then she later walk back to Anderson and she remove the ring Anderson gave to her and she throw it back at Anderson)stay away from my life you deceiver.(she run away quickly)
Anderson:(Susan walk down the staircase)she left,she no longer want me.
Susan:(she hug Anderson from behind)i am here for you baby,you don’t need a poor girl like Lonia,you need me.(she kiss Anderson seductively)
Lonia:(talking in her mind)i was betrayed,but that wasn’t the end,i will find someone who will love and cherish me.(she clean off her tears and smiled)
(A young guy handsome guy walk down the staircase while the maids and chef bow their head in respect to him,then he walk into the dinning room and sit on the chair)
Leonard:(eating)did my parent send any message?
Don:yes,you have a blind date today.
Leonard:i am not interested.
Don:you will meet with the minister of culture daugther,she studied medicine in school and she is now a surgeon,she graduated with a frist class degree.
Leonard:i don’t like it,i don’t want to go.
Don:your father also said that if you don’t date a woman,he will freeze your credit card and you will be locked up in here without going out.
Leonard:(he chuckle)he is really threatening me.
Don:what are you going to do?
Leonard:hire a girl for me.
Leonard:yes,she must be 175 feet tall,she must be slim,pretty and gentle.
Don:and also a rich girl?
Leonard:either rich or poor just hire any woman that i just describe.
Don:what are you trying to do?
Leonard:i will sign a contract with her,she will act as my fiancee.
Leonard:Don,you are my only friend,so just do as i say,please.
Don:young master,if your parent find out about this,i will get punished.
Leonard:don’t worry about that,i will be responsible for everything,please.
Don:this is so annoying.
Lonia:(she heard a knock on her door and she walk closer to the door and opened it,then she was surprised to see Susan)what did you want?
Susan:(she push Lonia aside and walk into Lonia room)Anderson told me that you came to Empire company,don’t think that you will get the job,i will make sure that you don’t get the job.
Lonia:is that what you wanted to say?
Susan:yes,i don’t want you near Anderson,i and Anderson are getting married very soon,so don’t try to ruin things for both of us.
Lonia:do whatever you want,don’t come in here anymore i hate whore like you.
Susan:(she slap Lonia)you trash,ungrateful human,i will never step my foot in this trashy place anymore.(she walk away)
Lonia:(she chuckle)that bicth,she came to fight me in my own house.
(Lonia choose some groceries on different shelf while Don stalk around her)
Don:(talking in his mind)why is a human so pretty?did she fall from heaven?(Lonia walk closer to the supermarket cashier)
Lonia:how much is it?
Cashier:a man paid your bill.
Cashier:he paid for everything,you can leave now.
Lonia:thank the man for me.(she carried the groceries nylons and walk away)
Don:(he gave the cashier a bundle of money)you can keep the change.
Cashier:thanks,thanks a lot.(Don walk away)
Leonard:whoa!(looking at Lonia picture on Don tab phone)you did well.
Don:i will meet with her very soon,what did you think?
Leonard:you did well man,i choose her,i will sign a dating contract with her.(he smiled)you did well Don,she will fit for it,but make sure that she doesn’t know that i am the heir of Empire.
Don:i understand.
To be continued

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