Episode 4
Mrs Rose: what do you want him to do? To beat me
I couldn’t talk
Ronke: if not because, I have someone like you at home, I would have abused you
Mrs Rose: not your fault, Daniel caused it, but let me warn you, let this be the last time you will ever come here or even dial his number sef
Ronke: don’t embarrass me please, you shouldn’t be warning me, warn your promiscuous son in law
Me: (I looked up from where I was sitting) Ronke are you okay?
Ronke: so you can talk, you can’t caution your so called mother in-law abi
Me: Ronke you lack home training seriously, is she your mate? Do you want people to be coming in
Ronke: me lack home training from you Daniel, just let me get out of this place,
She grabbed her bag and left in anger, I faced Mrs Rose,
Me: please I’m sorry ma
Mrs Rose: picked her bag and left as well
I retired back to my chair, thank God, but hope this woman won’t tell my wife sha, I called my secretary,
Cecilia: yes sir
Me: go and prepare a sack letter and put your name on it,
Cecilia: ha, oga please, i told her you have a visitor, and I called you also, you didn’t pick, sir, I came to check you, I didn’t see you,
Me: so that’s why you allowed her to enter
Cecilia: no sir, I went to tell her that you are not around, but she insisted on seeing you, I said she should wait for you at the reception but she said she can’t, that didn’t I know her? or did I want to lose my job? That’s how she bagged in, oga please sir, I have no one than God and you sir (she was crying)
I was touched not by her words but cus she was crying
Me: just get out first
She rushed out, I was just looking, I couldn’t eat sef, I poured the food away, Cecilia came back around 4:00 pm
Cecilia: sir, this 4:30 sir, other staff have gone home
Me: you can go If you want to, I will close when am done
Cecilia: I am sorry sir,
Me: just don’t worry, you can go, I will drop the key with the gate man
Cecilia: thank you sir,
She left, and I slept off, I opened my eyes when Mrs. Rose called me,
Me: he (was stammering) llo ma
Mrs Rose: where are you?
Me: still at work ma, I slept off
Mrs Rose: you should now, well tot the girl is still with you ni, cus your wife is on her way, I don’t want a broken home for my daughter
Me: okay ma
I cleared the call, and slept back, not long after, I felt her hand on my shoulder, I opened my eyes,
Daniella: baby, I’m sorry
Me: you did nothing now
Daniella: I’m sorry, maybe because of the way I’m treating you lately, that’s why you don’t want to come home
Me: no, I slept off ni, believe me
Daniella: sha lets go home,
She held my hand, she came with bike, she drive my car, I met Mrs. Rose feeding my boys, she looked at me and smiled, I greeted her, she answered me very well, “this woman na ogbanje o” i went to my room to change my cloth, I came back to join them, Daniella and I ate together, after eating, we started gisting and playing, but whenever my eyes and my mother in-law eyes came together, my mood change, not long after, my babies slept with my mum in-law while Daniella was with me.
The next day early in the morning, she cooked for me, packed my lunch as well, a customer came to my place, when she left, I saw a missed call on my phone, it was an international number, I called the number back
Me: who is this?
Cynthia: na me joor
Me: Cynthia?
Cynthia: yes, how are you
Me: were did you see international number
Cynthia: I steal am ni, I don dey U.S o
Me: ehenm ok, help me bring something na
Cynthia: okay, you did not even ask why I’m here, anyway, my husband daughter said she want all chief children to know my son as well, so that that they can acknowledge him as chief son also,
Me: that’s good though, so when are you coming back
Cynthia: can’t say for now
Me: what about the boy’s school
Cytnhia: baba baby, my son is brilliant, he might stay here sef
Me: good sha

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