Majek:lola you didn’t give me feedback about yesterday, has he done everything necessary?
Lola:ehn, ehn he he… Has the blood,
Lola:he,he said I should come back next week that he want to boil the blood.
Majek:boil the blood? Ah ah what does that mean?
Lola: he is a doctor of course, let him do his job.
Majek:hn!! Am really surprise ooo, when did doctor began boiling blood
Lola:its rare that is why you find it difficult to believe.
Majek:hmm OK anyway how about the shop you wanted to check?
Lola:(relieved) I went there this morning and they said its 120k for a year rent at first and later I will pay 80 after the agreements whatever.
Majek:OK then I will provide the money before the end of this week.
Lola:(calling fred on the phone)hello!!!
Fred:(yawning)hello ooo
Lola:Fred I need to see you immediately.
Fred:ah ah its late now see the time 7:47pm why calling me this time?
Lola:i know, I will come over tomorrow.
Fred:to do what? You can’t meet me ooo I will be at work before 7am.
Lola:OK dont worry I will be there before 7.
Fred:wetin apun self?
Lola:when I come i will explain to you bye.
Fred:(puzzled mind) wetin dey do this girl self (he failed Lola’s number)
Lola moved from the kitchen to her bedroom while her husband is asleep as she drops her phone on the shelf close to the bedshe fell on the bed looking at the fan.

(Phone rings)
Lola:ha see alakoba ooo this idiot want to put me in another trouble(Lola quickly put off the sound of the phone as she walked out of her room,she ran towards the kitchen to receive the call)
Lola:Fred what again, can’t you see its late, am inside with majek.
Fred:abeg shut up and tell me the problem.
Lola:I will tell you tomorrow pls don’t call me again pls I have to hang up now.
Fred:na you sabi.
(Knocking at Fred’s door)
Fred:who is there?
Lola:its Lola.
Fred:ehn? What happen what do you want?
Lola:which kind of question is that wouldn’t you let me in first.
Fred:hmm enter ooo
Lola:Fred there is trouble oo
Fred:what trouble?
Lola:ehn ehn if it is what am thinking then it is you ooo.
Fred:what did I do, abeg tell me fast you are scaring me.
Lola:I went to the doctor days back and he said that I my husband should donate blood for junior but after the donation…
Fred:is your baby sick?
Lola:yes right from the day he was born has not formed well and he is getting more slimmer everyday.
Fred:has he can give up ooo since how many days now your child is sick and nothing has been done to it.
Fred:so what happen?
Lola:the Doctor said majek blood doesn’t match him at all

Fred:ah ah why? Is that doctor an amateur nii
Lola:he said majek is not the father.
Fred:ehn? How manage?? Aha AAA
Lola:Fred you and I know that if he is not the father…
Fred:never, (he stands up) I can never be his father, over my dead body.
Lola:it is you Fred, I have no one else except you and majek.
Fred:no no no no no, it can’t be me ooo go and do your findings again pls.
Lola:I have no where to go ooo pls let’s save the baby.
Fred:pls get up and leave my house.
Lola:but why are you sending me away?
Fred:pls leave now
Lola:but wh…
Fred(scream) get ouuuttt!!!
Lola was disappointed, she felt the shock inside her heart as she got up slowly, the tears of regret emerged on her face as her feet was shaking on the floor, Fred turned and looked away until Lola went out of his house.his heart beat began to rise as the period of him and Lola flashed back into his memory he began to feel guilty in his heart but his heart was still very hardened.
Lola:oh my God junior is getting weaker, he is not playing as usual anymore, oh lord
(Dailing Fred’s number)
Lola:why have you been avoiding me since yesterday, I have been calling you since.
Fred:what do you want from me
Lola: but you know there is a child involved, do you want him to die?
Fred:he will not die but he is not my child okay?
Lola:(crying) pls don’t let him to die, you are the only one that can help
Fred:pls don’t call me again.(hangup)
Lola:hello! Hello!! Hello!!! God pls held me, save my son pls.
Majek: see I don’t think I can wait till tomorrow, see this boy. He may give up.
Lola:ehn the doctor said tomorrow that we should come.
Majek: I don’t think you value this boy, how can you hold on to him to this extends, cant you see he is almost gone, he badly eats and you still kept him to your self
Lola:I am only following the doctors instructions.
Majek:no we are going there this munite.
Majek:(interrupts) shut up your mouth and don’t argue with me, but I can’t believe my eyes as in why are you keeping him like this till now,you are provoking me, so if I am not at home you will still keep him without telling me how he looks like.
Lola:(gripped by fear)
Majek:get up now and let’s take him to the hospital.
Lola:(heartbeat rates began to rise) ah I am doomed today ah where will I run to.

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