Episode 9
Ronke: for you ni now, but calm down, I’ve flushed it, but you will give me money that I use in cleaning it o
Me: how much
Ronke: just 50k
Me: I will, thank you o, at least I won’t become another father again
Ronke: that’s it, and the money if from the money my husband kept in my account,
Me: I will transfer it
Ronke: okay baby
She ended the call, ha, ope o, see this one also, want to turn me into another baby daddy.
Luckily for me, the Abuja stanbic called me for another business, I need to go there to do a meeting with them, I told my wife, the meeting was schedule on Monday, and Susan’s interhouse sport is on Thursday. After I left Abuja on Tuesday with plane, I landed in lag, I arrive lag around 6 in the evening, I went to pick my car at the airport, I drove to Omolara’s place, I can hear her playing with her daughter, I knock
Susan: who is there,
She opended the door, she shouted “Daddy, mummy come and see Daddy”
She was surprised to see me, she welcome me, she collected my bag, she took it inside, I sat on the chair, susan was on my lap, omolara sat opposite to me, she was wearing her short tempting bumshot
Omolara: what do you want to eat, I didn’t know you will b coming today
Me: anything is okay
Omolara: what about rice
Me: anything
She stood up and left for the kitchen, I began to play with Susan, we play her T.v game together, very sharp girl, after the game, we went to nearby store, I bought a nice dress for her, and I picked a nice top for Omolara also,
Omolara: haha, where have you guys been since, your food will get cold now
Me: no vex jare, we went to buy something ni
Susan: mummy come and see what Daddy bought for me, (she rushed to show her, while I’m eating) see your own too
Omolara: haha, how did you know my size
Me: I still remember
Omolara: thanks anyway
Susan went to sleep, I was watching t.v program, I have change into my short. I called my wife, I lied to her that I will be back on Friday morning, she was angry, I code her say there boss no dey around ni.
Me: won’t you wear the cloth I bought for you ni
Omolara: I will, must I wear it now
Me: yes,
I rushed to where she’s sitting,
Omolara: I can’t wear it in your presence,
Me: why? Na today I dey see am abi
She stood up and starts to unbutton her shirt, chai, this girl fresh, it remain only bra on her, she picked the top and wore it
Omolara: are you now satisfied?
Me: yes,
She off the top and about to wear the one she first pull off, I drag her to myside
Omolara: Daniel what now
Me: ssshhhhh
I covered her mouth, unhook her bra, started kissing her, she was feeling reluctant at first, but when my dick enter her p***y, she started giving me the sound I want, after like an 45 min of sex, I released on her lap, she went to the bathroom to clean it off, and came back to sleep with me.
I bleeped her the following day also, I went to susan school on Thursday, I feel honored with the way they treated Susan and I and her mother, Omolara was happy. I left for Ibadan in the following DAY, called my wife to inform her I’m around, cus she has gone to work, i deleted all the photos we snap at Susan’s interhouse sport.
Ronke called me
Ronke: Daniel, plese
Me: what again, I just came back from Abuja, I want to sleep
Ronke: Daniel, please I didn’t know how my boyfriend knows about me and you, I have been begging him that it’s just a rumor
Me: haha, oh God, what do you now want me to do
Ronke: I will send his number to you, please call him and tell him its just a rumor, please Daniel, after this, I won’t do all this again,
Me: okay
That’s her own karma, that was the thought going inside me, little did I know that my own is also coming , she send the num, and I called the guy, talked to him, he said no problem, that she also said the same thing.
I slept and woke up around 5, I prepare food for my wife and children, after eating, they were watching T.v when Cynthia called me with her Nigeria number, I went to pick it upstairs
Cynthia: Daniel
Me: what
Cynthia: trouble don land o,
Me: what again bai
Daniel: chief don know the truth o, he now know that he is not the father of my baby o
Me: ha, mogbe, how self
Daniel: leave that one o, I ran from u.s to Nigeria ni o, I’m not at home self, I am in an hotel, I only rushed home, cus I left him in the state, I went to park all my cloth,
Me: are you serious
Cynthia: I will screenshot the DNA result to you,
Me: mogbe o
Cynthia: but im sure he will come tomorrow, cus with the way he is talking, he said he will deal with me and you
Me: ha, why did you tell him I’m the owner of the baby
Cynthia: are you okay? Who is the father, I’m a lady, I can’t endure pain
Me: chai, my karma don land

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