Episode 8
I was busy with files in office, there is this particular file that I need to go and present in one company in Abuja, or screenshot it to them cus they are owning me, I called my secretary, Cecilia
Cecilia: yes sir
Me: what about Abuja stanbic ibtc bank file, I can’t find it here now
Cecilia: it’s inside my drawer sir, you said I should make the photocopies sir, that you will ask, and you didn’t ask
Me: oh sorry, go and bring it
She went out, the girl was on shot gown, my eyes flash trough her thigh, after some minute, she brought the file,
Me: thank you dear
I collected it from her and place on the table
Cecilia: okay sir
Me: I love this your gown o
Cecilia: (she smile) thank you sir
Me: come now (she round the table, and come to my chair) haha, (I place my hand on her thigh)
Cecilia: oga stop now
Me: what, your Ass is soft, soft like today’s bread
Cecilia: thank you sir
She wanted to be going, I stood up, hold her hand, started kissing her, I grab that her Ass, she wore only pant, i rushed to close the door, I resume, I pull off her pant, the thing soft die, I was pressing her breast with bra, I cant wait again, I placed her hand on my table, her ass was facing me, I pull out my dick, insert it inside her wet pussy, I started doing my job, bleeping her from behind, her moaning is very soft, she didn’t shout, I opened her Ass, so that my dick can enter verywell, after some minute, I place her on my table, like a baby, so she’s facing me, I insert my dick again, after some minute, she reach orgasm, some min after she said she’s tired, she wore her pant and left for her side.
I didn’t suppose to do that thing, but I cant help myself with that Ass, after some min, she sent me a text “please sir, don’t let james heard about it”
I replied her, they can’t but why?
She replied “he is my boyfriend”
Oh, so na james they sample this girl, I fuk up sha
“okay baby, and please, let’s act as if such thing didn’t happen between us, please for Christ sake, I will keep your secret, keep mine too.
She replied “okay sir, all my family have known him, please don’t tell anyone about what just happen sir”
Oga o, so all this have been happening under my watch
“okay o, thank you, please clear the chat
She replied “okay sir
Come and show me your phone please”
She came and I checked it, I gave her when I confirmed that she has clear the message
I am now satisfied, since that day, she’s nothing to me again, cus I don know watin dey inside that her thing, she was surprise with my behavior, cus I didn’t talk about it again, I relate with her just as before, normal boss and staff.
Some month later, everything is going on fine for me, no problem form any side, Cynthia do call me, was in my office when Omolara call me again
Me: hello ma
Omolara: who is ma, Daniel you want to see the other side of me o,
Me: I will come very soon
Omolara: Daniel they are having inter-house sport next week, I want you to come please, please I’m begging you, they created a house in your name “daniel’s house
Me: haha, how did they know my name
Omolara: your daughter told them nani, I didn’t know she know your name, I don’t mind you coming that Day and leave, please Daniel
Me: so you can beg me
Omolara: please let’s make her proud, please
Me: I will think about it
Omolara: Daniel, please, remember she is also your daughter
Me: okay, I will come o
Omolara: thank you, come with money o, cus you will spend there o,
Me: ok
I ended the call, what is all this again, where will I tell Daniella that I’m going bai, I was thinking seriously, I know Daniella very well, she will say I’m going to lag again, should I tell kola again, but kola might tell me not to go, and if I don’t go, omolara is very stupid, she might because of that do her worst, someone that can fight in my house without thinking of the harm the thing might fall on me, I will go nani. Not long, Ronke called me
Me: who is this again bai, you people sha want to kill me
Ronke: what, Ronke ni now
Me: talk what is it ha, I’m tired of this life sef
Ronke: DANIEL, please I need your help,
Me: what is it o
Ronke: I am pregnant,
Me: for who?

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