Part16:majek:now what is the solution?
Doctor:the child needs blood, and i don’t think he can survive five more days.
Majek:hmm,doctor where is the child, Give him to me let me go.
Doctor:ok , may God strengthen you.
Doctor:make sure you bring him fast
****majek nodded as he walked out******
Fred:what the hell are you doing here?
Lola:ehnm (crying)he will die
Lola:he will die pls help
Fred:who will die???(yelled)
Lola:junior, pls doctor said he needs blood pls he has little days to live.
Fred:ooooooo i have told you not to come my house again you are married now pls leave i dont want trouble.
Lola:(crying)but he is your son
Fred:how? Shey doctor tell you say na me born am?
Lola:no but i know if its not majek then it should be you.
Fred:see Lola leave my house pls just go pls go.
Lola:i cannot go I will die here.
Fred:are you mad niii I will beat you ooo is like you want to die?
Lola:kill me, if my son should i will kill you too.
Fred:you are foolish, come and carry me.
He walked out of the room as he headed to work.
Lola had been crying he never left his room till night falls.

(My story)
I forgot about folashade the moment I discovered my self that she was s beautiful prostitute, I was later called back into service to rejoin the regional state army so another journey of my life started.


Majek:pls dont die, you will not die in Jesus name i have faith in God you wouldn’t die.
Majek:your mother has left us (tears rolled down from his eyes) she left us, pls stay with me, I can’t afford to loss you junior pls stay.


Fred:so this idiot girl haven’t leave my house.
Fred:(tapping her legs)hey Lola will you get out of my house now before I strangle you.
Lola:Fred, where else do you want me to go?
Lola:i can’t go back to my husbands house he will kill me pls dont send me out at this late hour pls.
Fred:hmm ehn first thing tomorrow morning I no wan ear story ooo just leave in the morning.
Lola:I will.
After twenty munites
Fred:you don chop?
Lola:no I don’t have money.
Fred:why don’t you tell me?
Fred:take, go buy tea and break make you chop.
Lola:thank you.
She went out to buy tea and bread then she came back in, she ate and relaxed.
She began to feel one strange hand touching her from behind as she turned and looked around she say that Fred had come down from bed to sleep beside her.
She began wondering.
Fred started romancing her as she began to adjust Fred never stopped he continued touching her.
Lola:Fred pls stop that am not in mood for that.
Fred:why, can’t we make love again
Lola:no we can’t. You can’t expect me to do rubbish with you with what you have done to me.
Fred:what have I done, is it because I said am not the father of junior?
Lola:yes exactly, you have denied me and I am disappointed in you.
Fred:OK so what are you saying, you will not allow me right?
Fred:answer me nah yes or no?
Lola:(kept mute)
(Lola’s friend oyinloye school mate)
Lola: so that was how I agreed to sleep with him ooo.
Oyinloye:hmmm your story is pathetic.
Oyinloye:so hoe did you come about the child, did he survived?
Lola:hmmm, (tears rolled out of her eyes) my son, my son junior, God gave me the punish of my sin, he made me rip what I sow. He made it clear that what ever that is hidden to man is clear in front of the lord.
Oyinloye: oh (sad) what happened to junior?
Lola:Fred later agreed to give him blood, I went to his father 3days later after I satisfied him with my body after he sex me to his satisfaction.
Lola:I went to majek I narrated the story of Fred and I to him, he fell on the floor and began to weep, the tears in his eyes was beyond control.
Lola:(crying bitterly)
Oyinloye: stop crying its not the solution, pls stop
Lola:hmm, majek said to me, junior is dead.
Oyinloye: jesussss!!! He died? No no no no no
Lola:my son died(crying continues)
Lola:he died, (crying) my marriage died, my husband comitted suicide, I am miserable, I am finished, I have no life anymore.
Oyinloye: you will have life again don’t cry.
Lola:no I can’t
Oyinloye:don’t say that, why did you say that?
Lola:Fred died of aids,
Oyinloye: jesussss, abomination.
Lola:oyin, I am HIV positive.
Oyinloye: aaaahhh, blood of Jesus, lord jesus .
Lola:can you now see i am finished.
Life is a teacher, the more you live the more you learn, this life is not our home, the devil has taken over.
Pls be advised, what ever you do. You will always face the result either good or bad.
My name is omoniyi akande
WhatsApp contact: 09094350449
I need you guys to message me and complement, critics, encourage me i want you guys to tell me if I need to work more on my written words or maybe in my story i will appreciate.
i thank you all for reading this short story of mine, it is a total fiction which I cook up from my brain even when I had no time to do so but I tried my best to conduct this. I concluded this story so fast cos I have a special story which I am writing and it needs more time so i had to stop this in order not to jeopardize the new story thank you one love.

The end.

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