• February 9, 2018
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Lonia:who are you?
Don:me?am somebody.
Lonia:what did you want?
Don:can i discuss with you for a while?
(Lonia offer Don a cup of coffee)
Lonia:(she sit on the sofa)how can i help you?
Don:well,i…,my young master…,huh.(he clear his throat)did you have a job?
Lonia:no,m jobless.
Don:i can offer you a job if you want.
Don:yes,we will be responsible for your feeding,allowance and upkeeping.
Lonia:what type of work is that?is it to become an actress?
Don:no,it is something different,but if you accept to meet with my young master,you will get more details about the job.
Lonia:let me change into something better so that we can go together.
Don:you need to wear something more classy.
Lonia:you mean something expensive?but i don’t…
Don:don’t worry about that,just follow me,i already told you that we will be responsible for your upkeep.
Manager:what did you need sir?
Don:i want you to dress up the lady over there,make her look like a first class woman.
Manager:is she your girlfriend?
Don:no,she is the young master fiancee.
Manager:hey,you should have told me,we need to treat her well.
Don:that’s right,so treat her well.
Manager:i will.
(The maids and chefs gathered inside the living room,then Don and Lonia walk in while the maids and chef were surprised to see a lady in Leonard house for the first time)
Don:follow me.(he lead Lonia into the dinning room,then Lonia look at Leonard who sit majestically on the chair and Don also sit on the chair)
Leonard:(he smiled seductively at Lonia)Hi!
Lonia:is he your young master?(Don smiled in reply)
Leonard:back to business.(he slide a file toward Lonia direction)open it.(Lonia opened the file)
Lonia:”contract Fiancee?”what does this means?
Leonard:you will act as my fiancee.
Lonia:what?hey,you should have told me before.
Leonard:you didn’t tell her?(Don pretend not to have heard Leonard)Lonia,you will get a lot of money if you can help me,please,i don’t want to get married now,my parent are trying to force me,please act as my fiancee,please.
Lonia:this is really annoying.
Don:miss Lonia,please try and understand
Lonia:(she look through the contract)whoa!you will pay me 1million dollar a month?
Leonard:yes,you will also get free cloths,daimond,shoe and jewelry every weekend.
Lonia:(she sign the contract quickly)i accept.(Leonard quickly take the file quickly)
Leonard:you must also do whatever i want and you must not meet with any other man.
Lonia:what?even if you want to kiss,romance or sleep with me?
Lonia:(angrily)no,give me the file back,i will cancel my signature.
Leonard:it is too late,you alreadt signed it,you are now my fiancee,you can’t take back your decision.
Lonia:hey,how dare you trick me?
Leonard:feel free around me from now on,my FIANCEE!!
Don:i am sorry miss Lonia.
Lonia:i hate you,i hate both of you.(Leonard clap his hands once while the chefs and head chefs begin to arranged different type of cuisine on the dinning table)
Leonard:we need to celebrate Lonia,we need to celebrate our first meeting and you also did well Don,you are truly a good best friend.(Don smiled while Lonia look at Don and Leonard angrily)eat to your fill Lonia.
Mrs Clump:you and Anderson will soon get married,i am really happy,but what about Lonia?i haven’t seen both of you together all this while.
Mr Clump:i don’t like Anderson,so i would not approve your marriage.
Mr Clump:Anderson was Lonia fiancee,but how did you get to have him?did you betray Lonia inorder to have Anderson.
Susan:Dad,why did you trust Lonia than me?why?ever since i was young,you never loved me and you don’t even treat me like your daugther,what have i done wrong to you?
Mrs Clump:honey,you need to approve Anderson and Susan marriage.
Mr Clump:but i don’t like Anderson.
Mrs Clump:but Susan loves him.
Mr Clump:i will be the one to decide about what i want.(he stood up)bring my coffee into my library.
Maid:i understand.
Susan:mom,i love Anderson and i will marry him.
Mrs Clump:Susan,i will talk to your father.
Susan:Dad hate me,he never accepts whatever i choose,i am already 26,i can choose whatever i want.
Mrs Clump:i will talk to your father Susan.
Leonard:this will be your bedroom.
Lonia:i will be sleeping here?
Leonard:yes.(he gave Lonia a car document)the car is out there,it belongs to you.
Lonia:i can’t live with you.
Leonard:who knows,this contract relationship can turn into marriage.
Leonard:i was only joking,if you need anything,you can inform the maid.
Lonia:but…,i…,i assigned for a job in Empire,if i am asked to start working,i will have to go.
Leonard:that isn’t a problem.
Leonard:yes,let us have fun tomorrow,we will both visit my parent,so be prepared.
Lonia:i understand.
Lonia:goodnight.(Leonard walk out of Lonia bedroom)eventhough i have never met him,i felt like i can trust him.
Anderson:who choosed Lonia?
Mrs Juan:i did.
Anderson:no,you have to put her name off the list,she can’t work here.
Mrs Juan:the chairman son also sent mail privately to me that Lonia Verman must be choosen.
Anderson:the chairman son?is he back from Europe?
Mr Gold:yes,he has been in USA for over two month,no one have seen him,but we only get mail from him.
Anderson:how did he know Lonia?
Mrs Juan:we sent the interview cctv to him,he must have looked through everything,he choose Lonia while we choosed the others.(Anderson sighted)
Leonard:she is my fiancee.
Mrs Brave:she is really pretty,what is your name?
Lonia:Lonia Verman.
Mr Brave:what did you do for a living?
Lonia:i am…
Leonard:she work in Empire as a member of the staffs.
Mr Brave:what about your parent?
Lonia:i am an…
Leonard:her parent owns a big and popular supermarket in Asia.
Mrs Brave:both of you fit perfectly,i like her.(she smiled)
Leonard:(he place his hand round Lonia shoulder)we will get married when the time is right.
Mr Brave:eat well Lonia.
Lonia:i understand.
Leonard:(driving)why did you look so down?
Lonia:i am okay.(tears roll down her cheek)
Leonard:Lonia.(he park his car beside the street)why are you crying?
Lonia:why did you lie?you shouldn’t have choose a person so lowly like me to act like your fiancee.
Leonard:i am sorry,but it is just acting,it is not like we will get married.
Lonia:but what of if they find out that i am fake?
Leonard:i started all this,i wouldn’t allow you to get punished becuase of me,so stop crying.(he clean off Lonia tears)i will protect you.

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