• February 12, 2018
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Lonia:Leonard,you are the heir of Empire,what did you want me to do?i am just your acting fiancee.
Leonard:don’t worry,everything will be okay,let us have lunch together later and my parent want both of us to come over for dinner this weekend.
Lonia:no,i wouldn’t go,i am ill.
Leonard:i already told them that we will both come,there is nothing you can do about it.
Leonard:i got my first kiss from you.
Lonia:liar,you have never kissed a girl?
Lonia:i had my first kiss from Anderson.
Leonard:forget about Anderson and think of me,Anderson is the director,right?
Leonard:if he dare to get near you,he will lose his job.
Lonia:that is too harsh Leonard.
Leonard:wacth this,i will get your first revenge.(he pick up his office phone and dialed Anderson office number while Anderson pick it up)come into my office immediately.(he hang up)
Lonia:what are you trying to do?
Leonard:sit down on the sofa.(Lonia walk closer to the sofa and sit down while Anderson walk into Leonard office)look through this file and explain every steps to me.
Anderson:i understand.
Leonard:come over Lonia.
Leonard:yes(Lonia stood up and walk closer to Leonard)director Anderson,you nd Lonia doesn’t seems to know eachother eventhough you are working together,but both of you should get along well.
Anderson:i understand.
Leonard:Lonia don’t be so close to Anderson,i hate it when you smile at other men.(Lonia smiled while Leonard touch Lonia hand)did you understand everything in this documents.
Leonard:you can go director Anderson,i need some privacy with my fiancee.
Anderson:(he controlled his anger)i will,take care.(he walk away)
Lonia:you are really childish.
Leonard:(he touch Lonia hair)why are you always pretty?
Lonia:don’t forget i am your contract fiancee.
Leonard:i did not forget.(Leonard phone ringed while he pick it up but Lonia recongnise Susan phone number)hello.
Susan:(on phone)hey,it’s me,Susan Clump.
Leonard:oh i remembered,i forgot to call you,am sorry.(Lonia walk away angrily)
Susan:it is okay,can we have lunch today?
Leonard:no,maybe next time.
Susan:what about dinner?
Leonard:i will think about itand call you back.(he hang up)why did she walk away rudely?
Tracy:i am jealious of you Lonia,so the president is your fiance,you are really lucky.
Selina:let us get more close Lonia.
Chris:the president will always wacth out for you,you are really lucky.
Sara:am jealious,he even kissed you in front of everyone.
Lonia:you all can’t understand.(Leonard walk in while every staffs stood up quickly,but Lonia was already in a deep sleep)
Leonard:(he sighted)it is already lunch break and she is sleeping,you can all go for lunch.(all the staffs walk away quickly and Leonard admired Lonia beauty)Lonia.(Lonia opened her eyes slowly)it is time for lunch,let us go and eat,i am hungry.
Lonia:go and eat alone.
Leonard:i can’t eat without you,let us eat together,i am hungry.
Leonard:are you okay?
Lonia:the person who called you earlier was Susan,right?
Leonard:how did you know her?
Lonia:she and Anderson will soon get married,she took Anderson away from me.
Leonard:she was the one?
Leonard:i am sorry,i must have hurt you a lot,am sorry.
Lonia:it is okay,did she like you?
Leonard:i don’t know,i really don’t know.
Lonia:am not jealious,our contract will soon end.
Leonard:you can re-new it.
Lonia:after i leave you,i want a real relationship not a fake one.
Leonard:did you have someone else?
Lonia:no,but i will get one eventhough am not so lucky with men.
Leonard:you wouldn’t get another man.
Lonia:are you cursing me?
Leonard:no,become my real fiancee.
Lonia:no,your parent want a rich girl,i am not a rich girl,so find someone who is rich.
Lonia:let us eat.
Leonard:marry me Lonia.
Lonia:no,i can’t marry you.(Leonard look at Lonia unhappily)
Susan:why are you not picking my call?
Anderson:i was busy.
Susan:i heard that the heir of Empire resumed today,you must have been so stressed out.
Anderson:am not,you don’t need to care.
Susan:am less concerned,i came here to discuss something urgent with you.
Anderson:what is it?
Susan:i want us to cancel our marriage,i don’t love you anymore.
Anderson:you don’t love me?have you seen another man?
Susan:do i have to tell you?we have nothing to do with eachother anymore,you can date Lonia again,i wouldn’t care about it.
Anderson:(he remove his engagement ring and he put it on the table)it is over Susan,that is what i always want.(he stood up and walk away)
Susan:now i have to get close to Leonard,he is rich and he is my style.
Leonard:Lonia,let us take a walk together.
Leonard:Lonia,i love you,please marry me.
Lonia:stop teasing me.
Leonard:i will find your real parent if you accept to marry me.
Leonard:yes.(he brought out a ring box)will you marry me?
Lonia:is it a contract marriage?
Leonard:no,it is real,i will find your real parent if ypu marry me.
Lonia:(shyly)i will marry you.(Leonard hug Lonia happily while he kiss and romance Lonia,then he press a remote and every inches in the room became dark)
To be continued

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