(My story)
Me:hello commander!!
Commander: yeah, niyi those omegas has been apprehended by the military
Me:wow that’s very good sir, so howvdidvi go down?
Commander: well it wasn’t easy, they tried to invade the arena.
Me:what!!! You mean they want to enter our barrack, that is impossible they can never make it in or out.
Commander: yes they didn’t make it they where 12 in numbers and they where are boys from the last mission we went for, but now they will be sacrificed for the nation.
Me:hmmm they have got no choice this time.
Commander:yeah sure they will be dead in two weeks.
Me:may their soul face total judgment in the gate of hell.
Commander:hahahahah funny you, gat to hang up.
Me:OK boss.
Commander: oh less I forget, there is information for you, I think you will be back to duty, and this time is gonna fetch you back your career and great money.
Commander:yes there is letter from the Governor, telling me to fetch out one ofmy best tool.
Me:oh really, I thought he ask for that last year, didn’t he see any from you?
Commander: he said he doesn’t like their service, you know the Governor is selective so he want me to fetch more and this time He’s not looking for anyone to guard him but his son.

Me:oh I think that will be perfect I would be more comfortable with the son.
Commander:good, let me get back to you
Me:thanks sir.
Now my heart has jumped up to sky when i heard that I am gonna work for the governors son I began practising how to communicate with him and his father, displaying inside my room.
I was so happy that night, my heart was ease, i know I will definitely enjoy my time with them and I will acquire cash in my bank.
One week later
Me:I have been per ambulating this area since 4days now, where has she been?
Neighbor:hmmm didn’t she tell you where she went to?
Me:no o
Neighbor:then call her number.
Me:I have been calling her number, sometimes she will not pick it sometimes switched off.
Neighbor:hmmmm hmm then she has gone for travel .
Me:travel? What travel?
Neighbor:didn’t she tell you the kind of work she do.
Neighbor: aaah!!! Hmmm you better ask her, aren’t you her bf?
Me:yes I am but she told me she do shifting business so I was thinking maybe its some kind of company work or warehouse stuff.
Neighbor:hmm so she didn’t tell you?
Me:no pls tell me plss.
Neighbor:hmm see I don’t want trouble oo and I don’t want to spoil your relationship, I think it is better for you to discover it your self.
Me:pls tell me,I beg you if ou don’t tell me it will always bother me plss
Neighbor:see bro, make I tell you as e dey go, you see that girl wey you dey follow follow up and down, is not a girl you can marry.
Me:(breathing high) (my body system changed automatically as the shock first entered my soul)
Me:what do you mean?
Neighbor:Oga, that girl is olosho(prostitute)
Me:aaahh!! yeee!!!
Neighbor:you never know anything, I have been observing you the way you treat her like a queen and I believe you want to marry her.
Neighbor:see you not only me knows about this, everybody in this compound too know her well.
Neighbor:you see that travel, she went for home service, it maybe in abuja,kano, nassarawa, calabar.
Me:aaah, aaah, moku, mogbe, aiye mi ooo
Neighbor: see bro, that girl is a full time customer.
Me:my God,I have layed my life on this girl.
Neighbor:bro. I will advise you to run a word is enough for the wise oooo as I tell you now self am scared ooo, bro I am going.
____it is as if he pierced my heart with a knife as he told me all this it looks as if my life has been squandered. The way I stood there was like a man whose life has been condemned, the though keeps rotating my heart, he way I had cherished this girl, the way I took good care of her the way I classified her, the way I overlooked my konji mood just to keep her until marriage, I never knew she is the one playing danger dash with my heart.all I could do was to walk home with sorrow in my soul, the thinking keeps flashing me all day and night this had made me lost interest in me, my heart has been jeopardized by a he bad news i have heard.
(What will I do next)

(Majeks story)
Majek:what!!! Blood of Jesus, you mean I am not the fathere of this boy?
Doctor:exactly, both of you have nothing in Common.
Majek:haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(he slid Down slowly as he hold his chest, he fell down flat on The floor)
Doctor:mr majek? Oh God, my majek
Lola:(trembling)ahhh aiye mi ti baje bayi aaaahh doctor help me aaahhh
Doctor:nurse!! Nurse!!! (Two nurse rushed in)
Lola:ah he will kill me, I have to run, aaaahhh yeee!!!
Doctor:don’t go anywhere ooo, come and carry your property if you go,(he wasn’t able to challenge Lola too much cos of majek who was on the floor)
(Lola has made her way out of the hospital)
Doctor:help me carry him (he began to give him pressure through his chest pumpng his chest up and down)
After about 5munites, he has been restored as he looked around.
Doctor:what are you looking for?
Majek:where is she…
Doctor:she left,she ran away.
Majek:if I see her I will kill her
Doctor:but she left the baby.
Majek:(tears rolled out of his eyes seeing the baby opposite him)
Doctor:don’t cry all will be well.
Majek:my life has been or ruined.
Doctor: no no don’t say that, it is not new, all you have to do is think and settle it.
Majek:oh God, why,why I thought I have found peace, where do I start

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