episode 4

Mum should be bitter Danny! I know you are a good boy and never does ugly dirty things. But mum doesn’t think so! Mum says you are a spoilt dirty corrupt boy! Mum says you haven’t been to church before and that if you went, no Father will bear your confessions!
Danny is that true?! Are you so dirty that the Priests will feel unclean hearing you?! Are going to spoil me too Danny? Are you? Oh!…Danny…I love the way you feel my K!ttyC@t! Oh Danny! You are making me so very wet! I am sorry but I have to feel your J0yst!ck too! You are a good boy Danny and I don’t believe what anyone else says! Only good boys pick up chalks along the road and show their girlfriends. But Danny?! When will I see the chalk? Oh…feel my K!ttyC@t so well Danny! And wow! Your J0yst!ck has grown so very big! I wish I could sU-Ck it! But mum will think I have become a very very spoilt girl! Or wouldn’t I Danny? Will I still Be ‘blessed little Dannie’ if I sU-Cked you pecker? Licking your foreskin and swirling my tongue around your d!ckhead?! Will I?! It will be just a little slight sU-Ck Danny! I won’t do anything more than that! The Sisters at the Parish would understand and they might even call me ‘blessed grown-up Dannie’ after that! Please Danny! Give me your J0yst!ck Danny boy!
“sU-Ck me sweetie…” I suddenly heard someone say and alas, it was a profusely sweating Daniel
Of course I would!!!!! Of course I would sU-Ck you love! How did you know my mind?! sU-Cking your J0yst!ck wasn’t a dirty thing. After all, it is only just putting your big J0yst!ck inside my slippery mouth! Everybody loves to sU-Ck J0yst!ck Danny! Mum likely sU-Cks Dad too! It wasn’t anything bad baby! And Oh…how big is your J0yst!ck! It has stretched my mouth and made me gag! Danny’s J0yst!ck is so thick and how well it fills my mouth! And I love how you sq££ze my b0s0m Danny! my c–t is drooling my moistness all over my
p@nty! I have sU-Cked, licked and gagged on your J0yst!ck Danny, I hope you liked it? Can you sU-Ck my K!ttyC@tbaby? I want you to sU-Ck me too! There was nothing wrong with being sU-Cked! You are a very good boy and good boys please their girlfriends!
And yes, Danny is sU-Cking my K!ttyC@t! Danny lifted me unto the wash hand basin, parted my p@nty and began sU-Cking me from behind! Oh Danny! You are driving me crazy! And you sU-Ck me so well! I love how you eat my cl!t Danny and how you F**K my hole with your finger!
There was nothing wrong with putting your finger in there Danny! it is only just your finger.
You have never ever inserted your J0yst!ck into me! Because you are a good boy! Only dirty boys do such ugly and dirty things like putting a J0yst!ck inside a K!ttyC@t! Just continue with your finger Danny because you drive me crazy!
Oh…and the way your hair feels as I rob your head! Your silky oily hair!


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