• February 15, 2018
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Mr Brave:that Lonia girl was already married before she met you.(Leonard who was depressed didn’t reply)you are not careful,her beauty charmed you.
Mrs Brave:this time,you must get married to Susan Clump,she macth ypur taste.
Mr Brave:i will fix the marriage as early as possible,you can’t remain single,you need someone to support you.
Mrs Clump:(looking at the file)Lonia is not my daugther?no,not everyone have that star sign.(she pick up her phone and dialed a doctor number)doctor Sam.
Sam:(on phone)madam,congratulations.
Mrs Clump:the girl isn’t my daugther.
Sam:no,your blood test macthed.
Mrs Clump:what?but the one with me is…
Sam:i can resend another one through mail,the girl Lonia is your real daugther.
Mrs Clump:please send it through my mail.
Mrs Clump:(angrily)who among you receive a file through the delivery man?
Mrs Clump:who did you gave it too?
Maid:miss Susan.
Mrs Clump:Susan?
Mrs Clump:she must have known everything,how dare she play childish with me?(she walk away angrily)
Mrs Clump:honey,i found our daugther.
Mr Clump:(surprised)where is she?answer me,hurry.
Mrs Clump:she is Lonia,i did her DNA test,it macthed with mine.
Mr Clump:(happily)we need to find Lonia,she must have lived as a orphan for the rest of her life.
Mrs Clump:Susan did sonething strange.
Mr Clump:what did that sly girl do again?
Mrs Clump:she did a fake DNA test of i and Lonia which bring out a result that i and Lonia are not related,how could she do such thing?
Mr Clump:i don’t need her anymore,i need soneone like Lonia to rule over DIVA fashion,we need to find Lonia.(Susan walk into the library)
Susan:mom,Dad,i will soon get married to Leonard.
Mr Clump:i heard that Leonard fiancee is Lonia,you took Anderson from Leonard,now you decide to choose Leonard and dump Anderson,after Lonia get another man you will dump Leonard and go after the man.
Mrs Clump:you want Lonia to become misrable so that you can enjoy everything yourself,your name will be cast out of our family tree.
Susan:mom,why are you acting like this?
Mrs Clump:you made a fake DNA result.
Mr Clump:you wicth,i rasied you properly but you don’t train yourself well.
Susan:(solemnly)do whatever you want,i would not leave this house,i will sue you if you leave me,i will report to the white house that you are trying to leave an orphan who you adopted.
Mr Clump:and the orphan who i adopted tried to hide my own real daugther from me,the orphan who i adopted gave me high BP because she mkes things hard for me and she also made things hard for my real daugther.
Susan:(she knee down quickly)please don’t leave me,don’t abandon me,i am sorry,please forgive me.
Mr Clump:get out of my house,you even dare to threaten me by using thr white house.(he walk away)
Mrs Clump:i raised you and loved you,but you don’t want the best for my own real daugther,my husband warned me from the beingining not to adopt you,but i turned a deaf ear.
Mrs Clump:i am Mrs Clump not your mother.(she walk away angrily)
Susan:(talking in her mind)you will never find Lonia,i will get rid of her before you find her.
Leonard:i don’t want to hear about Lonia.
Anderson:please listen to me.
Leonard:i can’t.
Leonard:how dare you act so disrespectful to me?
Anderson:Lonia,she isn’t safe,i have known Lonia since she was 18 years,she isn’t someone who will eloped with another man.
Leonard:she is married,right?
Anderson:we need to find her,please,Susan planned everything.
Leonard:are you trying use Susan?Susan is innoccent,she said the truth.
Anderson:i know Susan and her trick,she even drugged my wine and i slept with her unknowingly,i wish i can explain to Lonia,but she doesn’t want anything to do with me,i never loved Susan,i never dated her,it was Susan who forced herself on me,i swear.
Leonard:Lonia went on a picnic near the ocean.
Anderson:ocean?it can’t be,why would Lonia goes near a ocean?she will dir within five days if she cacth a terrible cold,she is also allergic to chlorine.
Leonard:what?my Lonia will die?
Anderson:yes.(Don walk closer to Leonard)
Don:i have already gotten every records of what Lonia said through the chips,she was pleading for her life.
Leonard:pleading?who dare to threaten her?
Don:Lonia was kidnapped.
Leonard:then how did Susan knows that Lonia went on a picnic near the ocean?
Anderson:don’t trust Susan,she is evil,she must have planned everything to get you also.
Leonard:that wicth,Don call the prosecutor to arrest Susan quickly.
Don:but you need evidence that…
Leonard:if the prosecutor doesn’t arrest her,tell him that my Dad brother is the president and he will lose his job if he did not do as i say.
Don:i understand.(he walk away quickly)
Anderson:we need to find Lonia.
Leonard:we will track her location using the necklace.
Susan:(she slap Lonia)i will never allow you to take anything away from me,you wench.
Lonia:(she chuckle)kill me,get rid of me and do whatever you want,did you think that the secret will be buried forever,you will lose everything in the end.
Susan:(she slap Lonia)shut up!shut up!!(tears roll down her cheek)i should have never met you,because of you my life is getting twisted,i hate you,i hate you.
Lucas:what should i do to her mistress?
Susan:no one will find her here,don’t let her escape,she will soon die by herself,so let her be,she will soon give her.
Lucas:i understand.(Susan phone ringed while Susan pick up her phone)
Leonard:(on phone)where are you?(Lucas tied Lonia mouth with a tape)
Susan:am home,did Lonia came back to you?
Leonard:no,let us have lunch together.
Susan:i will be on a way.
Leonard:okay.(he hang up)
Leonard:i will set her up,bring the prosecutor over to MILE resturant,she will be arrested there.
Don:i understand,but how are we going to rescue Lonia?
Leonard:after Susan is arrested,we will find more about Lonia location,we have no time to waste.
Leonard:you can go ahead now.
Don:okay.(he walk away)
To be continued.

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