Episode 6
She rushed out, chai, the girl Ass soft, should I bleep this one too, I’m I okay self? With all what is happening that I don’t know were I will land sef, I rise to go when a strange num call me
Me: hello
Omolara: Daniel, where is the money I ask from you,
Me: I will send it when I have it
Omolara: so you want to tell you don’t have the money
Me: for now
Omolara: and so shall it be
Me: haha, kilode, why the curse now
Omolara: you are the one cursing yourself, will send their school act num, transfer the money to them, and screenshot the payment to me, I didn’t give birth to her alone, I’ve been paying it, and I can pay it, but I want you to feel it also,
Me: I hear you sister
Omolara: I know you are not at home, you should be at work, that’s why I call you
Me: no problem, send the account num
I ended the call, she send the school account number as she said, I transferred the money (80k) into her school account, and I screenshot the details to her, she replied with okay thank you
I deleted the message, I drove home, and I eat, after eating, I played with my boys and my wife, she sleep in my room that night, that night bad baje, it’s been long since I bleep my wife.
I’m at work, after I finish training my student, I have some set of student that come for computer training, I can see how Cecilia is looking at me, whenever my face came across hers, she will smiled, I’m like so this small girl don dey fall, I went to my office, I called her to my office
Cecilia: you called me sir
Me: I’m sorry for yesterday, I can’t just help myself when I saw that your Ass
Cecilia: no problem sir,
I was on this when my phone rang, I told her to go that I will call her back,
Me: haha, oga o, you remember me today Aderonke
Ronke: you fucked up now, imagine, you allow that your in-law to be talking to me anyhow
Me: you self fuk up, you shouldn’t have talk now, you are much more than that
Ronke: I’m sorry, so were are you
Me: office nani
Ronke: just call me, anytime you want to see me, but I can’t come to that your office again o
Me: okay
We ended the call, was like, this girl love the way I do ride her like bajaj bike, but I don’t want to cheat on my wife again, now I have two opportunities, my secretary and Ronke, was on this when my phone ring again, who is this again bai,
Omolara: Daniel,
Me: yes
Omolara: I think I want to move on with my life,
Me: I didn’t hold your life now
Omolara: but your Daughter is holding me
Me: stop saying your daughter, is she not your daughter also?
Omolara: well, whatever, I couldn’t get husband cus of your daughter, so please tell your wife, cus I want to bring her, she will be living with you
Me: are you for real? Bring who, (I went into my inner room, cus I’m somehow shouting) but why are you like this?
Omolara: I also need a husband, my father is not happy with me, cus she want me to have my own family not a baby mama, you came that day, since then you didn’t come again, people have turned me into a prostitute, cus they thought you are just an ordinary guy that came to slept with me
Me: the last time I came, did you do as if you know me?
Omolara: so you mean I don’t allow you to touch me? why do you love hit and run, well, all I want to say is, come and be visiting me, so that people will know my daughter also have a father if not I will bring her to your house, I have nothing to lose, bye
Which kind girl be this again? Haha, all because I don’t want Daniella to know. After we close for the Day, I went to Kola’s apartment, we sat down under his shield, I explained what omolara said to him
Kola: I thought as much, but I can’t tell you not to go and see your daughter now
Me: guy I’m tired, Daniella is not just like today’s ladies that have nothing to offer than sex in a relationship or marriage
Kola: I know
Me: all what I have today, through God and through this girl ni, she’s very submissive and nice, she is not stubborn, Daniella no get any guy as a friend, unless business partner, I mean very decent,
Kola: but Daniel, she will know nani, for how long you will keep running, I know you are doing all this for her, I didn’t know you can love a lady lik this
Me: I’m tired

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