Episode 5
Me: what about his health?
Cynthia: he’s now okay, ose dear mi
Me: let chief catch you
Cynthia: forget jare, that’s reminds me sef, I went to pray in one pastor’s place, cus of all this thing happening
Me: what is happening to you
Cynthia: the man said I chose wrongly, the man said I have my husband as a friend instead of husband
Me: eeya, who is the person
Cynthia: I gave him your name, he said you are the one, i just want to confirm and that’s all now, you know I do tell you before
Me: I’ve heard you,
Cynthia: no one make me cum like you
Me: Cynthia, don’t let chief catch you, take care bye
Cynthia: okay baby, bye, love you
Me: abeg park well jare
I ended the call, checked the message I received while making call
“Daniel, your daughter’s sku fee is 80k, so I’m expecting it”
From omolara,
I didn’t reply. I deleted the message instantly, I placed my head on the table, when my secretary came in
Cecilia: yes sir
Me: (this girl make senz o) I love your outfit o,
Cecilia: thanks sir,
Me: yes what do you want?
She sat on the chair
Cecilia: sir, I have a friend that work in that big new hotel that they just open at that junction,
And she said companies have been submitting there proposal for CCTV and networking, that’s y I came to tell you, maybe we can also submit ours
Me: wow, what a brilliant idea, I love that, we will do that right away, go and tell Khalid and James to prepare the proposal, we will go together
Cecilia: okay sir
She stood up, as she was looking to the door, I was looking at her Ass, I smiled I didn’t know when I say it out “so this girl fine like this” she smiled
Some min later, she came back with the proposal, I went through it, picked my car key and we left for the hotel, we went to their manager’s office was surprise it was someone I know, my school friend, Omolara’s friend, back then in school, the office make sense, she was wearing a short gown, the office was painted in a designed color,
Denrin: haha, is this not Daniel?
Me: na me o, long time
Denrin: how are you, Daniel, you don big o, money don come
Me: jus they whine me
Denrin: I’m serious now, you look more handsome again, no wonder Omolara loves you
Me: omolara ke, since when
Denrin: have your sit, (paused) I saw her in lag last week, cus I stayed in lag before, I saw her with a small girl, she said the girl is her daughter, but she didn’t tell me her father
Me: maybe its because you didn’t follow her to her house
Denrin: see Daniel o, I know her house, I didn’t for once meet anyone, but she loves you then,
Me: hmmm
Denrin: I even asked her about you, she said she didn’t know your were about again, I cant wait to tell her that I’ve seen you.
Me: sister let’s leave that jare, I heard of one contract you are about to give out
Denrin: yes, CCTV installation and all, is that what you do now?
Me: yes now,
Denrin: oga o, drop your proposal, don’t worry, you don get it already,
Me: (I handed it over to her) thank you dear,
Denrin: you welcome, who is this girl (pointing at Cecilia)
Me: oh sorry, she’s my secretary,
Denrin: oga o, Daniel don make am o
Me: abeg jare, are you not the owner of this hotel ni
Denrin: (she hit me jokingly) where i won see money build this type of hotel
Me: doesn’t mean anything now
Denrin: I hear you
We exchange our digit and we left, i went to my office preparing to go home, cus my wife don call me, I sat at the place I do attend to my client, the chair is like a home settings, I think I should appreciate Cecilia, I gave her a call and she come
Cecilia: yes sir
Me: thanks for today o, really grateful, as soon as the deal click, I will give you something also
Cecilia: thank you sir
She stood up to go, I see the traces of her pant, i just grabbed her Ass from behind
Cecilia: haha, Oga (boss)

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