episode 3

As expected, mum was quick to a second investigation. “Did you meet with that Daniel boy again today?” That was her question. She was being genuine in her concerns for me. She was being genuine in her being mum and if Danny really really didn’t mean harm, then my answer was to be “yes, I met him”. But I didn’t say that. I told her Daniel wasn’t in school on that day! To which she smiled and asked me to keep avoiding him. Danny was not to come close to me! Danny was not to talk to me! He was not to look at me, wave hands or even smile at me! If Danny ever ever did those things with me, I was goingg to be a really really spoilt girl. And the Sisters at the Parish won’t call me ‘blessed little Dannie’ anymore!
Those were mum’s words and warnings!
With piercing fiery eyes, she said them! After which, she then smiled. Mum loved me so much, and wanted me to be a good girl! So I later did ask myself, “wasn’t it wrong?”
Wasn’t it wrong to say Danny wasn’t in school when he was? If nothing was actually so sinful about meeting with Danny, why then was I needing to go through all the lies, just to appear like I wasn’t meeting him? But as I was asking those questions, the answer followed immediately – ‘Danny must not be accused of what he hasn’t done!’ Mum was going to accuse Danny of what he hasn’t done if she found out that we met! I mustn’t let mum accuse Danny of doing things he hasn’t done and will never do! Danny was a good boy and Danny never ever does ugly and dirty things! Our ‘bathroom meetings’ were only a good proof to this, and beyond all reasonable doubts, as so!
Danny wished to show me a green chalk which he had picked on his way to school. That was what he whispered in my ears, the following day during lunch break.
“Will you like to see?”, he asked after telling me about the chalk. “Since we only use board markers here, you may not know what a green chalk looks like”
I remained pale-faced and hardly responded.
Mum’s words rung in my mind! “Danny was not to touch me, wave at me or even smile at me!!” But here he was, talking to me!
“You can also try it out if you like”, he said again. A stubborn Danny never cared if I had said a word or not
I felt myself waving my head and muttering repetitive ‘no’s’. I was going to listen to mum! Mum loves me and does not want me to be a very very spoilt girl! I was not going to see the chalk with Danny. Never ever! But…my legs were moving! I could feel myself walking!
Danny was ahead of me and Ig was quietly following him! Oh… Danny! What have you done to me?! I was following Danny even when I do not want to! And what is this thing I was feeling? It was grabbing and groping my plump butt0ckz! Was that Danny’s hand? Danny was grabbing my butt0ckz and really very hard. But Danny…oh you terrible thing! What about the chalk?! What about your green little chalk Danny?! How come we are in the bathroom lobby again?! Danny?! Danny boy! you are kneading my butt0ckz cheeks and terribly so….I am dripping for you!


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